Westworld, Fallout, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Chris on Tech

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting edition of Chris on tech I of course am Chris and today we’re gonna be looking at blockchain and cryptocurrencies but probably not in the way you’re thinking not sure if you’re aware of the lawsuit that has just been settled between Beth Sita games I believe who is the purveyors […]

Slovenia – The Crypto Country | Bitcoin.com Documentary

Every crypto enthusiast knows that, even though crypto transactions are fast and cheap, it is still hard to leave fiat currencies behind. Blockchain based payments are still a novelty and it’s not easy to find merchants who accept crypto. However if you look at a map that shows all the BCH accepting merchants, there is one country in […]

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin

我在币圈已经有几年了 这几年币圈的变化还蛮大 企业巨头试图与比特币对他们的生意影响相抗衡 大量的资本被投到比特币核心开发团队, 这导致的结果就是 创新和进化都停滞了 传输费用如此昂贵的同时传输速度却变得非常缓慢 这种情况下许多无用的垃圾币横空出世来挑战比特币的市场地位 垃圾币和比特币的市值总额占比发生了逆转 然而,幸运的是中本聪所憧憬的愿景 以比特币现金的方式存在 可靠,点对点的电子现金 比特币现金造福了全球的商家和用户

Subtitled: Dr. Craig Wright: What is Bitcoin really about.

[Music] so what bitcoins really about is creating an immutable single ledger we haven’t ever had that we need a moment history people have had multiple books now if we can have a ledger for everything that means we can allow people to stop trading and trusting and doing things without any fear of being scammed or anything […]

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)? A Bitcoin Cash Analysis | Blockchain Central

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of BLOCKCHAIN CENTRAL! Today, let’s look into Bitcoin Cash. Have you ever wondered why there are two kinds of Bitcoin on your exchange? That’s why, today I want to talk about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin is almost like a dinosaur of blockchain. It was the first fully functional distributed ledger […]

Cryptotrader EP 17: Richard Branson & Mike Novogratz on Bitcoin and Crypto

Crypto trader is proudly brought to you by element a full-service investment bank for the digital token capital markets Welcome to this week’s edition of crypto China stole the world’s only televised cryptocurrency investment show this week We’re coming to you live from our Johannesburg studios. Where we’ve got a live studio audience with us These are the […]

What is Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash is an upgraded version of the Bitcoin Core software. It’s faster, cheaper and more reliable to use. There’s plenty of advantages to using Bitcoin Cash: Firstly it’s convenient. Anyone can send Bitcoin Cash anytime, anywhere and it’s mobile friendly. You can send really low payments like less than 10 cents for online […]

Locating Crypto in Electrum: Why Ledger Live (Or Trezor) Accounts can be Hard to Find. BTC, LTC, BCH

so in this video I’m just gonna have a look at a wallet that can be used as an alternative to ledger live for a variety of different cryptocurrencies and there might be a bunch of reasons why you find yourself needing to use this alternative perhaps you’re having issues with ledger live for whatever reason perhaps you’ve […]

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