Samsung Pay to Use Crypto!? - Enjin NEW Gaming Partner! - New Top 10 Coin: GRAM Telegram Token!

Samsung Pay to Use Crypto!? – Enjin NEW Gaming Partner! – New Top 10 Coin: GRAM Telegram Token!

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today crypto green day overall market cap 134 almost 135 billion dollars Bitcoin at 39:57 this is the Bitcoin 4-hour chart Bitcoin has been edging higher and obviously hasn't made a move significant move in quite a few days what I'm looking at right now is there's a lot of overhead resistance coming up so I'm really paying attention to how bitcoins gonna react to this I really feel like we're gonna run into some resistance at some point and kind of head back down lower either we'll go to around 4,000 bounce off and head back down and again probably around in here we'll bounce off the lower trendline of this triangle that we drew quite a few weeks ago another option is we go up to about 4200 and come back down overall long-term I'm bullish bullish on crypto bullish on Bitcoin bullish I don't really want my opinion to get in the way of what the charts are saying so this is basically playing out to be a huge bearish pennant which could play out to the downside now we also have an ascending triangle which has about a 70% chance of breaking to the upside which you know it would be nice for us to go running to about 5,000 I'll probably top out there and then in the future I think we'll probably retest these lows at some point you know 3030 150 and continuing this range you know between 3,000 4,000 5,000 over the course of possibly till October I really think October will start to notice some differences in the market as far as moving higher just know that bear markets do not end with a lot of bullish sentiment I just don't quite think we're there yet I want to be I want to go to the moon tomorrow in the mid term we've been having an amazing time in my trading group these past five or six weeks have just been phenomenal I tweeted this on Twitter and really this is to you guys as well we have we have to lift each other up in crypto I feel like learning from each other is the most important thing everybody has a wealth of knowledge and cryptocurrency there's no way that I or anybody else can cover everything there is in crypto I do my best to kind of make sure that a lot of larger coins are covered and always in encourage you guys to leave in putting comments in the comment section below I always read every single comment I've had a hard time keeping up with actually replying to them over the past few days a lot of things going on but the downside that I see in crypto right now is there's just too much tribalism in crypto you know some person says hey I like this coin and a next person is like all this coin sucks I I think it's important you know you believe in something you believe in a crypto promote that crypto but when you start trashing other coins I think it really has caused a lot of infighting in the space and indefinitely it's important that we stick together we're all on the same team we always we all want to make a ton of money and change our life you know it's for me this crypto currency is about financial freedom it's about being able to do what I want to do spending tons of time with my family and my loved ones and not having to to work a regular job and be controlled by it by a clock if that makes sense now I just wanted to kind of touch base with you guys you know when I was down YouTube killed my channel you know they deleted it there there was some ads that I had that were gambling ads which apparently is not allowed YouTube was kind of vague about it I was bummed out I was really down but because you guys on Twitter everybody reached out and they're just like hey what's the matter what's going on you know and I really realized like hey I belong here I need to to continue to provide content I've worked really hard to make sure that everybody has gained a ton of knowledge I make sure and produce these videos every single day because I want everybody to succeed obviously there's gonna be pros and cons of every coin however everything's gonna come out in the wash you know we're really gonna find out in the future right now most of these projects don't have working products most of them they don't have use cases really I just want to thank thank you guys I'm very grateful for you know obviously your support continued support watching the channel if you like the content that I provide on a daily basis definitely be sure it subscribe to the channel like the video put a comment in the comment box that definitely appreciate you doing so this quote says I was taught that the way of progress was neither Swift nor easy this missus Mary Curie stated this she was actually she won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911 and this kind of sums up crypto I was taught the way of progress was neither Swift nor easy we just think let's talk about what we've been through over the last 15 months in crypto currency like it has been a tough bear market everybody wants crypto to go to the moon tomorrow there's gonna be up trends and down trends you know I feel like we're gonna arrange for a little bit while but you know you have to kind of commend yourself the people that stuck this out and the people that have really been in crypto found crypto discovered crooked we have to be thankful that we're here we're in this space you know and we have a ton of friends like I have some of the best friends I've ever made and they're all in crypto probably the only people that I could talk to you about crypto including you guys so again I just want to say thanks like this is it's not going to be Swift it's not going to be easy but the benefits are going to be life-changing I told you before I'm in this for life-changing money we're in the right place no hype no fluff the private patreon group continues to outperform real quick on this so just a few comments from yesterday many of us this person stated have made fifty and a hundred percent this week this group is amazing I really I'm blessed to have such a good group of folks this other gentleman stated I just made my first trade and I made 25 percent stay the beginner's luck on enj now he's addicted what do I buy next the next person says thanks Chris I wish I'd known all this when I first got into crypto I did front try a few courses but they all seemed like rocket science and I stated you killed it yeah I really teach things how I learned it like simplicity it's really you you can make technical analysis really complicated and maybe it makes you 5% better than the next person but there's a point where you really have to focus on the basics and getting started and then you can build from there so manna looks good so you've got a cup and handle by the breakout of the retest so you're basically looking you also have a triangle forming here so we're again we're looking for the breakout of the triangle which is also the handle so keep an eye on mana basically you're buying the breakout above about 1224 satoshis the great thing about this it's low risk if it break to the downside don't trade it if it breaks to the upside you buy the breakout these are the safest as far as risk to reward ratio these are amazing these cup and handles play out so well ranch and I talked about whey and chain on the fifth here's the chart on the fifth here's the chart now killed it I think it was up I think it's up forty percent or something like that broke out of this triangle again you buy the breakout it retested so you can increase your position here shot up forty percent everybody that was in land chain on my call killed it congratulations litecoins having is just one hundred and fifty days away like one's gonna be good litecoin is reinventing itself with some privacy you're gonna have the half the amount of litecoin are going to be produced and they're working on things with nimble Wimble so litecoin again is definitely a crypto to keep your eyes on engine teams up with unity to bring immutable blockchain assets to the gaming world it's official they partnered with unity which is a huge gaming engine very successful one of the top gaming engines there is so this is added to the this is going to be added to the asset store unity asset store on March the 14th engines powerful blockchain game development tools will be in the hands of 4.5 million unity developers enabling them to easily create and integrate next-generation aetherium blockchain assets into games for over 25 mass-market platforms Android iOS PlayStation Xbox Wii Microsoft big partnership for gaming and crypto earlier in the week we talked about Tron they turned to tether they've got a partnership now this Justin son keeps pulling it out the stops Tron will be hosting us DT on its blockchain tail or Wahby it was rebranded grows the network faster than expected reaching a hundred stores throughout China lobbies had a huge run-up they're updating their initial roadmap the second quarter estimate they want to be in 250 cities versus a hundred so it's always good to see them make changes in the positive direction a lot of these roadmaps people aren't hitting their dates Lobby is not only hitting the dates they're exceeding their goals these are the things in you have to watch out for everybody can talk and tell you everything they want to about this crypto that crypto but you have to judge these kryptos on the results people from over a hundred cities in China they've purchased tech Rox products so tail which Bobby and tech rock are utilizing blockchain technology to authenticate products and validate their safety and origin counterfeiting has been a widespread problem in China and especially prevalent among imported goods so Bobby in the news 0x takes a giant step towards decentralized governance Ashe is looking to make instance send automatic so they've got 60% of their masternodes they've registered with a deterministic master node list so now they're sparking 15 and 16 sounds like something you eat tacos with a Taco Bell spork 15 and 16 woe to the week Wall Street is under attack from technologists whose weapons of choice are math software and memes gotta love crypto this is big Samsung pay will integrate cryptocurrencies for 10 million users there is a lot of assumption in this article to be fair like there there's speculation here so let's just keep that in mind if Samsung pay is behind the crypto integration it may be crucial for real adoption they're kind of alluding to the Samsung S 10 Galaxy phones with the Knox Hardware wallets within it it really looks like and we'll talk about this in a second it really looks like this phone it has a lot of the hardware updates and the software will be rolled out in time so the Korea Herald reported the samsung is set to integrate cryptocurrency wallet into the galaxy s 10 which has been confirmed previously over a month ago this article stating at this phase of development if a cryptocurrency wallet is added to Samsung pace the application will be strengthened as a complete FinTech platform if they use the cryptocurrency wallet with samsung pay so you'll be able to just tap your phone and pay with crypto it's right there everything's integrated already hardware wise all they needed some software updates currently the Samsung blockchain wallet is said to be supporting aetherium but more cryptocurrencies are expected to be integrated in the turn I think part of the future of payments it is right here paying with your phone it's so much easier just everybody's got their phone on them at all times you know have all your credit card stored in it cryptocurrency is gonna be a perfect fit win-win for crypto and Samsung so samsung pay could benefit from cryptocurrency integration and appeal to the Millennial and digital asset users as of April two thousand eighteen Samsung pay recorded 18 billion in transaction volume and industry experts believe the integration of crypto by Samsung pay could fuel mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies especially on the side of merchants this will be huge for cryptocurrency and I can see it happening you got all these blockchain phones coming out easy segue right into pain with crypto paying with your phone whether it comes from your bank account electronically or from your crypto account electronically what's the difference easy breakthrough for cryptocurrency right here this is from a patron he sent me this this morning or posted this morning pre-orders phone got the s10 he's got the Knox wallet in it he he stated that on the opening screen the galaxy s 10 plus says secured by Knox but he's not found the wallet yet the engine wallets just not preloaded it's not so then I found out that he called the phone carrier which was Sprint in this case they were clueless about the hardware wallet you know I've got a very good friend my girlfriend actually you know works for AT&T and you know when she asked she had to go above her managers head just to ask questions about about the Knox Hardware wallet crypto like they don't even have a clue like encrypt out what are you talking about you know so that's where we're at in crypto like nobody they might have these the Knox Hardware wallet in their hands but they don't even know what they have no idea what it is so he calls sprint they were clueless about the hardware wallet it definitely has Knox wallet in it but the software is not even there so as far as the engine while it's not pre-loaded so this kind of paints a picture that okay hardware is on there you know you can't just do a software update the hardware's got to be there from the beginning so the hardware is there now mainstream adoption is gonna happen from the software side you know over the next few years they're gonna roll out software that's gonna be using this Knox wallet or see all these other phone supporting blockchain and cryptocurrency another gentleman in a different group he got a spinny phone he was going to do an unboxing and so there's a bunch of these phones that are rolling out this is going to change the game my private group we use telegram and you have to remember that the Graham token or telegram the ICO they raised 1.6 billion dollars this is going to be the 9th ranked cryptocurrency when it comes out automatically off easy in the beginning it's going to be the number 9th ranked crypto gram token now there was a video the most secretive blockchain project that has been leaked it was showing how Graham the telegram tokens meant to work from a user's perspective the telegram app version is going to allow users to scan with a QR code it's going to incorporate the Graham token there's no official white paper to this project one has been leaked there's no website to the project there's no open source code there's effectively no information it's quite a bit of a mystery they don't even know why they're being so secretive the telegram open network or ton T o n is apparently 90% finished as far as the blockchain goes it's gonna be proof of stake we might not even learn anything about this point remember there's 5 billion Graham tokens that are available or were available at time of token sale we don't know if it's just two or three people that owned all the coins so this is it's not even certain if they're going to have any type of public sale you know how will we even get this crypto so it's definitely gonna be highly sought after III used like I said I use telegram I think it definitely needs you know it's not discord it definitely needs some upgrades and I'm hopeful and optimistic about this but this is gonna be and it is right now one of the biggest mysteries in crypto currency keep in mind the back story in in 2016 telegram announced that they had a hundred million active users there haven't had 350,000 new users signing up every day 15 billion messages daily jot it to everybody that's picked up a ledger nail s as well as a letter ledger Nino X's start shipping on the 20th of this month the link to the factory supports is in the description big news for Cardona Cardona one-point-five has been released on test net this is another step towards hora Boris Genesis this is a strip club in Portland Bitcoin accepted here everybody wants to take Bitcoin if you like the content that I provided in a daily basis be sure and subscribe to the channel comment below hit the bell for notifications thanks so much I'll see you guys tomorrow


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  • Jonathan Baker says:

    No offense but why do people deserve to have financial freedom just for throwing money into a speculative market? That's not doing work I felt dirty making 100s of thousands in 2017 for doing nothing

  • lovely video, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your hodling that is primarily why I stopped hodling. I lost more than 3/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $7,000 xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Adrian Markus on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over hodling especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples. Adrian never asked me to give him access to my account, and he would warn me against doing that with anybody as its a way many Fake use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries, you can reach and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto. At via <<Eriktschulz @gmailcom>>

  • Sadly THETA if you put it into a platform like you cant withdraw anything, you can only donate your hard earned money. Failure on that Sliver platform. The more you Know 🙂

  • Awake. Ready. says:

    Would love some of the Soul tokens, love the Neo Ecosystem.
    Ac6b9CBLf7dngA66tp9wasozYZnDWsr6fj there's my O3 wallet inf I'm lucky enough, been following and supporting long before your rebranding. Great work thanks as always. Jumping right into the markets!!!

  • Taylor Eckhardt says:

    Just want to assure you that you're doing a great job doing these videos for listeners learning the space, Chris. So please don't ever give it up…at least not until we're all rich from investing and having hung in through the bear markets! I'm in it to win it, too. And so very grateful I have crypto as another stream of income, not to mention the freedom aspect of it.

  • I agree %100.
    Most of the xrp fan boys are the crying bitches. They are the one dislikes other coins. Meanwhile holding a centralized token.
    Crypto is here to avoid 3rd parties. And xrp spreads butter on bankers bread.

  • Natasha Evanoff says:

    I have attempted to join yr Patreon group today, but had to stop coz’ only credit cards and Paypal accepted (I really hate Paypal!). When will BTC be accepted?

  • Ufology Explored says:

    We need a number of cryptos to do well ,no point having 1 most people wouldn't be able to buy it ,so not spending it, also say a 100 good currencies are left it keeps all cryptos improving etc so if you have assets in these your a winner. When it goes mainstream a few will be used by countries ,banks and huge business and the others for the general public ,pick your crypto n go.

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