so let me get this right a browser that focuses on privacy and security is super fast it doesn’t show you any ads it doesn’t allow any trackers but at the same time pays you cryptocurrency for viewing adverts coming up right after this if you new to the channel and you want to stay up to date […]

Basic Attention Token | $BAT | Revolutionizing Digital Advertising

Hey guys welcome back, first off I want to thank everyone who’s been liking subscribing and sharing my content you guys rule and I appreciate all the constant love and support that I always get. Today’s video will be about $BAT or basic attention token and the brave browser some of you have seen my tweet where I’d […]

Bitcoin About To Moon? | LTC Price | US Gets First SEC Granted Token Sale | Brave Rewards Mobile

hello dear friends and welcome back to your favorite cryptocurrency show certainly my favorite cryptocurrency show cuz you guys are here cryptos news where we've been talking about the prices about where things are headed in cryptocurrency we've been talking about rumors gossip and the most important headlines in the cryptocurrency space since June 2016 out here so […]

E819: Brendan Eich, Brave (Mozilla): ad-blocking anon browser, crypto-payments, ICO's $35m in 30 sec

today's episode of this week in startups is brought to you by asana asana gives teams everything they need to manage projects tasks and work productively to deliver better results faster visit a sign comm slash twist to sign up for free and Squarespace checkout squarespace.com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use offer […]

Bitcoin Is About to Close BULLISH or BEARISH…And What's Next? | Craig Wright CRYING | Crypto News

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on crypto every day my name is Austin and like always I want to go over the news but really I want to start on where the price of Bitcoin stands today and you know it if I would have made this video last […]

Get Paid to Watch Ads with the New Brave Browser and Earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

hey guys crypto dad here again and today I'm going to show you how to switch over to the new brave browser so let's get started okay so the new version of the brave browser has just come out if you're not aware brave browser is a web browser that blocks ads and tracking by default so it's […]

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