#EOSIO STRONG! #EOS42 David Packham Interview – #Chintai, #CHEX, #WAX, #WORBLI, #TELSO, #EOS

welcome one and all to n blue crypto I'm Michael blue your host I've got a special guest today we've got David Packham and he is the founding block producer of a OS 42 he was the veteran behind the EOS main net and they're the guardians of the EOS blockchain now to add to that he is […]

TRUMP TO BAN OR PUMP BITCOIN? Crypto Alt Season is Here – BlackRock CEO Ripple XRP Use Case

hey guys welcome to the thinking crypto YouTube channel my name is Tony hope you're doing well on this channel we covered the news the facts and sentiments of this new crypto asset class if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button and this is of course not financial or investment […]

Blockchain for Good | Global Summit 2018 | Singularity University

let's start with an why don't you tell us your background and how you got into crypto absolutely so I've always had a passion for impact and trying to change the world as cheesy as that might be in my younger days I did that through international NGOs so I actually worked with Doctors Without Borders in Central […]

ICON ICX Explained! (Ethereum Developer Reviews ICON ICX!)

built on a dead end your iphone лагеря [музыка] [музыка] be seen such as well as i can make up [музыка] market makers apple iphone и apple iphone 5 gold онлайн а карманчик oldies поп разве он не один ключ и people see a kind of people like a completely for грн еще и компрессов при market watch […]

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