Breaking Bitcoin – Parabolic Movement! – Live Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

and we're live all right awesome cool I didn't break anything alright guys hey thank you so much for joining me today for another episode of breaking Bitcoin sorry we're starting a little bit of an hour late guys running a little bit behind this morning had to stay up of course very late last night to watch […]

💥Crypto News: Bitcoin Price Crashed By Whale | ETF Approval Odds Increase | Bitfinex LEO Token

hello and welcome back to your favorite daily news source since June 2016 for cryptocurrency news gossip sentiments and more want to update you guys with a quick video on what is going on with the news since we last reported on it yesterday so we saw the Bitcoin price get hammered after wale an undisclosed wale anonymous […]

WOW, BTC SHORTS JUST CRASHED 40%!!! | $11,800 Target?! | Ethereum Up 42%!! Altcoin Boom!

in this video bitcoin is still on its parabolics run and it's still actually in this uptrend and the big question right now will be it connects to get another big break to the upside well I want to show you this pattern I want to talk a little bit about the support that you can see right […]

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