The Blockchain (ft. Rachid Guerraoui & Jad Hamza)

after bitcoin was invented some people have tried to separate the idea of blockchain abstract it. This is dr. Jad Hamza a postdoctoral researcher of the IC School at EPFL. And in this video, we’ll discuss the blockchain. The blockchain is the breakthrough technology behind bitcoin and what makes blockchain more specifically unique is an algorithm that will […]

Python Tutorial: Namedtuple – When and why should you use namedtuples?

hey how’s it going everybody in this Python video we’re going to be taking a look at named tuples and what name tuples are and why we would use them so you can think of a name tuple kind of like a lightweight object that works just like a regular tuple but it’s more readable so what do […]

[CS198.1x Week 2] Bitcoin Invention

In October 2008, a whitepaper was published online, titled, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” This 9 page whitepaper outlined the design and justification for a digital currency, or cryptocurrency, controlled by no single entity. Traditionally, we trust the singular bank to conduct financial services on our behalf. With Bitcoin, the intention is to do what no other […]

Blockchain Basics – Practitioner’s Perspective: John Wolpert, ConsenSys by University at Buffalo #1

Hi, I’m John Wolpert, I’m the Seeker of Awesomeness for ConsenSys labs here in Washington DC. ConsenSys is a company that operates in many countries where the largest blockchain company right now in the world by many accounts, and one of the fastest growing software companies in the world, and by many accounts, the largest blockchain company in […]

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