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How To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency In Australia How To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency In Australia

hi guys just making a quick video to give you some tips and tricks on how to use coin squat what is coin sport if you're an Australian resident and you're interested in crypto currencies coin spot is the best place to begin for purchasing crypto currencies and also trade in crypto currencies it does have its drawbacks […]

Bitcoin Cash City Conference – Announcement

so last week coin Spice announced the Bitcoin cash City conference here in North Queensland Australia specifically the city of Townsville now this is an area that has the most organic Bitcoin cash adoption anywhere in the world there's no like third party point-of-sale systems that are using Bitcoin cash alongside their app this is Bitcoin cash only […]

Cryptocurrency Market Update June 9th 2019 – Central Banks Accommodating Bitcoin

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news an absolutely huge week for world markets this week we're gonna go over all the crypto headlines as well as that macro news tied all together for you guys and have a look ahead we do welcome over 500 new subscribers this week and we did […]

Merchants are Dropping Multi-Coin PoS for One Cryptocurrency

so we're experiencing an interesting situation in Australia at the moment with regards to the merchants who are accepting cryptocurrency the most of the merchants that we're accepting cryptocurrency here traditionally came from the 2017 bull market but now we can see that this is starting to change a lot of these merchants that we're accepting in 2017 […]