Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain [Ripple + Keybase + Stronghold]

[Applause] [Applause] good evening everybody I'm excited that everyone made it out through the way the rain you don't look nearly as soaked as I do so welcome my name is Ruben Aguada and I'm the executive director of a nonprofit that trains underserved youth here in Brooklyn had a code and we placed him in junior software […]

Simplex: Building a Scalable, Serverless Cryptocurrency Platform

welcome to this is my architecture I'm died from a dress today I'm joined by shrimp a Cote and engineer option Prix – pet thank you for joining us thank you for having me so tell us about simplex and us system in simplex cooperation we have been developing systems and introducing them to the financial institutions as […]

Building a Scalable Digital Asset Management Platform in the Cloud (MED402) | AWS re:Invent 2013

okay folks good morning we're gonna get started thank you for sticking around day three welcome to media four Oh to building a scalable video digital asset management platform in the cloud or a damn I'm gonna say damn a lot today damn anyone ever see a Joe Dirt yep damn okay so with me today by the […]