“Bitcoin Is My First Love” | Hodler’s Digest

After one of the worst years in decades, 2019 is not looking too promising for the stock market. Trump’s announcement that the government shutdown could go on for months threatens to further destabilize the market. However, the future could be much brighter in the crypto market. This week Bakkt raised $182.5 million, BitTorrent launches Tron-based token and despite […]

Bakkt vs ErisX vs Fidelity Digital Assets vs Voyager – Institutional Crypto Exchanges – HODL!

hey everyone Tony here hope you're doing well it is Saturday February 16th hope you're holding strong in this new asset class that is crypto currencies now someone had asked me to do a video comparing the major institutional crypto exchanges which is backed versus Eris X versus fidelity digital assets and Voyager now these are obviously all […]

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