V SYSTEMS Introduction

We are V Systems! Blockchain opens up the centralised system to a safer decentralised environment Currently we’re seeing a lack of blockchain applications in the market for businesses in leveraging blockchain and scalability Which are two of the biggest challenges making the technology difficult to utilise V Systems is created to transform the industry Sunny King the creator […]

$1.5 Billion Stolen From Cryptocurrency Exchanges. | Bitcoin & Altcoins

hi guys we got to talk about gimme bears today and how many has been stolen from exchanges due to hacks it's gonna be a quick video a different type of video hope you enjoyed it just look at the damage there is something very important we should all remember never forgetting and of course that is never […]

Chico 2018 Crypto Rewind. Will I Continue in 2019? 2018 Year Review Cryptocurrency

heyyo viewers of the tube my name is Chico of Chico crypto welcome to another informative episode of the best crypto news information and breakdowns in the business and I do it all while drinking a beer Chico crypto has predictions up the ass you could call us Miss Cleo don't you really want to know this is […]

Bitcoin Investments πŸ’°β˜ πŸΎ My Top 5 Crypto Currency Picks for 2018 πŸ’Ž

welcome to another episode of crypto right the show that takes a magic mystery out of crypto currencies and amateur investing I'm your host David Haye and in today's episode I'll be revealing the top five crypto currencies to own in 2018 I've hand selected two of the original kryptos 1 crypto that doesn't even use a blockchain […]

Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Change (CAG) – A Global Crypto Finance App

hello descriptive coins and welcome to another video in my undervalued coin series in this episode I am looking at change CAG and change is a global crypto fineness up I have actually mentioned changed in my last video which was seven cryptocurrencies to consider during Bitcoin fork however because change was very recently by very recently I […]