Who Moved $1B in Bitcoin? Stablecoin Frenzy, Quantum Resistant Crypto | Crypto News

Hey everyone! Today, we’ve got stablecoins, we’ve got gold, we’ve got our boy Eric Crown, and somewhere in a quiet corner the NSA is making quantum resistant cryptography. Everything just seems to sound cooler with “quantum” in its name, doesn’t it? This is the Cryptocurrency News with Giovanni. Stablecoins are on the menu for today. Binance has partnered […]

Bitcoin Ready to EXPLODE! – SOON: 153% Bitcoin Surge – Tether Pumps Bitcoin – US Gov't Stops Libra

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the lore kid today crypto green day overall market kappa kripp the currency three hundred and twenty four billion dollars bitcoin is at eleven thousand 378 so on days like this when bitcoin are really yesterday as well when […]