DigiByte Comparision Challenge – DigiByte Commercial (Litecoin and Bitcoin)

hi let’s do the dish abide challenge we are going to compare the statistics of Bitcoin litecoin and digitized make no mistake all three are great but there are differences let’s start with transactions per second [Music] did you guess right this isn’t even close with didja byte having 560 transactions per second how about block time digit […]

Institution BTC Buying Spree! Proof The Rich Are Buying Bitcoin & Bitcoin Only!

it has been an interesting past couple of weeks in the crypto markets especially for Bitcoin almost reaching 14 K on June 26 before being rejected and then bouncing back to around 11 K before hitting its low of just below 10 K since that recent low on July 2nd the price has moved nice and steady on […]

Energi Ready To Explode💥 Highest % ROI Staking & Masternode Crypto

the landscape of the cryptocurrency climate it has more since bitcoin was launched in 2009 Bitcoin can be considered a fair launch cryptocurrency since a mining software and client was launched open-source in which anyone could download it and could begin mining and earning themselves BTC this worked in the beginning but now the small guy is unable […]

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