How blockchain can be used in tax compliance | Vertex Exchange Europe 2019 | World Finance

David Deputy: So blockchain can be used in I think three areas that stick out for me. One is you’re seeing financial instruments, physical interest-earning assets, and cash flowing assets: they’re being put onto the blockchain as a system of record. So when these assets are transferred, there’s obviously tax involved. The second is use of blockchain for […]

Trading Bitcoin – Buy Bitcoin you know it’s only going up! ;-)

so as you know I’m very active on financial markets as well as sports markets and we’ve got something really interesting going on in the financial market world which is Bitcoin and I thought it’d be interesting to discuss that to discuss you know whether you should be trading Bitcoin how that links into just several elements of […]

Blockchain for Good | Global Summit 2018 | Singularity University

let's start with an why don't you tell us your background and how you got into crypto absolutely so I've always had a passion for impact and trying to change the world as cheesy as that might be in my younger days I did that through international NGOs so I actually worked with Doctors Without Borders in Central […]

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain. Vechain Vet Vtho.

hey folks token vision here as we move into a world where we are increasingly becoming more and more advanced in robotics artificial intelligence Internet of Things and blockchain I wanted to create a video to illustrate to you why oblivion has positioned themselves so perfectly to take advantage of these new disruptive technologies and how will cement […]