What is Bitcoin? A guide to BTC for beginners

Welcome to the daily exchange guys we’re here we’re talking about Bitcoin and what exactly is Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable digital currency. Bitcoin is a top of digital asset that’s available to anyone anywhere in the world. Recently it’s become so popular the head of the US Treasuries talking about it in Congress, traders […]

Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Everything you Wanted to Know About Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

How’s it going guys. It’s Austin with the Crypto Playhouse here. Today we’re gonna to give you a little crash course in cryptos for those of you that are new to this game. And of course, any crash course in cryptos is gotta start with the lore: Satoshi Nakamoto and the hidden face that nobody really knows. Alright, […]

What is Bitcoin Mining for Beginners – Short and Simple

You may ask yourself “where do Bitcoins come from ?” Bitcoins aren’t printed out like traditional money, they are mined out of the system. A miner is just a person with a computer that runs a mining program on it. The reason it’s called mining is because: Just like any other natural resource, there is a finite amount […]

How To Mine Bitcoins in 2018 ⛏️⛏️ Super Easy Bitcoin Mining Guide Pt1

Whats up Crypto peeps! It’s your girl Ysa, here to deliver your daily dose of bitcoin talkAlright, so let’s say you already know the basics of how Bitcoin works But, since this is digital money… How do you get your hands on one? Today, I’ll show you how to get your first bitcoin There are two ways to […]

Bitcoin reality | Digital currency, Exposed (reasons why you should not buy Bitcoins)

hello weavers who are watching extra anime and today we will talk about Bitcoin currency you all hear about Bitcoin but people did not know about it properly most of you just know that it's an online currency but did you know the purposes behind his creation and when it was developed and how it works and what […]