Blockchain Training Alliance Reviews From Real Students

Hi Kris and other people at the blockchain training Alliance this is a quick feedback video I’ve just finished the blockchain for business foundations course and I’ve actually passes its certification today 92% so I’m fairly happy about that I am Lindsley Medlin and I just completed the blockchain overview business foundations course first of all thank you […]

Blockchain Training Alliance – Training And Certification

are you interested in learning more about blockchain or becoming blockchain certified that’s where we come in we are blockchain training Alliance the global leader in blockchain training and certification we offer training courses in a number of ways live in person either on-site at your location or at one of our classrooms worldwide live virtually via WebEx […]

Blockchain tutorial 11: Elliptic Curve key pair generation

in this video I will explain how the elliptic curve is used to keep air blockchain implementation a bit bored or etherium uses ellipticals to generate private and public key pairs elliptic curve cryptography was attended by Neil cobblers and victor Miller in 1985 but 256 ECC public key provides the comparable security to a 3072 ayers our […]

Improving dispute resolution for commercial financing with IBM Blockchain

IBM saved over 75% of time tied up in transaction disputes by implementing blockchain in global financing here's how IBM Global Financing or IGF provides financing to their business partners enabling them to order products and services from suppliers with the credit approved by IBM the suppliers then invoice igf who in turn invoice their partners but sometimes […]

How blockchain can benefit auditing and compliance in FinTech

my third use case of four is the example here is audit and compliance and I'll actually mention here a project that I was personally involved in with with ABN AMRO who were a big Dutch bank they actually put their property portfolio onto blockchain to improve the audit and compliance of that property portfolio which needed constant […]

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