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A Conversation With Ep 2- Sean Evans Reveals How He Truly Feels About Hot Ones, Kevin Hart, & More!

Sup’ you beautiful bastards, hope your having a fantastic Sunday, welcome back to the channel and if you’re wondering why you’re getting this video on a Sunday no, I did not accidentally walk into the office on a Sunday thinking It was a Monday! Sunday’s if you haven’t been a subscriber for a long time is the day […]

Tutorial | Adding custom ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens to My Ether Wallet

hey there guys my name is beau and welcome to my channel cryptocurrency Australia. In this tutorial we’re going to go through how to add a custom token on to my ether wallet. Now the reason you might do this is because you could have just participated in an ICO, you’ve sent some funds from my ether wallet […]


what's going on YouTube welcome to my living room feel like we try something a little bit different out today so if you're like me you kind of bought into that cryptocurrency craze a little bit and I bought it at an all-time high back in December and if we take a look at the market today it's […]