Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain [Ripple + Keybase + Stronghold]

[Applause] [Applause] good evening everybody I'm excited that everyone made it out through the way the rain you don't look nearly as soaked as I do so welcome my name is Ruben Aguada and I'm the executive director of a nonprofit that trains underserved youth here in Brooklyn had a code and we placed him in junior software […]

Human Resources Tracking Using Oracle Blockchain

so today we are going to show you a blockchain solution that various organizations can use to check profiles of prospective employees with security and confidence put yourself in the shoes of busy Human Resources recruiter your in and out of meetings all day long and that's taken a lot of time you're mediating between prospective employers and […]

Keynote: Breaking Boundaries – Blockchain as a Catalyst for Social, Environmental and Economic Scale

good morning everyone pleasure to be with you all here today as per the introduction my background really is combining academia and applied work in technology so I'm a professor of an advanced technology particularly specializing in blockchain and AI so a nice kind of integration of what we've had so far today and obviously applied practice in […]

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