RIDICULOUS Bitcoin Long Term Targets (Is It REALLY?!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Analysis

RIDICULOUS Bitcoin Long Term Targets (Is It REALLY?!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Analysis

well well well happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to crown Elsa secret da okay hey get out of here Jesus Christ is the family-oriented Channel hey well well well welcome back to crown scooter cave waiting up for a nice and early morning over here and in Helsinki Finland nice little Sunday morning getting ready for some nice cups of coffee and some food but before that we got some very important management money business to get deep and down and dirty into over the course of the next the next hour so as we do have plenty to talk about because Bitcoin closing all those higher time frames last night and also closing some major major time frame macro time frame tonight with the monthly and quarterly we have plenty of opportunity staring us right in the face so won't waste any more time but I do want to wish you the best the best the haps that the happiest as always wish you well in this lovely little Sunday and let's initiate that teleportation I'll see you in the live scene and and there she is there she is in all of her glory once again bitcoin actually closing yesterday's daily pretty damn well so the way that we've actually closed closed yesterday's daily is gonna start to change my bias on the lower timeframes now with regards to that I want to really focus today on the higher time frames because one is Sunday and we want to talk about you know more long-term type stuff of which we can talk about some perhaps exciting stuff maybe 20,000 back in the cards but more importantly with what we're looking at you know the lower timeframes are well are more of a distraction from what from from what I really want to discuss right now so with that said I do want to start off with a two day in three day which we closed yesterday night and the two day actually did confirm above the top trolling demand right here as you do see so we have this nice we have this nice two days old of actually being painted and cemented in and once again we are pushing the top side so to me this is actually really opening you know open up the discussion or not not just open up the discussion but it actually it actually does create my bias that I will be looking for some more upside from this area right here now we've seen this so many times in Bitcoin lands where we have a very very very very very aggressive move to the downside as we saw right and over here on Wednesday I believe it was and the no fall throughout you know at all right after that so we've seen it right on over here on this move we see we see it right and over here on this move we see it running over here on this move this move and going all the way back to February as well where the where the market really started to turn around so to me this is just yet another you just yet another example of this yes we do have pretty high volume on this but without any sort of fall through I'm I can't I'm hesitant to call that any sort of a you know any sort of reversal right there so while I did say that it was very likely that Bitcoin was gonna trade sideways a little bit of time you know after you know after the advent of this dobo right here I do say I don't think that we're gonna actually be heading lower in fact in you know it's it's quite clear here actually if we go down to the lower timeframes my bias will be changed if we actually do take out the same error that we spoke about yesterday in fact the lower timeframes you know what let's actually let's actually talk about the lower timeframes very briefly because nothing has changed from si so we can get through very quickly but as we see right here there's two major trend lines this the 236 Fibonacci retracement right here and our top resistance right around twelve thousand four hundred and then our bottom support right on over here around the naught point five Fibonacci retracement which is currently coming in around ten thousand seven hundred anything within that range is just to be considered consolidation but the way that bitcoin actually closed those higher time frames I would start to lean a little bit more to the upside however the same thing applies what we said yesterday or what I said yesterday if bitcoin can clothes you know to our for our dildos anywhere above twelve thousand four hundred or if you want to be a little more conservative twelve thousand five hundred I would be you know at essentially be bullish for another twenty moved backed up to the upside once again technically targets would be first and foremost about twelve thousand six hundred I believe yeah somewhere right on over here about twelve about twelve thousand seven hundred actually and then and then actually thirteen thousand three hundred and then really you know fourteen fourteen 416,000 after that so that's kind of the that's kind of the trajectory if we actually do see that play out but with the two day total timeframe actually once again closing above the top showing band I do believe that's gonna have carry on over into this now here's the thing when we when we spoke about the lower timeframes yesterday typically I won't actually see the lower timeframes lead the way first because they're the easiest ones to get above but we actually saw the higher time frames I close above and in start and that's what's kind of changed my my slight bias here for full disclosure I don't really have any our sorry no I I did take off my short call position so I've taken profit on these guys or on these guys right here I don't know 13,500 strike I think yeah a realized profit of not point six or sorry not point two six six but that was only for half the position so it's about double that and I still have these guys all about it over here but I'm gonna get be getting rid of these I want to be I want to be exposed once again to be long side and and I'll be hot and they'll be and I'll be holding this bias and in supporting it and actually add him to it if we do get back above twelve thousand four hundred Bitcoin does come back down to the non point three eight two on the lower timeframes I still don't really consider that anything anything within this range is just consolidation between again twelve thousand four hundred and ten thousand seven hundred if we were to come all the way back down and test ten thousand seven hundred which are do you think is a lot less likely right now then you know I would be looking for a bounce around first pass but so if we do break that then yes we can talk about targets down to ten thousand you know nine ninety five hundred and eighty five hundred but for right now that is just it's this is that that doesn't look to me like what's happening Bitcoin being very resilient in this area and that is certainly good signs so let's go back to the higher time frames and and of course you know with the lower timeframes always understand how they have really you know read the relationship to the higher time frames essentially say hey if we break this guy at the upside we're gonna see we're you know we're gonna see that fall through on the higher time frames essentially that's gonna really set up what we're looking at on the monthly and quarterly later tonight and then obviously to the downside which you know is it's it's it's worthwhile to talk about just case it does happen but until it does happen it's you know pretty far away of here you know still that that same area that same here is ten thousand seven hundred this guy right here at eleven thousand four hundred eleven thousand five hundred ish region which would it bounced off yesterday so if you did take trades off that hey well John nice little scalps there you know just the meeting point I don't really put too much weight unless you're trading like the extremely low time frames then yes you know it can obviously be used for that as you saw yesterday but that's not really what I'm focused on right now especially as it is a Sunday and you want to talk about the more higher time frame idea so again here's your two day training outside the top throwing bands but I do believe that dailies not gonna be daily J's just consulting but if I did see the daily come back down to the read ten simple right around ten thought Levin thousand five hundred that she directly lines up with that medium point the three A two on our current sorry the three eight chief of an entre spent on our current lower timeframes that we just looked at so actually would be looking for another balance error if we did come back down around there but again I don't really have a strong opinion on the lower timeframes I'm pretty neutral I mean I do have a little bit of a bicep sight but I'm pretty neutral on it we could come all the way back down to 11,500 be completely fine we come we come back down to 11,000 even so be completely fine I mean anything above 10,000 700 now does have that bias tella to the upside but over here on the you know sorry on the daily Stokes we do have something to be aware of as daily so some have been straight down ever since well essentially you know Tuesday Wednesday right and with with that you'd expect fall through you know as momentum gets gets you know gets gained but what's happened here is Bitcoin just floated back on up just once again so I really do strongly I'm actually really starting to strongly believe that so we're getting another example we saw bike riding over here where Bitcoin has a very very nasty move to the downside this one about about what you know about 25 percent and this one also actually about 25 percent if I if I recall correctly there you go about 26 percent on both of them and then no fall through after that and you and you get all these momentum oscillator is coming down and they reset without doing any real damage to price action realistically you know from Wednesday to today we're right we're right back in the middle of a range no real damage has been done and Bitcoin for all intents purposes looking resilient within this region so it's just react inlet and Rican salted within this region and that is that is completely fine and actually quite actually healthy within this region so I think you know biases certainly all starting to turn around 12 hour 12 hour out on over here do you see that 12 hour Stokes coming down this you know actually even more aggressively in the 12 hours folks have been extremely extremely good on the buy signals for this guy even when we're like way up in here in the in the critical zone the even these buy signals still producing moves of you know 500 to a thousand dollars so if I do start see this guy curl around which is you can see that it's losing momentum around the the neutral zone which you can occipital can't expect a little bit of counter trend pressure there then then hey you know that's good that's gonna be my next signal for for getting long once again I mean I am long right now but but about holding longs for you know an actual training move here back to 13,000 and beyond and that's really good that's really the focus of today because Jesus Christ man this has been a very impressive rally and now it's looking like it wants to do some more actually let's agree that three-day for a second three days folks are gonna be are we confirmed here so that would probably be the most bearish thing on the board right now we do have the three did not look as good to be fair three day does have our top resistance coming around twelve thousand five hundred twelve thousand four hundred regions so it does agree with that top resistance so to boil it down while I am painting a little bit more of a rosy picture understand please please please folks please understand I really don't want to guess miss hurt on this there you know as long as that as long as we're still within that range on the lower timeframes between 12,000 you would make it 12,500 just to be a little bit more a little more conservative down to ten thousand seven hundred you know technically nothing nothing craziest happen is you know you're supposed to be neutral as a trader if we do break above ten thousand five hundred will call and close a four out dilib of there then you know that then is appropriate to get long once again and below I mean you know again but below ten thousand seven hundred is really it's really like the the the area of operation if I am gonna call top here and and and be comfortable with targeting areas down in the low 9000 to to mid 8,000 region so for right now bitcoins still looking okay we do see the three day does have a little bit of issues here but remember you know even with all that said and with all the people crying divergences here we actually don't even have divergence on the three-day Doolittle timeframe just yet we won't have it until we actually take out the low of this guy and confirm this as a local top which has just been undone torus I has not been done just yet so again it you don't even take a lot of work for that to be done that also but that would really drastically line up with a move back down to you know upper 8,000 slow 9,000 but were to happen but as you can see you know with the way that the lower timeframes kind of just he knows wrapped themselves back around it is looking a little bit more likely here that we do push this one back again to the upside looking at weekly weekly is well above the top thrown to ban as well and here's the thing you know looking at the way that CMI's closed on Friday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern at a time we do see that they close well above actually in fact about 2000 and a half dollars more than a thousand a half dollars above the tops Rhonda ban here so once again closing with a nice body a nice thick solid tight body above and to me that's likely to continue the trend yes we do see weekly Stokes crossing down or sorry wow I I they must be on spot charts out there down right now yeah they are down right now one spot but on scene these are actually up right now so that is that is quite compelling um again divergences between these charts is actually makes things quite difficult we're gonna see where CME's open up tonight if we see CME's get back above 13,500 that's that's gonna be that's gonna be pretty damn bullish remember though that CME's have a pretty massive premium on price action right now I think to the tune of a few a couple hundred to three hundred bucks so you know a Bitcoin spot would stuff to get up there quite a bit but right now spots rallying back up to where to where seeing me close on Friday so do I want to go back to me do I want to go back to neutral is really the question for myself to myself and as I talked to myself in the first in the second person and third person sound like complete maniac but my point is that right now I'm actually seeing it live we are seeing you know a lot a lot of counters a lot of contra signals but I would still stick with what I'm saying if you really want to simplify this down it's really actually the lower timeframes that you want to watch here but with regards to the you know true these areas and we spoke about and then understand how they relate to the higher time frames which we're going to talk about now so let's get into monthly and the quarterly which we're gonna be closing tonight and then this is your monthly right here the monthly is gonna be closing good gonna be closing about no matter pretty much no matter what unless we have some sort of a major sell-off back down below ten thousand before in a day which to be fair you know we've all seen crazier things than that in Bitcoin land I'd still say that this is looking pretty damn good tentacles on it looked damn good as well we do have monthly Stokes headed back up not just headed back up and there they are painfully erect right here just like you saw in 2015 when we accurately called it or sorry the Stokes accurately called the the bullish momentum being gained same thing with monthly RSI regaining the extra notch right here regaining the exponent right here getting that bullish momentum at some point and we're actually in the we're actually for the first time in the bullish control zone for you know over a year you do see that the first time that we popped back into it right on over here back it actually did reject at first and came back down test the exponential and that was a major buy that actually happened at a price point as you can see right here on this dump but overall my point is that so we're gonna be seeing a couple different things that's that also have massively way into into kind of generating the longer-term trend which I think most people kind of focused on I know a lot of people like to trade the lower timeframes and they're fun to scalp and all that good stuff and yeah you know there's certainly opportunity there but the higher time frames you know that's is the the this is more for the hollers and the swing traders we do see the yellow 21 expansion boom average and the red 10 some an average actually an a bearish cross right now but they are converging on each other so the trend is actually is actually lessening to the downside and strengthen to the upside as you know you intuitively know my point is though is that on this next tick we're likely we're actually likely to see the red 10 symbol cross back to the up side of the yellow 21 which you know it's it's it's not you know it's I don't know if Bitcoin has enough price action history to really do it justice but it's about 10 years now so it should be good enough we do see in 2014-2015 when we actually did cross these guys back up to the upside it bit the Bitcoin you know had had definitely bought him by then and we actually were just beginning to really accelerate the bullish meant to be upside so it just be another thing saying hey this thing certainly does have a lot more feel not only that but if we do look at the accumulation distribution indicator which I do want to bring up every you know every new monthly I'd like to bring this one up just cuz it's Dan it's damn good on these higher time frames not really for the lower timeframes but so looking at it right here we do see that we solve a positive slope I'd imagine that this month is gonna be a model of the positive ticks so you know again I'd have to you know assuming that we do get another positive tick I'd be looking for another month of upside really this one has been incredibly accurate with the slope nothing else because I don't really use it for anything else but only the slope caught you know basically got a negative slope in March 2018 on the bull trap to I believe it was 10,000 at the time and or sorry made may 2018 know March 2018 and and then this guy read it over know this that this was 12,000 right here yeah beginning of March exactly okay great so double top at 12,000 where they got it and then we called the bottom right here getting a positive slope right around January 20 2019 so right at the turn of the year and just again from a longer-term time frame perspective this does offer up the the the the roads I guess is the right word to be using the road for a move higher and keep this in mind as well if we put on the TRO under bands for this guy we're actually gonna be testing the top troll indie band now I don't think I think it's a little bit less likely that we actually closed about the closest one above the top drone to bands but it is within striking distance I suppose especially in Bitcoin land it is around $13,000 so if we can actually close this close this which again closes later sound at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time about 13,000 bucks or 18100 more accurately speaking then we're gonna be training to the upside of these challenger bands which we haven't done since since late 2017 which I mean you know you you you already know what I'm going with that this was an incredibly powerful move and I'd be looking for a similar behavior if we were if we would actually do that which i think is a little bit less likely here I think that we get I think that we close rather close to it and then next month we probably get an actual chance to do that now let's bring it on to what I really want to focus on not supportively chart so a three-month chart and this one right here is the one that I have all eyes and ears on because if we close above the top tronie band here we can see very easily that's we're actually we're actually decently above it right now it's coming in around 12,000 I would be looking for a move and this is where I'm gonna say crazy you know permobil bull tarde type I would be looking for a move twenty five to twenty thousand before end of year and and again this is only if the quarterly closes above twelve thousand by tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and again you know you're gonna see it in your lower timeframes first twelve thousand four hundred if that gets if that's gets taken out on the four hour or looks again 12,500 maybe a little more appropriately to be used just because it's more conservative especially when we're dealing with big numbers like this but you know 12,500 if we say that taken out on the lower timeframe out of matter that we'll have carry on over into a timeframe like this and obviously that'll also get us continuation on the to date as well so that's how they're all relating right now lower timeframes are gonna lead on into that in you know into the two-day continuation on top of their troll under bands cadeaux mean a new high on top of that after training outside for the first time if that's not convoluted statement enough just it's it's generally you know it's essentially just maintaining the trend and then that would obviously you know cement this guy and over here later sound at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time so you know by about getting more of that momentum so my point is is that the way that we see that you know these the you know this is this intraday behavior we can actually really judge and and perhaps you know front run a damn good trade here for a longer term period anybody's of course on the monthly I think it's also appropriate to say that's and also focus on discharges in general has been relatively good just relatively healthy just over a long period of time because Bitcoin operates in very very very very large numbers you know it naturally looks quite scary you know when you see this of course I mean a eighty percent drop this 100 some scary don't get me wrong but when you look at it on log scale you do realize that so we actually have been following this quite well and again this goes back to that same yellow 20 when I spent from damage right here which I always harp on on the monthly cuz the month is usual a little more a little bit more relevant than the quarterly but if you've been around this channel for the past six months seven months eight months I think I've been I think I was talking about that back in September you know the 21 exponential moving average on the monthly is what I judge you know when I was professional trade on forward grow star change ARCA if something was generally bullish or gently bearish on the quarterly it just takes on an even greater degree of presence here you can see that we never even broke to the downside in fact bitcoins been you know more or less healthy on the whole way up although you know albeit very very very very nasty and volatile movements both ways but that's just the way that Bitcoin you know that's just kind of par for the course on Bitcoin the way that we look at this right on over here this looks you know if we just took off the number scale on the right hand side would look completely fine and if we do if we do test these top 20 bands once again and close above which we are technically above right now wow this is this is actually quite quite strange on on BLX index yeah they they must not have updated info because their top trendy Banias all the way it's 11100 whereas spa charts it's like 12,000 anyways my point is that's you know will will likely get another you know another reaction like this is what we're gonna see if we actually do confirm above this guy and remember these trends are just making more and more and more and more and more likely to continue so in each and every one of these Delta's it's three months of price action so this would really set the pace for the next you know for the coming years actually not just not just for end of you I mean the $20,000 target by end of the year before end of year I mean should it even be possible within the next three months or you know or even like in a way probable you know it's I mean who know you know we that's that's not even considering what could happen over the next few years I mean this is this this happen this is this is year's worth of prize section another another half year right here powerful powerful so that's what I have my eyes on today just because well that's gonna this could be another one of those long term trades anyways while we're on here on the quarterly it is worth mentioning that quarterly Stokes have been down this whole time so 2018 they're down the whole time but very damage was ever done – price action so again just offering up a nice little way for uh for Bitcoin it kind of cool off and and again just another thing saying hey okay you know it's it's it's actually actually not a huge deal from a longer-term perspective remember bitcoin is rather young and I know that I know it sounds crazy when I say something like that this is just part again par for the course for Bitcoin if we were talking on any other asset it would just be you know smaller percentages that's that's essentially that's essentially different but the overall idea the overall mentality still the same anyway so let's go check out the expected the chart of expected moves here so this is the daily expected move and again if you're not familiar with this it is the expected moves based off of the based off of standard deviations away no it's it's the expected move based off of historical volatility you know how do I want to say this it's the expected move based off of standard deviations away from the mean of historical volatility with regards to price action okay there we go anyways so with what we're looking at right here we can actually judge this first standard deviation and what's most likely to happen today the range for today and I light and I do like that it kind of matches up albeit albeit briefly with what we were looking at on our lower timeframes with you know the range being about twelve thousand on this one in exercise 12,700 I'd say 12,500 both are yeah I think both are equally valid and then the bottom of the range it's about eleven thousand three hundred this guy and I say the bottom of range about eleven thousand 450 we actually just this really quick and let me just see if this if this helps but some let's do something like that would that change this one actually does work better this one actually lines up a little bit better bottom of the range would be perfect with what I'm saying about 11,500 top the range would be about twelve thousand six hundred twelve thousand five hundred region so my point is that this is actually kind of aligning with that it does suggest that hey you know we do have a little bit of a slight upside bias here but the range is you know it's quite well defined more importantly so bias it does not dictate trading what dictates trading so tentacles for myself do you not trade my opinion I hope to be very adamantly clear about that I'm not trading my opinion I trade technical analysis and this is the you know and this is a great example right here where earlier in the week I was feeling us feeling I was feeling like I was feeling us felt like we were looking at a top and now that was the appropriate response of the tray but with the admin of the last few days of price action you know it's time to switch that background I've taken off you know taken profit on my you know on my options trades and and once again I'm I'm a little bit exposed to the upside but I'd like to get in a real position a little bit lower if we actually do come back down and test about 11,500 I'd like to try out a position there just because it offers a very easy way to manage risk not because it's 100 percent guaranteed to work out as a trade there's nothing that's 110 percent guaranteed to work out as trade but if we go back on over here to bit Mexico and go down to the lower timeframe just what I'm what I'm saying here is quite simple nothing too crazy but if we do come back down around here just need a very easy wait a minute risk because I know that we we know that if you know if we take out this area right here we're likely to hit the next level right around ten thousand seven to ten thousand eight hundred regions so you know it's it's it's it's basically what I'm saying is don't have to risk all that much money to figure out if I'm right or wrong with that if we do happen or if we break out this guy right over here well then that's when I'm happy I'm happy to just maybe just get in my positions and and and and and hold on to the more long term view for a while and you know same thing right over here as well can use that as a risk management tool you know nothing nothing everyone has done guaranteed holy moly man oh my god and it's a new–it's a new emoji oh holy moly man ahead and welcome my friend good to meet you unfortunately I can't quite see your name as it's quite small on my screen I'm actually using a very very small very small setup right now as I'm getting all my all myself prepared for for the move but right now make one coming back down so what are we gonna do here you know lower timeframes again just coming back down tests and supports on I mean this is could be we consider this extremely low timeframe right here here's put the hourly looks like our lean yeah it could could very easily come back down to this region I don't have any sort of a buy some lower timeframes I if I did have say some here it kind of does look like it wants to come back down and test eleven thousand five but I don't have a real strong opinion on this the strong opinion and what I really want to be focusing on and what I'll be taking action on is what we spoke about with the higher time frames so understand again all of the you know all the pre rest cuts and all of the you know and all of the relationships between them because within this region right here is is is is more of a distraction than anything in my opinion we do see however our least oaks are actually up here maybe a 10 maybe turn that around again this is the problem with the hourly it don't really feel too strongly one way or the other Ali jewel ride in the middle hate taking trades in there our the RSI a little bit of bearish divergence theorem but you could say that that's mostly played out with a threaded or move that we just saw right there so anyways again I don't have any real opinions there right now especially with especially with it being a weekend's tell me to focus on more tangible things and let's get back on over and check out Bitcoin let's actually look at some underlying market dynamics here so let's check out the let's check out the Long's and shorts and we actually have a great imbalance in favor of the shorts right now almost 30,000 shorts on the board versus about 20,000 open Long's which is very bizarre I would have not expected to see this we have about 3,000 these guys hedge so it's really 26 and a half thousand to open naked shorts first is 20,000 open longs which is still a great imbalance in favor of the shorts so there is there that's there certainly are people liquidate and there is upwards pressure to be had and rocket fuel to be burned if the market movers decide to looking at the shorts chart right here we do see funnily enough and again this horizontal right here I've had this in here for for like a year now it's no it's based off of nothing more than just like a regression of where we seem to have find st. seem to have found just some pivot points on on margin positions on fin acts and we actually do see it kind of backing off that area funnily enough I don't expect it to always toys operate around there what I want that one to tell me is where is where things become a little bit more a little bit more heavy if you want to have it like that especially when we're looking at a Mart an exchange like FedEx which has a massive margin funding pool to kind of do trades are sorry to to fund margin trades off of there's only so many coins to trade essentially and because of that we can come up with areas where we're essentially you know I'd like to make the analogy of just too many people on a bus so too many people thinking the same thing too many people in the same trade and well what happens after that typically not so good things and of course with looking at the shorts right here I mean a lot of these shorts are well under water going all the way back towards June 11th and then even more even more aggressively around June 18th to 17th so going back into the charts we can see that those people are trapped much much lower in price action going all the way down here this this is June 11th right here at about $8,000 a little bit under $8,000 actually then going all the way up I mean this is you know an average price somewhere around 9,000 to even 10,000 not the best not good man not good at all anyways looks like Bitcoin will come back down to that area so what do we have here yeah yeah nice nice one big one anyways so so my point is my point is is that when we're looking at the margin positions it is it's not a first it's not a primary consideration siddur a consideration but it is a secondary and tertiary consideration which with you know mash up with price action does certainly offer up the potential for a way forwards to the more bullish route that we just spoke about but remember you know I really I still think it's a little bit premature to be calling anything right now until we see either for our total above twelve thousand four hundred twelve thousand five hundred or we see the monthly and quarterly get set in stone which I'd like to see them you know I'd like to see them close above their top 20 bands if if if basically any any one of those things happen I'm gonna be you know bullish for the next few months or basically tail end of year probably so for right now you know let's let's go let's go back through the lower timeframes I haven't really checked out the two-hour with the two-hour looking like a two-hour wants to come back down a little bit what about three-hour three hours same thing actually three hours tops coming back down three hour historical volatility percentile getting pretty damn red line there but it's gonna be backing off relatively soon out imagine what else we got what about the six hours six hours been pretty it been pretty accurate recently as well I'm still nothing nothing too crazy here I mean you can see the range quite quite simple it's basically we spoke about before between this guy right here at about about eleven thousand from this timeframe and midpoint right around eleven thousand five hundred and upper point right around 12,500 nothing too crazy them certainly have too many too many things we'll be talking about six hour Stokes are gonna be you know lightly up eight hour Stokes gonna be up to ten hours so it's gonna be up and 12-hour Stokes looking like look you know looking week to the downside so again it's you know it's just one of those things where I would like to let price action unfold a little bit but tonight's gonna be a big night I do believe that tonight's gonna be rather big night for setting the tone for the next you know for the foreseeable future really anyways let's see what else we got baby what else do we got let's go check out let's go check out something else let's go check out a fundamental indicator this is the Bitcoin network momentum and I do want to bring your attention to this just because it is probably the only fundamental indicator that I've found that that doesn't suggest that we're actually in a bull market just yet and let me explain or at least the way that I interpreted it as as actually the maker probably the maker actually might disagree with me on this and it's like how arrogant can you be crown'd it's like thinking that you think that you know better than the maker but just let me explain on this indicator were just were we're measuring the network momentum essentially which looks into the value transmitted through the Bitcoin blockchain denominated in Bitcoin Valley plotted against bitcoins price essentially anyways with plots that plots this brown oscillator here the network momentum and then price in the in the yellow and as you can see when we're when we're when we're up training you see higher lows on this network momentum ah sorter and at some point we actually break through this horizontal and we see that that Bitcoin creates an actual in actual uptrend it bottoms out right here and creates a actual uptrend with momentum so we don't just bottom out this is bottoming out right here this is momentum being gained right here and you do see that it actually creates a nice horizontal on the Asador as you can see right here when Bitcoin breaks above it that is when you are in your proverbial bull market with momentum being gained like not we're not just talking about bottom bean and that's obviously well and far away we're talking about momentum being gained and you know it's it's time to be like in a trade the opportunity cost being in trade is great and you can see that Bitcoin you know does well for the next few years until it actually breaks back down below this horizontal level right here and what happens then that's actually when the top I mean the top was put in you know about a month prior but overall the moment for the downside was really being gained at that point in time as well we actually created a downtrend and for the next year year and a half just straight down and tell Bitcoin bottoms out it gets a higher low on this asana but remember it's not until it actually and it's not until actually crosses back above and this is where I where where I think that I i'd probably differ from the maker is that it's not until we get back above this horizont right here that held up the prior bull market where bitcoin actually puts in the bottom and starts to really love allowed in this next cycle right here which at that point in time once bitcoin gets back above this we agent that's when your momentum gets gets game once again as you can see in this region and sorry in this region right here let's match it up and this region right here actually very very very very precisely getting it and then bitcoin you know goes on to create another sport trend line right here for this next parabolic market cycle which you know boom boom boom boom for the next few years lost momentum right here between here and here massive lost momentum top being called right after that right after we break back down that same that's a the same sport trend line right here and here's a thing in the current trajectory in the current in the current market phase we've actually not gotten back above this horizontal right here so that's very strange me because you would expect that to happen when Bitcoin is gaining momentum back it back once again to the upside which I would say and I think most people would say that we are certainly gained momentum for the upside but this author actually headed down right now so are we gonna get something like this right on over here where you know we put in our first higher low and then just kind of hooks around and that's and then the next movies like your actual mega move I that's actually kind of what it looks like to me I'd like to kind of what it looks like to me to be fair but my point is that's technically also until me I should get back above this pivot right here from the past market cycle it is a little bit pretty mature be saying so what I'm looking to happen over the next few weeks is for this to curl around you know get that nice rounded out area like you see right here create another high-low and then how the next move take us above where this horizontal is right here and then that's gonna be a that's gonna accurately be getting you know this this kind of momentum as you see right on over here boom for the next three years this kind of momentum right over here for the next couple years as well that's what I have my eyes on and kind of match that up with the with the quarterly TRO and your ban smashing up which its quarterly chart in general mashing that I'll put the monthly and how that's gonna be closing and and then of course are you know are there higher time frames the picture starts to get a little bit more clear right anyways going back down to our true actual charts to our spot charts it is worth mentioning that's Bitcoin right here I mean for all intents purposes you mean if your price action trader it's it's quite literally this simple until we actually get fall through to the downside it's not appropriate to be looking for the it's not appropriate be looking at this as as anything more than just a consolidation yeah we had a local top yes that was the right call with that but we're not getting follow-through on top of that so any sort of talk going back down to the nine thousands region to the 85 my region is just we it's just it's just inappropriate until we actually until by she either take out the low of this dildo right here at ten thousand three hundred or we or we actually close below the the bottom of the range on let's get this one let's get this one right on a bit Mexico at you know at ten thousand seven hundred whichever one of those things happens then yes we can talk about you know an actual reversal to you know to those levels but for right now I it's it's looking it's looking unlikely so even though I was leaning towards that early in the week just because I mean I still stick with that it's the right call to be making earlier in the week but no that's after after watching price action unfold for a while do you feel comfortable um you know not not being short I don't wanna be short off this and this is why I say I don't like being short in an overall bull mark just like I don't be like being long and an overall bear market because most of the time you know it's gonna it's gonna bail you out during the during these more you know testing times right and when in doubt I'm always gonna go with the format with you know with the overall trend and this and this one certainly upside anyways go check outs let's go check out GBC GBC fifteen dollars yeah and still got that island top not really telling us too much about price action here here's how the weekly closed week flows has a massive spinning top or if you want to call this doji I don't care what you call it on heavy volume this this one looks the most top out of anything but this one does not seem to lead anymore it hasn't led for a long time let's actually talk about another corollary to the market let's talk about missus litecoin one thirty one spot ten so missus like when getting a great move off the lows and coming right down to our horizontal support here I don't know what timeframe I even made this on it's at 114 and in having a phenomenal reaction off that so beautiful missus like when bringing it back up once again I do believe that well I'm just gave me kind of a chance to buy right around one twenty eight and a half but I do believe that again you know I do believe that it works way back up towards one forty two and probably beyond here be bullish on missus like when what's gonna be juicy daily Stokes having a fresh cross the upside and rejecting more importantly the edge of the book sorry the edge of the bearish control zone so to me that's tell me that the bolts in the aisle girls really don't want this one to get bearish and of course breaking back above the point of breakdown is also just from a structural narrative you know while bullish for lack of a better term my point is is that missus litecoin here once again you know kind of pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps at very last second you know really did test it down here but this is why I wait foreclosures and again I've been touched this chart and I haven't just start in awhile and I mean I don't I don't look at my I don't look at like went for at any other point than when I do these videos and to see her just just briefly test down onto it and then bolt and then and then bolt back up at the damn go to reaction right there so so missus like when looking good on the weekly looks pretty damn good as well just came down to the red ten simple and bounced off that so you know fine let's look at how the monthly he's gonna be operating for for the good old miss and what's this beautiful bitch looking like yeah gonna be closing likely with some wit with a little bit of body here so she's got a nice body but I still still some hours left in the day to go but and you know anywhere above 130 and I ultimately be looking for continuations in the coming month actually monthly soaks itself looking pretty damn good here gonna be getting back and confirming back above the critical zone same thing with the RSI above the exponential here except it's already it's technically already confirmed again any any anything above about 1:30 1:31 it's gonna look good for this one here's how no we looked at the weekly what does a biweekly look like I don't think this one's appropriate to look at on a quarterly it's just not not enough price action by weekly bi-weekly strange like you go either way on that anyway so let's go check out mr. Pedro how's he doing mr. Peter all mister butor all beautiful weekly weekly closing weekly certainly a little bit weaker repulsion right here but state day still not done to me the daily looks fine the daily the daily looks exactly like Bitcoin massive moved down no fall through gets recreated on the yellow 21 x1 true an average that's mouths thats why this one's bullish if it came back down to a rant range range here is about like three eleven and a half to three twelve I you know if it comes back down there I think that probably just bounces from them and I'm gonna look at a lower time from and see if it lines up with anything yep and you can see very very obviously that it actually lines up with with actually this pivot right here so if we didn't pop back down to about anywhere between yeah about three eleven and a half will call I would be looking for a bounce there if we actually do break three eleven and a half to the downside like close to our total below there then yes I'd be looking for another move back down to about two two ninety seven and a half to two eight two two ninety eight but for right now this is you know the this this looks this looks you know and higher time frames like it wants to flow back on up again so again I don't want to get I don't wanna get lost in lower time frames but twelve hour here 12 hours toast down the whole way price action basically right back to where they were I mean that's just allowed it to reset its its looking looks looks good to me here I think it's preparing for another move back to 333 to fortyish region and probably beyond again everything kind of falls each other in this market right so I don't I I don't think I don't I don't think it's true I don't I don't think I don't think it's gonna like do its own thing but most of them are kind of looking the same right and this is like when having that great reaction does bode well I think for the rest the for the rest of the market as she had leads she has led in the past so mr.peter all is still we haven't really seen mr. buuder all lead actually here's what the multi looks like a mr. Peter all I haven't checked out this one and what do we have here monthly looking good in fact the month he's gonna be getting its its first opening close above the above the 21 x-men Truman average so longer term target gonna be about four thirty longer than that somewhere the next major areas gonna be about six seven years region actually so though you know that's what we could be looking at you know end of year type stuff right now pretty damn good monthly Stokes can be cross the upside again not as strong as the other two major assets but okay gonna be following them and month ers are gonna be having its first closure above the exponential barn any sort of major you know move down so longer-term I I you know I am bullish here I do you think that we reach towards those towards those long-term targets lower timeframes you know again it's it's like how much do you want to distract yourself off this that I think the higher time forms are quite clear anyways go down here sorry let's go on over and check out what's good let's check out let's check out link I guess we can truck we can do the other the other top check winds now link right here and then we'll get into the long-term analysis for Bitcoin and link still looking good again we came week I mean been like the biggest link moon boy for a while now I I don't even know what to say anymore it's a it's it's getting embarrassing I'm just like always borscht my own team it is great charts great charts just it's it's it's getting Riku my did here too I mean this thing's probably have another move that's so crazy Jesus Christ I wouldn't be willing to call any sort of a top on this one until until you see some sort of a major massive reversal dildo formation on at the very least a daily right here on on for our if you do want to try this one out we have a very obvious support right here at about 30,000 even you know obviously a very obvious resistance right here at about 36,000 even probably gonna spend a little bit of time flagging out in this region but so far this is very constructive once again looks looks fine to me what is card on you look like it's card on you're putting in a low or getting ready for new low as well if Bitcoin is going to if Bitcoin versus dollar is going to move up here then I would actually expect all coins to get beat up once again so do you understand that that relationship as well and we can check that on the Bitcoin dominance chart but while we're here let's look at the weekly yeah weekly for card on you're looking pretty bad volume increasing to the downside usually not a good thing looking at looking at very low timeframes probably have some bullish divergence here in fact we certainly do have some bullish divergence here so might see a pop back up to 780 ish region 800 ish region first but daily and weekly not looking so strong monthly also looking at Rochas not I'm not a fan of this chart no matter which way that you kind of cut it and again it's the Bitcoin dominus chart that's really and it's it's not just card on you it's like most all it's like 90% of all it's it's it's it's it you're an outlier if you're looking good right now Bitcoin dominus chart is actually right at resistance and is looking like it wants to back off a little bit so you know what maybe maybe I'm holding my breath on that one it probably does bounce off this region right here at about 63 and a half but that would also suggest that we get back down at 63 and a half weekly I'm still bullish on longer-term monthly I'm still very much bullish on longer-term but for right now if the monthly close anywhere above 63 then yes I'm gonna be bullish for another month but but right now lower timeframes are actually kind of backing off so that actually would suggest that that ult's are gonna do well versus Bitcoin here okay so maybe all to do do do Bo versus Bitcoin you know for a few days but higher time frames still looking quite bullish so I might have might have a little bit of a rest here let's go back to Cardona and really compare this one I really do a deep dive are we putting in a low here is this a tweezer bottoms silly tweezer bottom I can't call low on Cardoni until we actually I mean it's not even calling it low I can't even call like a genuine balance like a legitimate bounce until car Johnny O's you know closes like a daily dildo back about 8:05 satoshis are at least 800 Satoshi's yeah we could probably say at that point in time but right now it's man I'm curious what what what is another major coin look like versus Bitcoin let's look at that theorem yeah theorem brought a major supports as well so yeah probably does try to balance here again higher time frames still look very bad but you can see that mr. bule's in one massive descending triangle which typically you know more statistically likely to break up to the downside doesn't mean it always breaks out the downside but more statistically likely to and right now when we're testing supports on it doesn't look as good but you know you can see the daily right here very obviously getting you know catching up in the daily actually look like looks like it wants to work its way up so okay so I think that we do see a little bit of a break for the alts here but still higher time frames very much suspect so you know probably probably probably most alts do try some upside here you can see that mr. Budrow actually had a nice move over here against the ratio but some still longer longer term you know like months out still not the not the best picture being painted what does BMB look like BMB 34 spots 7 – ooh man catching this trend oh my god this is the Savior trend line right here not even give a about these diagonals but that one's actually been working pretty damn well and so what do we have oh yes I remember we spoke about this yesterday let's remember we spoke about this yesterday because it looks like it broke down but so we weren't getting the reaction of you know a genuine breakdown and what happens then well it's more likely that the trend you know that uh that that the true that the true way of charting this is this way so I would say that you know we probably it does look like we might come back down and test this region but I told them this it's holding this area overall pretty damn well do you think that is just gonna get reconnoitered daily looks fine and dailies actually run on right on daily support how do you think that this one works way back up with the rest of the market we do see daily Stokes headed down this whole way while while price X has been you know floating up just again just allowing it to reset we actually do even see historical volatility percentile getting down there as well so that would suggest that this is that just just been in consolidation which I would certainly agree with so I don't think that we're looking at a reversal I think that we're looking at consolidation more likely I would change that opinion if we actually broke this trend line at about thirty three and a half bucks but right now looking okay and actually just gave you know the chance to buy on exponential sport next resistance short-term right around let's call it 30 let's call it 35 and a half right here if we do break that air to the upside to be looking for another move back into this region here if towards about thirty seven and a half to $38 and with the way they were the way that the rest of market is looking probably this happened Z cash we were bullish on this one yesterday and I'd still say that that is warranted actually closing above all major movement happens yesterday this one's really fighting its way out and you know do blue this is a nice little flag right here we can make a nice measure move off this as well so take that pull and apply it and oh my god it matches up with our next horizontal right here actually just about just perfectly right around 138 to 138 to 140 regions so I do believe that so you know Z cash does make a does make a run towards that region we do see daily Stokes a week to the downside a little bit but technically are down well price tension has been flat this whole way so price actions had basically no damage done to it Stokes had just been allowed to reset again another example of that I mean this market looks most of market looks like it wants to move up be cash be cash on the weaker side for sure getting rejected by the Red Tent simple in the daily not not ideal what if some beefy look like yeah we it's certainly a laggard but if the rest of Mook if the rest if the rest of marks gonna move up this one extremely liked likely to as well major resistance right here on the weekly is 490 if 490 can be broken to the upside I'd be looking for a move towards about 600 650 region right now again a laggard but if the rest of market moves up this one will as well tron cash what strong cash doing I'm catching a bid right on the red 10 simple in the in the 50s potentials structural support and I do think that this one you know works its way up I've even looked at the lower timeframes yeah yeah catching the catch in the the 21 here overall just kind of working its way up just stairs stuff its way up and you know support right here about three spot to to upper resistance right around three spot a probably works way towards up resistance first neo cash with neo dome Neil Daly Stokes down price action flat Golden Cross confirmed above all major movie now except for the three seven seven so we probably do get another test towards twenty and a half to twenty to twenty one dollars Yass Yass looks like one spot back up in test 650 as we said yesterday holding this same trend line the same trend line that we see all across the board from what I remember Ripple me nipples same sort of trend line right here and as we said yesterday even though it kind of looked nasty even though it looks a little bit ugly well it works until it doesn't and it's still working so that's that's what I mean by that just true you know trust your tentacles you know when you're doing that work we do seem most all sodas are kind of just neutral right now not really not really anything new to talk about here as long as 40 cents hold generally okay I'm just working its way up I think longer terms still target of 52 cents and then 60 senses is still appropriate but this one you know taking his time again I'm gonna fall the rest of market what's my narrow doing my name back at 100 but oh my god this is the dildo from Hell right there that is a Dilla from hell Jesus Christ what a powerful powerful dildo my god man shout out to those who trade on Polonia axe the lack of liquidity is astoundingly scary as it's like there goes on my vocabulary she's like what do I say now I don't know man but it's really scary let's see here we do see daily soaps still down but price action flat I'm gonna say that it probably follows the rest of the market here what else we got not that strong those support is $94 resistance is about 112 the rest of Micra floats up just gonna follow that most likely stellar what stellar doing stellar popping back into the flag so do we have a little bit of a throw a throw over here if this is a throw over then this is actually gonna be massively bullish and you know what popping back up into this region right here probably does huh I mean again you know if you have to look at the rest of the market the broad market probably is giving you another chance to be buy right here yeah sorry this this 200 since we spoke about the other day very very very very very good buy a bind right there Wheatley still looks bad though weekly weekly does look bad there's there this one's a hard one to cut because a weekly does look like wants to come back down to a nine spot eight cent but it's the rest of market strong enough to pull this to pull this baby up yeah probably I mean most US market again moves with each other let's get rid of this guy here that's actually that idea is gone by the wayside so yeah stellar Sela is certainly a laggard in the market you know not not one of the strong at all strong one you want to see looking like litecoin etherium bitcoin BMB well being be not not as good of a move but really really bitcoin and litecoin stand out right now and in mr. Badal okay and actual easy cash funnily enough it's okay as well so to get back on a Bitcoin let's talk a little bit more about the long-term analysis and this is where I want to diverge myself from from some of the other from some of the other market participants as at the end of the day a lot of people are a lot of people are looking at this or sorry there's kind of like a lot of hearsay going around saying that's bitcoins gonna come back down and you know go back to its prior lows or beyond which I think it's pretty unlikely and the reason why I think that is unlikely is because just about on every time frame above a daily we do have we do have a fully fully bullish portion of all major movement averages we have golden crosses all along the board and the reason why these these things are important it's because you know longer-term BOTS and Albert's gonna be using these kind of judge their their general perspective their general strategies off of just tells you what they're doing what they're programmed with and they're and if they're on the buy side well I want to be on the same buy side of them and when we do you see this right and over here they come on above all major moving averages they're all they're all divergence away from each other and all we have all lower peered straight above higher periods and last time that we saw this in the market was sorry the lesson we saw this you know Chopin you know for the first time sorry not for the first time but the last time the last time that we saw this happen in the market when it just happened was right here you know early 2015 or sorry in late 2015 before the turn around same thing on the two day we have that same Golden Cross happening you know right here within this region and the Bitcoin getting above all major moving averages same thing you know right in this region leading on for the next three years of price action same thing with the three day you know we got the same thing going on right here the Golden Cross above all major moving averages and going back on over here you know same thing you know in this November 2015 region not only that though but if you look at this white row and it's simple this one's been a damn good indication of where we own the overall market cycle for above it generally good below it generally bad you can see this in 2014 2015 this was due doomsday here and then glory times here and then same thing right on over here doomsday here glory times here not only that but if we take it just one step further and include the yellow 21 and the white join it simple we can see that when these guys cross that's one thing that's when the party really does get started so to the upside absolutely phenomenal reaction right here to the downside absolutely dreadful reaction right here when we go back to 2014-2015 you see the same sort of thing in fact these guys crossing a little bit later in December 2015 but still getting the next few years of price action very much accurately not only that but if we do put on our sorry we can also go to them weekly as well weekly above all major moving averages and they are splayed out and they are nice and splayed out as well but if we go back to the three-day for a second and we put on the drawing tools then we can do something like this and you see this dotted trend line going all the way back to the genesis of this outlined by these red arrows we do see that this has been a great indication as well of just the overall phase and for like a more long-term accumulation how do I want to relate this just just a long like the phase of the mark that were in which judges the bias so between accumulation versus just Halloween and and and well just to be any odd precise times as well but more importantly let's just go through it and you'll probably get it through them if you don't already and when we're below this start a trend line it is a great time to be a buyer essentially now yes you know we can't you know it can stay it's a below therefore it for years at a time right as it did in 2011 or 2012 but it was all a great time the whole time to be a buyer below this region and the second that we broke above well that was that set the tone for the next I mean really like five six years but you can see that Bitcoin goes parabolic blows it off goes parabolic again blows it off and then it comes back down in basis on this same trend line all throughout 2014 to 2015 and even into 2016 as well it it it accurately guides a hole up and then Bitcoin goes on again blows off its top parabolic we ride on over there and then breaks it to the downside here this one also breaking the 200 exponential on the weekly alongside the way which was when I started to get you know that it not really changed things for me and and again same sort of same sort of reaction here great buys below this region in fact the whole way through so looking at this area right on over here and looking at this area button over here acting exactly the same once Bitcoin breaks back above it which guess what is right coinciding with the white turn it's simple and in retested many multiple times one two three four times we're within this region Bitcoin you know in glory times once again and this is setting that this is you know setting that you know setting the tone for a much longer-term longer-term time frame perspective so now taking this one step further and just adding this on to what we looked at on the tentacles on the monthly and quarterly you can start to see you know this is you know this is a lot more long-term than I think most people are really looking at not only that I mean I'm sure I'm sure a lot of people are gonna this as well not only that but we can bring up the good old Super Cup which just another just another random indicator that's not a random indicator it's decent it's it's just a conglomeration of a ton of Exponential's but what I want to show here is that so when it turns a color it typically stays that color for like years at a time going back to the BX index we can see going you know going to the genesis of Bitcoin it's been pretty accurate when it's green stays green for years when it's red stays it stays red for a long time when it's you know same thing right on over here same thing right over here same thing about on over here and more recently and more and more and more importantly we do see it turning green you know relative you know just you know basically just happened it's what I'm trying to say anyways taking that off and putting this guy back on so my point is is that if Bitcoin works you if Bitcoin works you come back down I actually don't even think it Pierce's that trendline anytime soon so it being this trendline installed a trendline here that goes all the way back to the Genesis so my point is is that I would turn back into a bear out transform back into a bear if we broke in this area right here then yes I do think it would be appropriate to talk once again but you know about returning to prior lows and perhaps beyond but for right now not so much we're well above it so I you know that's kind of that's gonna be my actionable area to be going off of that also means that if we actually strap like this going forwards the this trendline we can come up with you know potential supports for the years to come and end of year this year this support trendline would be coming in right around support tron them be coming in right around about twelve thousand so twelve thousand bucks now what if we extrapolated that just one more year one more year advanced well we can bring this out to 2021 right and what would that say the support trendline is around is thirty thousand thirty two thousand what if we do just another year towards 2022 all the way up here where this trendline beam remember this trendline can break but it usually takes a few years for this one to break up to you if you know if you've been below it for quite some time which we were this would suggest all the way at eighty thousand for 2022 what about 2023 can I even get over there no 2020 truths right here yeah eighty-four thousand yeah I can't I can't even get towards 2023 maybe we go to monthly for a second I'm curious yeah 20 23 oh my god okay it just gets too crazy I don't I don't think it's appropriate I'm gonna turn into a full-on moon boy delusions right now moon boy delusions of grandeur for anyways so I think I think while we are here might as well check out the crypto fear and greed index they changed this chart around but we are we are taking out at 78 which is extremely greedy but for whatever reason they just and they they got rid of all the history on this and we can only see this port portion now so it's actually a lot less useful unfortunately this is actually not that useful at all now it's even less few SFIL than it was before god damnit man that's awful I'm getting rid of this bitch anyways my point is is that a lot of things would have to happen for me to kind of get back into that bearish mode and nowhere near that right now and right now just looking just I mean base base off where we close this next quarterly and monthly I could be turning into a pretty massive bowl so with all of that said I do think that you know we can we can wrap up the lower timeframes once again because I guess they actually do hold some merit here but you know the the range that is and the range that kind of leads on to the domino effect of just about everything else is this right here twelve thousand four hundred twelve twelve thousand five hundred the episode will be more concerted with it twelve thousand five hundred to the upside and I'll be looking for a move you know generally just to float up but targets would be thirteen thousand four sorry thirteen thousand three or it would first be twelve sixth thirteen thousand three and then fourteen four and then sixteen thousand actually if we were to do that by the same token we do have this trend line right here although that doesn't really change anything from this consolidation just kind of an actionable area to scalp off of between this you know this zone and then this zone but if we do break it then I'd be looking for a move back down to ten thousand seven to ten thousand eight and and if that area does fail if we actually do if we actually do start closing some two out of four out Dylan's below there I would be looking for four moves back down to ten thousand nine thousand and eighty five hundred but I I'm less I'm less inclined to think that that happens here Bitcoin is is looking like it wants to pull through but again you know my opinion aside D you know these are the ones that have you know the domino effect leaned on into the other time frames so I understand the implications with those and definitely keep an eye on the court and the monthly closing tonight those are gonna you know they're gonna set the tone for the years well for really like the next half year to a year to come anyways I think that's it for me this morning I do want to wish you well in this lovely little Sunday a little bit of a little bit of a sleepless light and I for myself but I think I did I think I did say everything that I want to say I do apologist uttering and perhaps some of the brain farts here and there sometimes my brain just doesn't work as well but you know what I'm gonna go I'm keep on trying anyways and go have some coffee and hopefully that'll help anyways take care see you soon and wish you well in this lovely little Sunday


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  • Plus if you draw that trend line on a weekly on blx, it's completely different. Shows it never actually broke the trend line to the downside so there's something off with the way yours is drawn

  • Crypto Kitty says:

    Tks Krown and Elsa, great TA & Infor as always, never be sorry for the imperfect wonderful person that you are! we lov you!

  • Well if Bitcoin is at the point below that trend line and we've broken above it, doesn't that point to a different part of its cycle? I know you see it but I guess your agnosism won't let you admit. Oh well,doesn't matter. I've been asking for the matrix chart but you still don't show. Oh well krown, all well. Learnt enough from you

  • Hey Krown.
    Got an idea, when assessing alt coins whilst bitcoin is in an uptrend I think it’s important for us to chart against their Btc pairings as most of the alts will look good on the USD pairings purely because of bitcoins growth and doesn’t give us an accurate representation of the coins actual movement

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, really appreciate the way you re-explain some of the fundamentals alongside the more advanced stuff as you go along, it gives small time losers like me a chance 🙂

  • The Bitcoin Network Momentum is based on On-Chain transactions not exchange transactions (where you see huge momentum and volume) and that’s why Willy woo says this rally is not supported by on-chain volume

  • BestModern Leggings says:

    who do you think is going to buy bitcoin for 100K ? no one thats right because thats insane. No sane person with 100k lying around would do that.

  • haha your brain works fantastic for a sleepless night. I was actually just wondering during the video how you could speak uninterruptedly for 58min. Great job again!
    Did you make a video about tax and expatriation? would be very interested to have your take on these.

  • Thank you! Well done! Your language of expletives has improved dramatically. You are the best analyst I’ve seen and I have no doubt there will come a day where you will have well above 100,000 followers. Stuttering n such is irrelevant. It ads to your charm!

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