Who Owns Crypto?

Who owns crypto? Well, there are many types… Newbier. He just bought his very first Bitcoin. Look at the hope shining from his eyes. He doesn’t yet know what lies ahead. Miner. The eighth dwarf. Banished by Snow White to remote regions with cheap electricity to get us new coins. Fudder. Not the most pleasant type. And this […]

Parity’s Jutta Steiner: ‘Web 3.0 Will Evolve as Interoperability and Usability Improve’

Interviewer: So I was wondering if you could start just by telling me about your background and what made you end up working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain specifically? J: My name is Jutta Steiner, I’m the CEO of Parity. I started this company three years ago, together with Gavin Wood, who was one of the original co-founders of […]

PewDiePie on the Blockchain, Is Bitcoin a Bubble? | Hodler’s Digest

The entire world saw Julian Assange half-carried into the back of a police van this week, as his seven year stint in the Ecuadorian Embassy came to an abrupt halt. Following his arrest, media outlets around the world posted about the “spike” and “surge” of Bitcoin donations to the WikiLeaks campaign, which had tweeted about accepting donations right […]

Bitcoin’s Peak Hash Rate, Booking.com Predicts Global Adoption | Cryptocurrency News

Hey, everyone. Today, booking.com predicts global blockchain adoption. And Austrian telecom service now accepts crypto. Bitcoin hash rate hits a new all-time high. A Twitter account sparks Bitcoin Cash drama. And Libra is already taking over the world despite not even existing yet. This is cryptocurrency news with Molly Jane. And Jacks. But before we get to the […]

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