THE BOUNCE CAME! What Now? | Downtrend Dead Or Alive?! | Meltem Demirors & Bitcoin

in this video bitcoin has right now got that bounce that we were talking about in yesterday's video and bitterness right now retested before hourly EMA ribbon and the big question of course right now is will be some break above it or will we get another leg to the downside and I want to show you exactly […]

The $1000 dollar cryptocurrency portfolio experiment 2019 – tracking the top 25 cryptos – episode 1

hello welcome to the $1,000 crypto portfolio experiment this is episode 1 and it's a brand new experiment we're going to be tracking the top 25 crypto currencies with just one thousand dollars so that's the equivalent of 40 dollars in each of these crypto currencies we won't be using any stable coins and we're going to be […]

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