Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain [Ripple + Keybase + Stronghold]

[Applause] [Applause] good evening everybody I'm excited that everyone made it out through the way the rain you don't look nearly as soaked as I do so welcome my name is Ruben Aguada and I'm the executive director of a nonprofit that trains underserved youth here in Brooklyn had a code and we placed him in junior software […]

Create a Digital Asset with Amazon Sumerian and AWS IoT – AWS Online Tech Talks

hi my name is tim wilson i'm a technical engagement architect with Amazon Web Services we're here to talk about creating digital assets with Amazon Sumerian and AWS IOT in this webinar we will cover four different topics here we'll go over basically a quick overview and demo of this topic and we'll dive into importing three files […]

Simplex: Building a Scalable, Serverless Cryptocurrency Platform

welcome to this is my architecture I'm died from a dress today I'm joined by shrimp a Cote and engineer option Prix – pet thank you for joining us thank you for having me so tell us about simplex and us system in simplex cooperation we have been developing systems and introducing them to the financial institutions as […]

High-Speed Cryptography in Java: X25519, Poly1305, and EdDSA

all right good afternoon everyone I'm Adam Petro from the Java platform group at Oracle and today I'm going to talk a little bit about some recent efforts to develop some high speed implementations of new cryptographic algorithms for the JDK so first a little disclaimer I will be talking about some features that are under development right […]