Bitcoin Live : BTC Diverging… Homecoming Stream. Episode 600! Crypto Technical Analysis

taken gosh breath breath the triggers welcome to episode 600 of the show so weird I didn't even know like I'd not been keeping count of what I've said I was on from the you know traveling stream and if you exclude the IRL streams cuz that's not really tiem it sure that's just IRL right so excluding […]


what's up everyone down here crypto capital venture July 5th 2019 I hope you're doing well let's go over a couple points here if you're new to this channel number one thing I can tell you is this my videos offer technical analysis they do not offer you predictions they do not offer you financial advice I am […]

Bitcoin *NEW* HIDDEN BULL PATTERNS?! 🛑-LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

and the all-out savagery continues here for Bitcoin and right now are we beginning to see some potentially hidden bullish patterns forming you inside the chart what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I would like […]

Digital Currency: Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Secrets

hello there and welcome to the cryptocurrency secrets module I'm sure many of you are curious of this so-called 21st century money of the future congratulations because you've come to the right place and I applaud you for taking action by going through this course as the future of cryptocurrency looks bright ahead this video is broken down […]

Bitcoin Break Out Live! 80's Night! HYPPPPE! Episode 593 – Crypto Technical Analysis

[Applause] breath what's happening traders but we have stood 593 a wait crap I forgot hold on we have to do this first okay holy forgot it's like it's hard to pick up muscle memory when you only do it once a month right hold on you [Applause] that's what the kids like to call epic fail on […]


what's up everyone this is scramble from emotionless crypto trading welcome to my video today we're gonna talk about BTC and she with you because there is a critical situation I do want to share with you the statistics and the data but it's hiding behind the technical analysis I do wanted to express that technical knowledge and […]

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