REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions


47 thoughts on “REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions”

  • Almost impossible to hit 80k, wait for another sale by whales around 9k price will drop severely, and like usual small investors lose their money

  • The coin to watch out for is KCB…Karatbars International will be launching their new cryptocurrency that's backed by physical gold! Wanna make some awesome profits…then buy KCB coins.

  • Roy Wessbecher says:

    We haven't even hit $10K yet – booooring!
    It needs to go up $10K/month, then maybe take a breather after the halvening.
    Then keep on truckin' upwards till it reaches Gold's market cap…
    Then work on escape velocity – towards the moon… 😎
    But that's still only price action, which is always just an incidental thing, a side-effect of something bigger.

  • Jönni Heinistö says:

    Now Crypto Daily will you please tell me the exact moment to all in 100x? Just ask the crystal ball.

  • I hope it goes high enough to where I can retire, but not quite so high that we get to see McAfee honor his bet.

  • honky tonk honkler says:

    We are gonna get one more pull back kiddos into the 6s if we are lucky .. 5s even.. after we pop to near 10k

  • Peter Petrov says:

    Ahahahhahaha! Crypto Daily is a genius! So many awkward questions and NO ANSWERS! How do we come up with more questions? What was that bird's name at 4:57? Why is Verge pumping? Is the guy at 3:57 a terrible father?yes, But why am I so happy to see that? Pffft, I don't know. (he is probably a gr8 driver though).


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  • I don't care if it goes to Zero dollars, so long as blockchain technology is adopetsd. I love this ecosystem and the money is not a priority. People should stop asking for more money they clearly don't love the tech.

  • Cameron Bowes says:

    Not to be an ass on this guys channel just saying something general about crypto.

    You know if bitcoin goes to 10k million trillion people are gonna sell it, simply waiting for another more opportune time to buy, and it'll dip just as crazy as before. The market is shallow and the price is volatile right? The only and I mean only thing that could change that is adoption being widespread enough for a cryptoing or the abandonment of fiat for decentralized crypto. That's the only point of no return. My belief is that we will get many chances so why risk fucking up everything on just one of those?

  • The biggest problem is there is no patent. So anyone can create a cryptocurrency. Which is what we have today. Hundreds of different ones. And many are much better than bitcoin from an actual user/business/technology perspective.

    The energy needed to verify a transaction is also insane. And if anyone thinks governments are going to sit around and watch bitcoin and other crypto’s facilitate tax evasion and criminal activity has been smokin some good sh$t.

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