47 thoughts on “Senate addresses Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency and data privacy”

  • kwadwo amankwa says:

    Hypocritical politicians now act like they care about people. They just don't want people to crash their banking system.

  • It's sad to use blockchain to protect dumb people who don't even know that what it is, let them die with the devaluing fiat.

  • How is Libre different from Bitcoin and supposedly better for the end-user? Apart from Facebook branding of course.

  • PunisherOfDeath101 says:

    This is bs and is not going to be good. Facebook is a terrible company. I am against Facebook getting any more power.

  • HMMMM so there will be a property tax for using Libra and then have a sales tax on top of that did i hear that rite

  • this is so unbelievable Facebook will be able to decide what is acceptable for someone to buy and from what merchant and what will happen if Facebook decides to suspend you account

  • So the US government/NSA who illegally and unconstitutionally collect everyone's data, phone calls, texts, emails etc now care about user privacy!? Lmfao. What hypocritical fools.

    These parasite pricks don't care about terrorism. As they're the terrorists destabilizing the world with sanctions, wars and proxy wars. They only care about the IRS being able to keep stealing everyone's money.

    Welcome to dystopia. Libra is the SDR and we all know it. The irony is the USD will continue to be used for global under the table illegal activities and it will be the ONLY 100% private currency in the US.

  • Mr Brown. You could have said simply
    'BITCOIN has ushered in a revolution and doesnt have a CEO/Governance model that will seek profit, i have a nice voice, taste my elbow'


  • The Senators were as ignorant and infantile as ever.. totally obvious theyre way outta their depth of understanding but refusing to admit it.

    Tomorrow Meltem Demirors will eat these idiots alive.

  • So immediately he says he is concerned about all the things that this new coin could do that the NSA and the FBI already do to its helpless citizens. WOW but wait, the new coin is issued and secured with BLOCKCHAIN security! Something the NSA and the FBI would have trouble with.
    Face it folks, the FED will have their own coin and blockchain replacement for Identity soon.

  • Facebook has show us that. we can 't thrust them our personal information, they ban people that don't agree with their socialist ideology, we should't give them more power and control over our money.

  • financial freedom isn't possible until all these old gandpas and grannies become dear to the Lord 🙂 they're just trying to protect the miillions of Dollars they sit on …

  • Sorry Facebook/Libra !!! Ripple/XRP has already solved this problem !!! You are riding its coat tail nice try !!! Also Ripple has already been working with Governments/Regulators and Central Banks !!! Just because you have access to 2 billion people does not mean you are the one for this job !!!

  • Michael Murray says:

    I’m sure there is no corruption in our banking system….. 😂. What hypocritical system… You know we the people have some very serious concerns with our banks and government..

  • Again they don’t even know what to ask . Everything hung have a bad side. They will go home and open Facebook account try to buy Libra coin , try to buy more when it is cheap . Haha

  • 47:57 correct me if im wrong, but does Mr. Tillis really think that the banks are currently on a gold standard? lol cause we been off the gold standard for decades.

  • Regulators will win in the end. Causing a fight with the banking establishment who will not give up their gazillion dollar banking system without a fight; unless they profit from it and can control it. There’s always a back door.

  • ohh oh oh you have to have adequate regulations that criminals cant use them. oh oh.. this crypto must be regulated so that nobody can be banned from using it no matter who they are or what they believe. these puppets and sell outs have all these concerns about the regulation, why dont they think about regulating the fed? terrorists and criminals certainly use dollars a lot more than bitcoin.

  • These politicians are crazy. Bitcoin is out forever already . They never concern about it. Now they want more billion fine , so they need to grill fb .

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