Bitcoin Nears $4.2K, Can it Sustain Positive Momentum? | Crypto Markets

We’ve been seeing a lot of momentum in the crypto market lately. As we discussed it’s altseason at the moment. So Bitcoin is going up kind of gradually. Some of the altcoins are outperforming a bit. The key level to watch out for today is $4,200, this white dotted line. If we zoom out on the charts though […]

Will Bitcoin Price Reach 6,000 USD Soon? | Crypto Markets

Hi, I’m Giovanni, and today we are here with Patrick Heusser from Crypto Broker AG, who is gonna give us his analysis on the latest movements in the crypto market. So, Patrick, earlier today Bitcoin price shot up touching $5,800 and the total market cap for Bitcoin reached $100 billion. What does this bullish move tell us about […]

Bitcoin: why the dream is dying as price tanks to under $5,000

For cryptocurrency fans, the dream is dying. This time last year Bitcoin, the biggest of the cryptocurrencies, was riding the wave. Pumped up by hype, hope, and signs that old school banking was taking the issue more seriously, the price was approaching $20,000. Crypto fanboys, some of whom had stuck with the new asset from the very beginning, […]

Bull Fatigue of Bitcoin, BSV Trading Like a Penny Stock | Crypto Markets

Hi, I’m Molly Jane, a managing editor here at Cointelegraph and I’m talking to Mati Greenspan about what’s happening this week in the markets. My first question for you about the markets and amid this week is, so after another rally, do you think that there is bull fatigue and you think we could be heading for another […]

LocalBitcoin Tutorial: How to Purchase Bitcoin with Cash

So today I’m going to talk about purchasing Bitcoin with cash. It’s kind of an interesting idea considering it’s a digital currency. But there is a way to purchase Bitcoin with cash through So I’m just going to open that up and, assuming you’re already logged in, and created an account, you do want to verify parts […]

Fidelity May Add $2,000 to Bitcoin’s Price, the Bitfinex’s $1 billion IEO | Crypto Markets

Hi, I’m Giovanni, and today we are with senior market analyst Mati Greenspan from eToro. Hi Mati, how are you doing today? Hey, how’s it going? So Mati, we have seen in the last few hours that most cryptocurrencies posted moderate losses. Do you think it’s a correction or we should be worrying about it? Not at all. […]

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