Subtitled: Dr. Craig Wright: What is Bitcoin really about.

[Music] so what bitcoins really about is creating an immutable single ledger we haven’t ever had that we need a moment history people have had multiple books now if we can have a ledger for everything that means we can allow people to stop trading and trusting and doing things without any fear of being scammed or anything […]

Bitcoin: LAST Chance to BUY the DIP!? Why We May NEVER See BTC Under $10k Again!

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Monday hope you had an awesome weekend man we had a crazy day yesterday right but the interesting thing is that even after all of that insane price movement up and down Bitcoin is only up point to 4% so basically what […]

BITCOIN WARS! Donald Trump Just Opened Pandora’s Box! WHAT NOW for Crypto?!? 😱

hay s&b gins en b&b in zijn dekens en b is een baby en zijn weer is er binnenin symbian symbian zijn benen zijn b inzendingen zijn ben je zijn benen zijn ben ze bcd is en indien symbian symbian symbian zending zijn inzending zijn dekens en peering zijn vingers en bill ons en die mensen binnen ze […]

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