Westworld, Fallout, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Chris on Tech

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting edition of Chris on tech I of course am Chris and today we’re gonna be looking at blockchain and cryptocurrencies but probably not in the way you’re thinking not sure if you’re aware of the lawsuit that has just been settled between Beth Sita games I believe who is the purveyors […]

Bitcoin Shorts Indicating Drop Coming?! Ripple XRP MORE Adoption! (Cryptocurrency Trading + News)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we’ve got another killer video for you guys full of information today I’m gonna be looking at our Bitcoin shorts indicating a potential dump incoming we’re also be looking at huge ripple adoption as well as tons of other news that went on in the […]

Focus On Bitcoin, Crypto Settlement, Russia/China Crypto & Possible Bitcoin Correction

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you're all having a great day in that you're all doing well to start things off ex-googler steveley just wrapped up his first ask me anything session on twitter foursquare crypto as Project Lead Lee fielded several questions about the company's focus on Bitcoin and its role in cultivating mass […]

BAMBOOZLED by Bitcoin – Justin Sun Not Sick? – Ripple Selling XRP

were you bamboozled by Bitcoin I was yesterday but today let's take a look a fresh perspective what's going on with Bitcoin where the whales trying to do are they trying to set us up so let's have a good in-depth discussion about that also the two topics controversial especially because both of these projects have a large […]

Crypto SWIFT Network, Bitcoin Is Evil, Fake Bitcoin Transactions & China Loves Facebook Coin

hello everyone welcome back for another video hope you're all having a great day and that you are all doing well there's once again a lot to cover and it's all because of what Facebook said exactly a month ago while world leaders are facing the threat of Libra and Facebook's massive a user base of 2.5 billion […]

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