Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic  Lightsaber Force Awakens  Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber Force Awakens Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys great to see you
again welcome back to have another awesome Star Wars Force awake in store
opening today Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber Force Awakens Unboxing, Review By WD Toys today we got a really cool lightsaber
this is Darth Vader’s electronic lightsaber wow this is one of the blade
builders so you could attach it to the master Jedi blade which I did a review
on it you check out by Star Wars bladeless and you get a lot of fun with
this one the back at 22 inches long this is a retractable one so when you
flip it down it retracts out so it looks really cool and it has a piece he has
one piece there so you could attach it to the math your lightsaber while he was
in the box hey guys this is what was in the box you
have Darth Vader’s awesome and you got this piece to hook it onto the blade
builders and check it out this one’s ruling cool I like Darth Vader
lightsaber first let’s check out the hill there seems to be pretty much all
the same except for the areas where you go holes this is the battery compartment
here let’s go check out the main part of it i mean this is the battery
compartment continued their school motto is a plastic piece that flips around
here you go cool gold knobs sticking out here in the
silver now speaking out here and whether or not the power of part of Darth
Vader’s lightsaber I believe this is very accurate if I am an incorrect let
me know this piece here lips around back with four words and
here is that national power button was just cool
little piece statistics off to the side here when you press these knobs here
that’s were there as well terms to the sound of it as loud
downstairs the other ones I don’t really hear like movement from by if you do doing it that’s where pops up to its
poor hi I’m not sure you go to the dark so I really like about these smaller
ones we tracked see keep it in a small area known you just flipped it you got a
full-size lightsaber and you can have some battles then you just retracted
again I really also what do you guys think about these and that this does
attached to the master Jedi won them is so you guess ok here is the master Jedi
lightsaber so this is a nurse a ver here so you would just put it on there and
snapper right into place three prong master one and you could
attach any of these newer light sabers today so you can actually have liked to
read lightsabers attached to this one time three pool and bonds or like here’s
the master one you could have two of the small ones and a big one what do you guys think I mean I really
like that master on but I mean there’s stands alone 12 nice also like how small
that is then you flip it i mean it left me with your rest in it doubles size
he’s a really cool 8 savers ok let’s go ahead and take a look at it and our guys
here is a lifesaver looks like in it entirety holding in my hand and then
like I said just a simple hand is too full size lifesaver I mean this thing
looks really cool in here here’s to sign the fact that makes me it will take a
look at it with the lights off guys here is a light in the darkness is
shrunken down quick full-size lifesaver and has a cool light
at the end time you can use this thing like a flashlight and this does have a
motion-activated sound effects so makes a solid a real lifesaver follow is red so if you watch this whole video
make sure the comments down below you put the word read in a long you watch
the whole video and that your true star Wars fan and you’d really like these
videos and you’re part of my club now with so much fun while dressing world
Peppa Pig billions could dinosaur


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