Famous Tech Investor Says Ripple XRP is Ready for Massive Growth. Calm Before the Coming Storm

What is up good people, Jungle Inc Here. Hope your having a good day. Now I got a great question yesterday in the comments of the last video. Someone asked why doesn’t SWIFT just build their own blockchain system to compete with Ripple. I think its a valid point. But when we look at all of the work […]

Daily Crypto Morning Update – Tether Panic, NASDAQ, Crypto Index Fund, Vitalik/Roubini – BTC $6700

(digital chiming and chirping with soothing music) – Good morning, the middle of the month in case you forgot. The date is October 15, beautiful Monday morning. Hope everyone had a good weekend out there. Bitcoin flirting around $6,300 all weekend. However, sometime earlier this morning it seems that there may have been a panic to get out […]

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Bull Run To Surpass $1 Trillion Marketcap

first I email a baby here I hope you’re all enjoying your dates it’s going to just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content and analysis for today there was a slight lag in our last video I do apologize for that but we’re gonna be talking about our upcoming cryptocurrency ball run and why a lot of […]

New Litepay? Litecoin Partners with TokenPay! (Crypto News)

Hey guys, how’s it going – spreading here from hyped on crypto? Welcome back to another episode of crypto news And today we’re gonna be talking about litecoins partnership with token pay as well as them purchasing 10% of a bank in germany by the name of AG so we’re gonna be breaking this down explaining what all […]

Bakkt vs ErisX vs Fidelity Digital Assets vs Voyager – Institutional Crypto Exchanges – HODL!

hey everyone Tony here hope you're doing well it is Saturday February 16th hope you're holding strong in this new asset class that is crypto currencies now someone had asked me to do a video comparing the major institutional crypto exchanges which is backed versus Eris X versus fidelity digital assets and Voyager now these are obviously all […]

TRUMP TO BAN OR PUMP BITCOIN? Crypto Alt Season is Here – BlackRock CEO Ripple XRP Use Case

hey guys welcome to the thinking crypto YouTube channel my name is Tony hope you're doing well on this channel we covered the news the facts and sentiments of this new crypto asset class if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button and this is of course not financial or investment […]

Bitcoin Boiling Point Begins!! Can Btc Scale When FOMO Returns?

heyyo good evening viewers of the tube my name is Tyler and welcome to the channel that takes a thorough look into the cryptocurrency markets we discuss it all price movements manipulation drama and the things many people would wish would just get swept under the rug get ready for a smorgasbord of information packed into under ten […]

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