so let me get this right a browser that focuses on privacy and security is super fast it doesn’t show you any ads it doesn’t allow any trackers but at the same time pays you cryptocurrency for viewing adverts coming up right after this if you new to the channel and you want to stay up to date […]

Basic Attention Token | $BAT | Revolutionizing Digital Advertising

Hey guys welcome back, first off I want to thank everyone who’s been liking subscribing and sharing my content you guys rule and I appreciate all the constant love and support that I always get. Today’s video will be about $BAT or basic attention token and the brave browser some of you have seen my tweet where I’d […]

Litecoin Dolphin Pump

what's going on guys fill up a tray genius all right we're gonna do a light coin update start off with light coin is named the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins so that's pretty good news I don't know that we've seen an official cryptocurrency for any NFL team yet but this definitely is gonna get light […]

WARNING: The Mainstream Media is DUMB | Do Your Own Research | Just Buy #Bitcoin

all right welcome back everybody I just want to give a warning to all the new Bitcoin investors that have started to come into the space since we surpass 10k I just want to show you this clip because this is a clip I'm only gonna play about 40 seconds of it but this is a piece of […]

Cryptocurrency For Beginners – Fundamental Analysis – How to Read a White Paper

hey what's up everybody in this video I'm gonna walk you through the first steps I take when conducting fundamental analysis on any cryptocurrency or alkaline project which is finding and reading the white paper this is a critical first step because any awkward project out there that doesn't have an easily accessible and well structured and well-organized […]

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