Bitcoin Surges Past $3000 and Bitcoin Cash Crashes! Future Price Predictions!

cameron from CryptoCam up everybody’s having a wonderful day it is Sunday and the price of Bitcoin has broken above 3000 dollars and it is stayed there the past couple of days just as predicted we brought that level just a couple of days ago and it is stay in there well above 3000 dollars right now where […]

Do You Believe in Bitcoin? – Bitcoin Song (Do You Believe in Magic? Bitcoin Remix)

Do you believe in Bitcoin when the marketcaps down HODLing your crypto waiting to bottom out It’s Bitcoin, the charts they are moving It’s a new world and you know that we’re mooning Blockchains growing it’ll help us all The informations there and it’s immutable If you believe in Bitcoin, go put on your shoes The world is […]

What Is a Cryptocurrency "Market Cap"? (And What You Need To Know About It)

hello guys and welcome to the moon my name is Karl and I'm here to bring you another cryptocurrency video and in the in this video I'm just going to in a very simple way just explain to you what market cap means so it stands for market capitalization and essentially what that means is the total total […]