The patient is higher it’s much more difficult to move What’s the difference between Bitcoin Bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold well, that’s a really good question so Bitcoin cash Was is a hard fork and so a fork in? Crypto currencies is like a fork in software. So a fork is is like branches off. So a hard […]

SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB – Bitcoin Long term Targets and Macro Analysis

[inaudible]. Hello guys and welcome back to my channel where I talk about trading and analyzing Bitcoin, all coins and cryptocurrencies. If you’re new here, I’m Seer a professional trader. And today I’m going to give you guys an update on my bitcoin analysis so you can understand where I think prices headed in the coming days. I’m […]

Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and all Digital Currency PRICE CRASH ? Bearish or Bullish Trend ?

Hello Everyone Guys hope You Guys are doing Great today i Just want to discuss about Bitcoin Market Analysis From Where It reached It has Gone Up high from all the Way from 1500 and right Now it is Around $4,600 And Has Shown a Really Good uptrend so far and i’m very Excited That We Have Invested […]

Волновой анализ криптовалют Биткоин, Эфириум на 19-23 августа, 2019. Wave analysis bitcoin, ethereum

Hi Roman Onegin is here Monday, 19 August 2019 Weekly Elliott wave cryptocurrency forecast and analysis Elliott wave BTCUSD analysis The long-term downward double zigzag has been developing over the past one and a half years. The linking wave [X] finished not long ago, afterwards, there started developing the initial part of the descending wave [Y]. Let us […]

Волновой анализ криптовалют Биткоин bitcoin, Эфириум ethereum на 14 – 19 августа, 2019 ENG SUBS

Hi Roman Onegin is here Today is 14 August. You are watching cryptocurrency analysis The review made for LiteForex company Elliott wave BTCUSD analysis The market continues forming a global corrective wave 4. This wave is developing as a double zigzag [W]-[X]-[Y]. After linking wave [X] had completed, there started a new downward wave [Y]. The linking wave […]

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin

我在币圈已经有几年了 这几年币圈的变化还蛮大 企业巨头试图与比特币对他们的生意影响相抗衡 大量的资本被投到比特币核心开发团队, 这导致的结果就是 创新和进化都停滞了 传输费用如此昂贵的同时传输速度却变得非常缓慢 这种情况下许多无用的垃圾币横空出世来挑战比特币的市场地位 垃圾币和比特币的市值总额占比发生了逆转 然而,幸运的是中本聪所憧憬的愿景 以比特币现金的方式存在 可靠,点对点的电子现金 比特币现金造福了全球的商家和用户

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