Bitcoin market update: 9k or 6k? – SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB

Hey guys, how are you? This is just a quick little Bitcoin update. Um, before I start, please do like and subscribe, It encourages me to keep going and giving you some good analysis. We’ve been Decently accurate so far. I’ve been doing well in this consolidation on Bitcoin. What I wanted to share is that yes, this […]

PREDICTIONS!! – Interviewing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Enthusiasts (3/3)

Do you have any predictions for mass adoption? Or if you want to talk about price, that’s cool too, for say the next one year, five years, ten years. Yeah I mean- Would you mean being in a a little video thing I’m doing? I’m asking Why are you into crypto? What would you recommend for people who […]

4 Unknown Facts about Bitcoin – 184 million BTC Bug in 2010

4 Unknown Facts About Bitcoin Since the euphoric year-end of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, everyone has probably already heard about Bitcoin by now. Thus, everyone has a vague idea of what Bitcoin is. The most experienced crypto investors have the impression that they know everything about Bitcoin. In a sense, this is true since their knowledge already […]

GOLD VS BITCOIN – In-depth Comparison & How They Derive Value

You may have heard of the term hard money! Now hard money can be described as a physical form of currency where the coins themselves have some value. Gold, silver, platinum have been historically used as rare metal forms of currency and when we flip through the pages of history we find that hard money has been used […]

Why Buying 0.1 BTC Now is Better Than 1 BTC Tomorrow (7 Reasons)

Whether you’re someone who believes in the value of Bitcoin in the long term, aka a Hodler; or someone who’s just watched the value of Bitcoin go from zero to just over $12,000 in a matter of just over ten years, I am pretty sure that you’ve considered at some point in your life to buy Bitcoin. Well […]

Advice for Crypto Newcomers – Interviewing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Enthusiasts (2/3)

Hey. Would you guys mind answering a couple questions on camera? You hear horror stories about somebody selling their house or car buying crypto. Don’t start out like that. I highly advise you to read The Bitcoin Standard or look into Andreas Antonopoulos. Follow some of the thought leaders in the space. You know there’s Trace Mayer, Tone […]

Ripple XRP Breaking Records! Cryptocurrency + Video game Adoption! Bitcoin BTC Analysis + News!

what’s going on guys magic here bringing you a brand new video take on another killer video if you guys full of information today we’re gonna be looking at ripple breaking of records we’re also be talking about crypto in video games as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys […]

Bitcoin TA Review | Financial Astrology | Price Direction for Near Future

Good morning everybody. It is one o’clock in the afternoon on this Well now it’s a rainy Monday the 27th of August. Hopefully you guys have all had any good a Monday so far I hope that your weekend was was good as well. We’re gonna meet my stream there making sure that’s working yeah, so Let’s go […]

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