Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment | FT

Bitcoins hold the potential to revolutionise our economy in so many incredible ways. But maybe it is time to ask ourselves whether we are ready to embrace the dawn of technological revolution if it means it comes with a huge impact on our environment. Why? Because the brutal if unintended consequence of one of 21st century’s most promising […]

Crypto’s Wild Ride

We’re here with Professor David Yermack who runs the FinTech specialization at the NYU Stern School of Business where he also chairs the finance department and chairs the effort around law and business thanks a lot of credentials in there anyways all things crypto one of our most popular segments was talking to Professor Yermack about trends in […]

10.12.2018: What assets investors interested in: EUR, USD, BITCOIN

The euro is winning favor with European traders for the whole day. The euro/dollar pair settled up at the level slightly above 1.1420. Notably, some downbeat data from the eurozone could have decreased demand for the single European currency. On Monday, the behavioral research institute reported that the investor confidence index tumbled to minus 0.3 in December. Experts […]

Bitcoin Value Tumbles After China Trade Crackdown

If you’ve been betting on the bitcoin, this news will especially hurt. Value of the digital currency dropped nearly 40 percent overnight, dipping to $455 from Tuesday’s high of $750. What’s worse is the value has tanked by more than half since late November, when it was listed at $1,200. (Via The Washington Post) The value tanked following […]

Early American session on 26.11.2018: BITCOIN, USDX, EUR/USD

Last week the cryptocurrency market plunged by 34%. However, the key support level has been successfully held. Traders are focusing on further dynamics of Bitcoin. The quotes have pulled back. The most popular digital c urrency came off the low at 3,500 dollars per coin and approached the level of 3,900 dollars. On Saturday Bitcoin plummeted by almost […]

Vitalik Buterin On Creating One Of The World’s Largest Cryptocurrencies

So, I first got into the crypto space back when it was just called the bitcoin space around 2011. I heard about bitcoin in a couple of places. I thought it was something really interesting. I started getting into the community more and more. I co-founded Bitcoin Magazine which was this, kind of, online site and eventually a […]

Hållbarhetssnack 🌱 med Anna Svahn, VD Blockchain AB

Godkväll. Det är onsdag igen och det har blivit dags för Hållbarhetssnack. Idag har jag träffat Anan Svahn, och vi har pratat om den ojämna fördelningnen av riskkapital mellan män och kvinnor. Och hon gav mig sina bästa tips för att börja spara. Då kör vi! Hej Anna. Välkommen hit. Tack så mycket, kul att vara här. Idga […]

Cryptocurrency: What’s Coming in the Year Ahead?

– [Narrator] Bitcoin’s meteoric rise is attracting a ton of attention, but is it ready for the mainstream? JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently called Bitcoin a fraud and said that cryptocurrency prices are in a bubble that will eventually burst. Many investors have stayed on the sidelines as cryptocurrencies are seen as too volatile and don’t have […]

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