27 thoughts on “Sign Up and Verification on Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange”

  • I had the same plan as you. To buy on CoinBase and then send the BTC to Bitfinex. But for whatever reason they decided to hold the transfer for 72 hours for security reasons. So be prepared for that. Its very annoying but luckily after they delayed me IOTA's price dropped. So they have given me a good entry point.

  • Always very clear, thanks. I have had problems trying to verify with coinbase my problem trying to do it just using iPad and phone but not using internet on the phone. I have stopped using eToro cos of the spreads and bad customer service !

  • Lots of complaints about Coinbase from people best to read and find out more and look at other sites, the fees are the killer so best to find the most secure and cheap one, try to move money around with as less hops as possible as this costs, remember they need to make money to run the services.

  • cooperbrosracing says:

    your videos are great ! I started trading on etoro aprox 2 weeks ago, profits so far have exceeded my expectations by 10 fold, admittedly I'm playing in the crypto market high risk, but so far its paying off massively ! keep the great videos coming 🙂

  • Keep On Searching Earth says:

    I had to do that the other day. I needed three hands to hold my ID, piece of paper with signature and exchange name and press the picture button while being careful not to accidentally cover my face. Plus trying to avoid the glare LOL The things we do 🙂 Cheers

  • Muhammad Muzammil Shaikh says:

    Please do a video on Authy or LastPass Authenticator instead of Google Auth. Google Auth doesn't have any sync and backup. If you lose your phone or the app breaks, you have to go back and re-scan all sites. Real pain and very risky.

  • Hi man,
    Could you please show in a short video om to sell a trade on eToro?
    For example, I got 3 Ethereum and i need only to sell 1 unit.
    I get all confused with all the stop loss, isnt there an easy sell button? =) Thanks

  • Hello sir , i have 2 questions , and i hope you can answer them . 1 What does the color of the stars indicate on etoro ? Some are red , some are blue some are green . 2 When you go to the results , and you see for example 13,18 . Is that the % of profit they made that month ? So for example i copy a trader with 100 $ . The trader made that month 13,18 , so my profit in $ would be $ 13,18 ? Thanks in advance for your reply , and thank you for uploading al these video's !

  • Tom Satterthwaite says:

    Hi there. Another great video – thanks. I’ve searched and found nothing from you on what to do in a bear market and taking a ‘short’ position and how it works on the platform. I’d definitely watch 😀

  • Really helpful videos! Thanks! One question: from an investment point of view, is there any benefit for buying Bitcoin etc on a Cryptocurrency exchange as opposed to just buying Bitcoin on eToro??? Just wondering what the benefit of this is! Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Social Trading Vlog, I have a website that is owned by Coinbase it is, it is more for professionals on this site the fee are very low or free. check it out you are going to love it.

  • coinbase is utterly useless. if you have a problem they have absolutely no staff to sort it.
    my account was suspended for absolutely no reason. Two months later I still have no access to my £4600.
    Worst of all they have agreed that it was suspended in error but have passed on my details to a specialist team.
    They are fucking idiots.
    the sooner I can get out of this company the better.

  • Hey Tom, your videos are very helpful for me, thaks a lot!
    One question: First three steps were easy for me in coinbase, BUT I am stuck at ''add a payment method''. When I click on that button it opens a window which gives me a reference number. After I copy that number I click the continue button and then another window opens which says deposit with bank account (this is the method I' ve chosen).I have to fill an amount there and my name and continue, but where am I supposed to actually give them my bank account? Do I miss something too obvious?
    I would appreciate the help!

  • verification process is very complex. i had to send tons of docs and their customer support was replying very slow. you should really improve coinbase!

  • I've done dat process da mobile way n using the computer and they both are failing. I dont know what's failing, the photo r selfie

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