BITCOIN BREAKOUT, BACK UP 10%!! | Bitcoin ETF Approval On Tuesday? | 50,000!!!

in this video Bitcoin accent just broke back above this 7.5 k key important resistance level I want to go into that and what I think that this means for Bitcoin right now but more importantly thank you very much guys for 50 thousand subscribers I passed that milestone yesterday and I think that that is worth mentioning […]

A Look Into Litecoin’s LitePay [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

good morning everyone it is February 12th and it's right around 10 a.m. it's that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news today is a little bit better than yesterday so you know I've been expecting some sideways sideways movement and I mean we're sliding it up about 10 to 15 billion from yesterday but overall […]

*NEW* XRP To Lead The All New Digital Currency Reserve | XRP will Help The 2 Billion Unbanked

what's up everybody Bitcoin J back again get that crypto that's my thing that's my new theme I changed my theme around my mom my headers and my icon so you can catch me on Twitter at Bitcoin Johnson get that crypto I tweaked a few things and when I put my videos up I also upload them […]

#618 Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Juli, Ebay Bitcoin Akzeptanz, Microsoft Bitcoin Blockchain & Starbucks BT

hey in korea herzlich willkommen so können von 618 heute abend 14 und was für eine rally gestern wieder die positiven news höhen nicht auf gesprächen über packte die bald einen start im im test über eine mögliche ebay crypto akzeptanz im microsoft entwickelt auf der bitkom blockiert über starbucks die jetzt klub-boss akzeptieren also unglaublich was gerade […]

Bitcoin Live : Crypto Saturday Stream. Episode 515 – Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah you will be savages you fight like get more yeah [Applause] a traders welcome to episode 515 in the show you could be doing anything but you're here appreciate that sorry getting the decibel levels set up still because the bass isn't dropped on this song and that's normally one I know if it's […]

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