Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

And on guys Nike malla, baby, can I hope you’re all enjoying your day today? I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin breaking out Possibly heading towards the 4000 level and a new target is gonna be set here during this this video what’s interesting is Bitcoin did exactly what we talked about in our last video two […]

Bitcoin!! 10 things you NEED TO KNOW about Cryptocurrency!!

bitcoin is a term that you are hearing more and more often lately and everybody has heard of at least one success story of someone investing a small amount into it and becoming a millionaire seemingly overnight the trouble is though can these stories be trusted and more to the point what exactly is a bitcoin in what […]

Bitcoin Crypto Expert Shares His Predictions For 2019 & 2020 (Ivan On Tech Interview)

– How’s it going today guys? Welcome back to the channel. So I’m here in New York City with Ivan, Ivan on Tech on YouTube. He is a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert and so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in this video is some of these beginner questions that you guys have about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain, […]

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