The 1 Bitcoin Show- Tether FUD sets off weak hand panic, crypto power rankings gimmick, email scam

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is January the 30th 2018 what a day it’s been did you have a strong hand I sure did so yeah it looks like bitcoins below $10,000 and I’m laid back again that you know these things happen people it’s […]

Fly is an enterprise software company for corporate travel booking

(calming music) – So Fly, we provide software for companies we help them save money and time on their travel bookings, we help them book the right travel at the right time. It’s really born out of my own frustration of booking last minute, and basically paying two to three-x more for this event I already knew I […]

Do You Actually Need To Know How Blockchain Works? | EP#201

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today I want to ask you a very important question which I think will bring a lot of insight and context to the whole conversation around crypto currency blockchain Bitcoin etc do you understand Bitcoin do you understand how how Bitcoin works do you understand how cryptocurrency works do you understand how […]

ETHDenver Impact Track Winner Pactful: Community Crowdfunding with Blockchain

Welcome to the closing ceremonies of ETHDenver! Whooo! Thousands of hackers descended at the foot of the Rocky Mountains this year for ETHDenver, where teams had 36 hours to use blockchain and the Ethereum ecosystem to build applications that might change the world. Five teams were crowned as Impact winners, a new category at this years ETHDenver. Participants […]


Sophia the Robot chimes in on cryptocurrency, and the Chinese are working with the Central bank of Hong Kong on a blockchain project. Let’s start the show. Welcome back to crypto global news, please make sure you like share and subscribe to the show. Also, we have a brand new website – jump over to and have […]

Crypto Meets AI: Data Dash & Ben Goertzel

Hi, everyone, I’m Giovanni, welcome to our show. Today, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence, blockchain and how these technologies can determine humanity’s future. I am thrilled to announce our guests. Prominent YouTuber and trader Nicholas Mertens aka DataDash and Dr. Ben Goertzel, AI scientist and CEO at SingularityNet, a blockchain-based AI marketplace. Thank you guys […]

etoro’s Crypto CopyFund

Cryptocurrency Is “The Internet of Money” A force changing society, technology, and finance. Has it changed your world, yet? Over 1 million eToro cryptocurrency traders share in the wisdom of the crowd, share in the convenience, dependability, and security, of eToro’s trading platform…. Share in the rewards of successful cryptocurrency trading. Now, a trading elite Have found The […]

EtherInc Review – O futuro das Organizações na era Blockchain!

[Music] welcome to Crypto Investidor always bringing the best Crypto investment My name is diego and today I bring another review for you it is EtherInc Blockchain this project is simply the most promising project I saw in all my Crypto Life the projects is the most complete it is the most open doors to actually be applied […]

There is no Bitcoin war, Ethereum, Crypto-dividends, Segwit soon!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 22nd 2017 Brian hold be a 20% er strong hand your home of crypto dividend news get rich by desiring little Adam says a lot of catchphrases alright everyone so check out crypto HW wallet dot-com below check […]

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