The 1 Bitcoin Show- Rocky Palumbo talks Bcash fork & future, Shark pool, big blocks, more!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is November the 12th 2018 just like the shirt says strong hand buy and hold long term thinking unn confiscate a ball and very important for this show very important to remember this line bitcoin is the next bitcoin because […]

Bitcoin SV News, Forbes Blockchain List, Notre Dame Des Cryptos | Game of Hodls

When you play a game of thrones you win or you die. Winter is coming to Westeros, but let’s hope spring is coming to crypto. Watch on in order to see our reveal of the true king! I am Molly Jane, Stormborn of the House Satoshi, First of Her Hash, the Unchained, Queen of the Exchanges and the […]

Subtitled: Dr. Craig Wright: What is Bitcoin really about.

[Music] so what bitcoins really about is creating an immutable single ledger we haven’t ever had that we need a moment history people have had multiple books now if we can have a ledger for everything that means we can allow people to stop trading and trusting and doing things without any fear of being scammed or anything […]

Who is Satoshi? Alleged Bitcoin creator Phil Wilson tells all in interview

Unknown: Okay, two, one. Welcome to the daily exchange guys we’re here with Phil Wilson gave you one of the author of the original Bitcoin white paper and founding member of Satoshi Okamoto Welcome to The Daily Show. Hey Yes sir. We’re very lucky and honored to be joined by Phil Wilson. Phil Wilson who may you may […]

Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

hi everyone today is Thursday November 8th I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna say in this video so I guess you’re just gonna get a bit of a stream of consciousness from me about everything that’s going on with the potential upgrade to Bitcoin cash and BTC and all everything that’s going on one of the things […]

#669 Strenge Regulierung Bitcoin Deutschland, Kleiman vs Wright Update & John McAfee wieder frei

nee en zij geen schuld op ik kon je informant rolex was wel een echte su van het was iets muziek je spreadsheet über das alles voeding-cup toestand op duitsland dan uw een update vader van kweken white met succes ja ja ja ben je vaak laat mode van dave klein wij en onze speciale john mcafee s […]

Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! [Crypto Market Analysis]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron of course the reason you subscribe to this channel is for our daily videos keeping you informed on everything going on with Bitcoin crypto the home market let's jump right in I want to take a look back at the price history of Bitcoin so this […]

Minor Price Correction Or MAJOR Crash For Bitcoin?! | Trump Is Anti Crypto!

플러스 거냐 병원 s 모습이 파브 있는 와 let people 웹 소리아 올 수 없어 패권이 그렇게 마켓 누아르 피부와 먼저 링 에스터 어버이의 2줄 클라이 cosco tv 마인을 배 버거운 거에요 일단 8 우리 앞에 견디 주바 했던데 to be reviewed 해발 as the period in love 써 몰다 3 로우 합금 벨트 2채널 이번 토요일에 불만이야 […]

#651 Craig Wright Bitcoin Vermögen, Litecoin Halving & Iran legt Bitcoin Mining Farmen still

hey den score ihr hättet manche um 651 heute am ersten juli unglaublich sechs monate sind warum wir sprechen heute nochmal über craig wright und den fall in florida vor gericht wir sprechen über das leid point haben das jetzt im wald bevorsteht und über den iran und das bitcoin am meininger vor ort wir beginnen wie immer […]

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