Quick Cryptocurrency Overview: Waves (WAVES)

Quick Cryptocurrency Overview: Waves (WAVES)

hello and welcome to this quick cryptocurrency of a review video of waves so it was actually voted in my Twitter poll as visible here so I do create those every now and again so feel free to vote in them and the winner is gonna be covered in my video and this time it's waves so what is wifes it's a decentralized financial trading platform and it's built on its own blockchain with custom tokens as the main feature they also ensures their own token called waves and that's actually used as a fuel on the platform and it's used for every activity that involves fees all the fees are being paid in waves they actually had an IC o—- character in April 2016 and they raised about sixty million dollars which was quite a lot of money back then and what they also do they offer fiat currencies on the platform such as US dollar zero or Chinese currency and they have a collaboration with compliant partners to kind of make that happen so they do a lot of things instead of technology all of those things are being done on the waves client and what that client is it's a wallet the centralized exchange and tool used to create new tokens and it's designed for mass adoption in mind so the yeah so basically quite easy to use and you know they're making sure it's as simple as possible so the actual is the multi currency wallet so we can hold not only waves in it but also any wave only tokens that are built on the waves blockchain are the actual waves this interests exchange enables trading of any of those custom tokens again any other custom tokens or actual wave tokens and the custom token feature allows anyone to issue and manage their own digital tokens as well so if you want to create your own token for your own shop you can simply do that on the waves blockchain it's very easy to do very simple so we are already trying to do they're trying to become user friendly and widely adopted technology with the waves light client and that kind has an interface designed to resemble traditional on a banking interfaces and he also has additional features like interest rate and currency mining feature if you want to use them I can actually add other cryptocurrencies as well so for example bitcoins can exist on the waist blockchain as a token called waves Bitcoin and what happens is that token is base is backed one-to-one with actual real bitcoins in the wallet in terms of value some pretty interesting and cool system if you think about it there are several additional features counting in development some of those are rapid changes system so obviously we can come and keep reputation to people encrypted messenger and the centralized voting so pretty cool features have been developed as well so waves is more available on variety of Westerner exchanges but it's missing from some of the big ones and it's not so not available or any of the Eastern exchanges as far as I know in terms of the volume most of it goes through ty decks Yabut and bit tricks and the current price as a beginning of October is around $5 obviously that's gonna change quite quickly and the cryptocurrency is being ranked on 17th place in terms of actual market cap so in the last few months the price has been quite steady but has been changing between 550 and 350 dollars but still compared to some of the other currencies it's been quite stable actually and the all-time high is about 650 dollars in terms of the unique aspects obviously we have to look at the custom tokens because they're fairly easy to use and there are already very big projects using them so we have the likes of mobile go wager and cent and primal base those are like the biggest tokens that were issued on the way to blockchain the other unique aspect is the fact that the actual platform is quite unique so what they're trying to do – trying to do one for everything platform and that means it's multi currency wallet the centralized exchange custom token system I was mining and interest while also working with fiat currencies so everything you want as a per unit thing and itself and the actual plant features that the prior to release should take waves even further and pretty much make it the only app that you would need for your cryptocurrency needs so it's pretty cool if you think about it so my verdict wise so I think waves has been recently very under the radar so there wasn't that much trading of it their actual volume was quite low and nobody was really talking about waves recently or even now but I think the potential is absolutely there because they already have a working product and hull of future exciting features plant as well those which are included I guess a new interface messengers mod signatures smart contracts so something very very important it could be a potential you know potential something that could tackle a serum as well and there was of you know having competition and me Fiat encrypted currency in gateway smart contracts could be a big deal in the future the current leg irregularity I can't even read that word per the current obviously government problem the government having problems of centralized exchanges should certainly boost the usage of the centralized one which is obviously waves it's a decentralized exchange so it can be closed down that easily if the government wanted to do so like the centralized can be and that's but not least you know it just seems to be like a promising long-term hold because of development it's quite active and that there does seem to be quite a lot of cool stuff planned the overall should certainly boost the actual wave platform quite significantly so yeah seems like a pretty decent long-term hold it's probably not gonna make you extremely rich but it does seem to be like a pretty safe investment from that point of view that's waves for yeah pretty cool um yeah like I said I've got a bunch of social media you can follow me on and I'm gonna be making those posts on Twitter so feel free to follow me on there if you want to get involved and kind of vote for what you want me to cover thank you very much for watching I always appreciate that and see you next time subscribe for more thank you


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