Roger Ver – Bitcoin Cash: Maximalism, Censorship & Nouriel Roubini reaction

it seems like you’re not a maximalist like many people these days and speaking of which I’ve never been even even like back in 2011 people said well what if somebody makes something better than Bitcoin I told my I hope they do because then we all get to use it but Bitcoin itself is amazing right now […]

Everything You Want to Know About Coinfirm’s Dash Integration for AML/KYC Compliance

Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson and you’re watching DASH: Detailed. The recent announcement that AML/KYC compliance company Coinfirm has decided to add Dash to their prior roster of Bitcoin-only compliance services has left many with a lot of questions. For example, what does it look like when a cryptocurrency like Dash, which has a privacy option, is integrated […]

How Blockchain will change Import Export and Global Trade

Ben: Hi, everybody, it’s Ben Thompson here from and welcome to the Import Export Podcast. Today, we’re talking about blockchain technology. More importantly how blockchain technology will actually affect the import-export process and make things better. We’ve all heard of blockchain. It’s a relatively new technology. There’s a lot of hype surrounding it today, but we want […]

(Full Interview) The Status of Blockchain in Asia, From "China Internet Report" Author, Edith Yeung

forecast news is your gateway to all things blockchain we do the deep dive in the due diligence on the blockchain projects and platforms that matter because we aim to be the most reliable source of intellectual discourse and insight that inform educate and bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and the mainstream welcome to another episode […]

Cryptocurrency market Threatened by FATF regulations. Anonymous transactions gone?

hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency news channel today we're going to talk about something that kind of came out of g20 it's called the BAFTA affective regulations and they could be really severe depending on how much you care about your anonymous ability to transact funds I think they're basically going to kill mostly anonymous activity to […]