BTC Drops Under $4,000, BAT Climbs, Crypto ATM Market Expected To Skyrocket – March 26th Crypto News

while the crypto market is in the red today experiencing losses over the past 24 hours on Monday we sub the coin drop below 4000 US dollars sellers suffered losses of more than 5 percent over the past 24 hours and basic attention token is the only crypto currency in the top 30 today as actually in the […]

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for Bitcoin Holders! The SEC VanEck ETF Decision—BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's Austin to get the most value out of today's video make sure you stick around to the very end we have a lot of headlines making news that I think you should know about I do not want you to miss anything but that being said like always […]


all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's Austin and CNBC did probably the most bullish segment that I've ever seen CNBC do regarding Bitcoin did you catch it who caught it it happened yesterday in this segment see NBC correspondent contributor Bitcoin aficionado Brian Kelly was brought on to explain to the panel number one […]

Bloomberg: There is a Generational Shift Towards Bitcoin | VanEck ETF Update! | Vechain News

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on crypto every day my name's Austin and before we get to some perspective some real perspective on where we stand with Bitcoin in 2019 today some perspective coming from Bloomberg no less before we get to this like always let's check out where […]

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