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Crating is a battle between you in the market and a new book that set to be released shows how? Everyday people are beating Wall Street at its own game Millionaire traders is the name of the book? it’s written by a Frequent guest of ours bourse slash Berg it gives you the ins and outs of how […]

This next BITCOIN move is CRUCIAL for 2020. Is the big money heading towards BTC?

What is going on guys Nayeem al-obeidi here, I hope you’re all having a wonderful October heading in to the holiday season. I’m super excited to make this video and talk about why bitcoins next move is crucial as we head into 2020 and how this relates to the total stock market as well as gold and other […]

How Low Will Bitcoin Fall? | Eric Krown vs. Joe DiPasquale

Hi, everyone, I’m Giovanni, and today with us, prominent trader and YouTuber Erik Crown and the CEO at BitBull Capital, Joe DiPasquale, who will be discussing the latest crypto market updates. Hi, guys, how are you doing? Hey, Gio, glad to be back here. Good to meet you, Joe. And pleasure to be back here, man. Great to […]

TEZOS Update, Bitcoin ETF NO, THETA good news, Tipping BTC on Twitter

morning Blockchainers it’s us the new kids on the blockchain ash and Lisa the old ball and blockchain good morning everybody welcome to today’s crypto and blockchain show it’s another day on planet earth how we all feeling out there we had a look we woke up to some green this morning yes we have had over the […]

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