Blockchain Basics – Ethereum Structure by University at Buffalo #8

Bitcoin blocking state was defined in terms of unspent transaction outputs UTXOs and a reference implementation of the Wallet application that held the account reference. Ethereum formally introduce the concept of an account as a part of the protocol. The account is the originator and the target of a transaction. A transaction directly updates the account balances as […]

Nanne Dekking: “Blockchain: The Holy Grail? Use of Immutable Records for Provenance and Art…”

– Louisa, Ellen, and Emily it’s incredible that it is actually Friday the 13th, 2018. We’ve been talking about all this a lot. I think it’s safe to say that it’s actually a great success so far. Incredibly grateful to be part of this. I’m not going to bore you with all the details about Blockchain, because then […]

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers – The Problem Area by IBM #2

[MUSIC] So let’s step back for a moment and look at how things operate today. Effectively, every member of the business network has their own copy of the ledger. And we’re showing this here in different colors, around the different members of the business network. And as I mentioned previously, the ledger’s updated every time an asset flows […]

Blockchain Basics – Blockchain Defined: Bitcoin & Blockchain by University at Buffalo #2

[MUSIC] Welcome to the first course of the blockchain specialization titled blockchain basics. Let’s start by asking ourselves, what is a blockchain? Why should you care about it? Unlike traditional methods, blockchain enables peer to peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries. It was a technology originally created to support the famous cryptocurrency, BitCoin. The blockchain by […]

Alumni Portraits: Blockchain und Entwicklungsländer – Franz von Weizsäcker

We are sitting in the Impact Hub, a co-working space in Berlin, the cryptological capital so to speak, home to the majority of start-ups in the field. And it is here that I run the GIZ Block-chain Lab. A blockchain is essentially something like a database or a register where a large number of transactions or accounting entries […]

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers – Why blockchain is relevant for business by IBM #3

[MUSIC] In the next section, we’re going to drill down and look at why is blockchain relevant for business. And we’re going to do this effectively while walking through four use cases and talking about a few concepts around those use cases. But first of all, let’s look at the benefits for putting blockchain into a transaction processing […]

Giulia Fanti: Algorithmic Foundations of Blockchains

I work on the algorithmic foundations of blockchains, so trying to design blockchains that are faster and more scalable for global applications. Typically, data is stored in centralized databases. So there’s a server sitting somewhere in the world that stores all of your data, and it’s maintained by this one party. The problem with this is that if […]

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers – The business backdrop by IBM #1

[MUSIC] So let’s get started with the first section. We observed that businesses never operate in isolation. They always work together with other businesses, with governments, with banks, with all types of organizations within markets. And effectively, wealth is generated by the flow of goods and services across these business networks. The undermarkets could actually also be of […]

Innovations In Computer Science & Engineering – Disruptive Tech Series Part 3

this is the third video of our five-part series on the most disruptive technologies from five different technology sectors and today we will take a look at computer related technologies now granted this is a very wide topic and it was really hard just picking out five technologies from this very wide area of many different technologies and […]

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