BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. The next big move!

hello everybody hope you're doing very well welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis livestream tonight's we're yeah we're gonna be going over Bitcoin obviously currently sat at the start of stream nine thousand nine hundred and fifteen we are very very close to 10k tonight and I would love to hit 10k on this stream that would […]

Ethereum y Litecoin con tendencia alcista principal pero Ripple sigue parada

[Aplausos] hola a todos y bienvenidos a casa moneda el día que se ha presentado la moneda de facebook que es libra que haremos de algún par de vídeos seguramente dedicada a la misma vamos a ver la script o un escrito está en un periodo fijaos de corrección la figura que están teniendo hacer y un light […]

Trading Bitcoin – Probably Just Q&A Since I Missed My Iceland Flight :(

welcome to the second edition of trading Bitcoin with the post on face it's like so dead silent here at the Frankfurt Airport that uh like I'm afraid to like walk even this loud like I didn't hear a pin drop it's crazy I've never seen anything like it and there's people around me too but like no […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. Bitcoin ranges while IEOs pump💸

hello everybody I hope you're all doing very well and welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis we're in today's video I'm gonna be covering this really great Fibonacci channel here on Bitcoin and then I will go over some of the by notes ayios which have been performing very well to say the least over the last […]

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