well so guys it's kellene today I've got another make a video for you so I just recently did a video with this new background it's new lighting situation and I want to see if you guys liked it if you wanted to get more native videos you seem to respond very positively to it which I was very excited about so I figured I would try again this time doing a tutorial that you guys have been requesting a lot recently I don't always do this purpley eye makeup the same way it's like one of my really more dramatic looks I figured I would just do some variation of it on camera so you guys could see how I did it so if you're interested you keep watching all right so I'm going to start off by filling in my brows I'm using this color pop brow color in the color bang in brunette and I do use them till March for lips just because I feel like it's just the perfect shape I do not have a good route brush if you guys have any suggestion definitely let me know but I also realized that at this angle it looks like one of my brows each huge and the other one is just really small it is not the case it's just because I'm sitting at an angle next I'm going to take my Maybelline concealer in the color light pale and I actually use this instead of an eyeshadow primer just because I find that it helps a little bit better and it also gives you more even coverage and then I'm going to take my luck C Round Top Blender and I'm just going to blend that in then I'm going to go in with my NYX love contours all pallet which one is that's with and it's morphe the 13 brush and I'm just going to put that all over my lid just to set that concealer that same palette I'm going to take my Sigma e-40 brush and a slightly purplish sort of neutral color and I'm just going to start to use that to carve out my crease so in my last video I did speed up doing my eye shadow a little bit but you guys asked me to slow down so I'm going to show you guys in real time the eye shadow the stuff that I have done before I'm just going to probably speed up a little bit but anyway I'm going to take my morphe and 330 brush and the slightly darker purple and then I'm going to go in and search it you can the crease and again it's really just a matter of just blending like over and over again for a really long time which is why I cut some parts out but basically I just go over and over it until it starts to blend out a little bit so obviously it's not really going to turn out totally perfect because this isn't necessarily a blending brush it's more of just for me for putting on the color in that crease area so it doesn't look perfect yet it looks maybe a little crazy but I promise it's going to be fixed by the end of it so I'm going to take my Urban Decay full spectrum palette and the color delirious glutton delirious and I am just using the blending brush that came with this palette I'm obviously a huge palette person I do buy palettes over individual colors just because I feel like you get so many more colors I'm also going to use the other side of that blending brush to just sort of blend in that crease area so it's not such a harsh line so now I'm going to take this fluid eyeshadow it's called pure metal valves from the brand absolute New York this is in the color of champagne and it's actually really hard to tell on camera but it is a really beautiful cream eyeshadow and it has a really nice shimmer to it and I'm going to actually use this as a base for the shimmery gold that I'm going to put over that part of my eyelid now I'm actually going to go in with the highlighter color from the love contours all valid and I know that it is a highlight but I'm absolutely obsessed with using it as an eyeshadow just because I feel like one the color payoff is absolutely incredible and two it's just so incredibly shimmery it's beautiful so I'm going to pack that on over the liquid eyeshadow that I just used and I'm using this morphe brush anytime you see me using a blue morphe brush that means i do not know the name of it I try not to use them in my videos but I don't have that many brushes so sometimes I do have to use it so I'm sorry about it I should probably just invest in another set of brushes but anyway I'm going to just blend that out slightly and then I'm going to take this color pop super shock shadow which I'm obsessed with it's the color dare I wasn't even at like I don't even know what compels me to buy it because this isn't generally a color I would go for but as soon as I put it on I was like oh my gosh is amazing it's got this incredible shimmer to it I'm just applying it with my finger because that's what it's suggest doing for this type of eyeshadow but it really honestly makes this purple color pop so well it's so beautiful and I really do love it then I'm going to take that same brush that I was using before for the purple and I'm just going to use that to sort of blend out just to make sure that my crease is still purple and it doesn't have any of that shimmer on there I didn't add any additional color to the brush I'm just sort of blending out right now so now I'm going to go back in with my new club contours all that obviously I have an obsession with this palette it is there just so many good colors in it but anyway I'm going to take my Sigma e30 brush and I'm going to just pack on the black color in the corner and then a little bit in my crease I know it's totally not blended right now I promise I will be blending it in oh look right now so I am taking a cleanup brush and I'm just blending that in and then I'm going to go back in with a purple color again just to sort of blend that out a little bit better okay so now we're moving on to my face I'm using my hourglass of minerals el primer and I am going to speed this part up and probably some other face stuff just because if you watch my last video it's mostly the same products again I'm using my chart foundation in the color light beige and then I am going to use this fluffy brush just to blend it in again I know I look super pale because I have some dark freckles and I do get rid of those a little bit and my skin underneath is super pale so that's why I use this foundation color then I'm using the same concealer that I used before in light pale and I'm going to put that underneath my eyes and then also I have a couple of just little spots that are just darker freckles that I want to cover up just for this look and I'm going to blend that all in with the same blender brush so I'm going to take this Ben Nye neutral set powder and my lucky angled blender brush and I'm going to put that on pretty heavily underneath my eyes and got a ton of my hair and this is me cracking up because that doesn't normally happen of course it would have it on camera and I am going to just blend that in and then I'm also going to just wipe the remaining powder onto my face just to set that foundation and then I'm going to take this angled top of her blush brush from Luxy again and I'm going to mix these two contour shades in the love contours all palette and I'm just making a little bit of a darker contour again a couple people suggest that in my last video that I just get a little bit more dramatic with carving out my face a little bit now I'm going to take this Sigma spotlight powder and my Sigma f50 brush and this was just like a random freebie that I got with a purchase and I didn't know if it was really a blush or more of a bronzer or anything like that but I really loved the color so I did throw it on there as a blush and then I'm going back in with that same highlight color that I used as an eyeshadow and I'm just going to put a little bit above my cheekbones just as a nice little highlight now I'm going to take my Sephora I pencil and this is in the color black lace it's just their matte black one and I'm going to line my waterline and then I'm also going to do the top which is me closing my eye and just sort of rubbing the pencil begging for just to try to get that to work I'm going to take my e25 Sigma brush and to start purple again and I'm just going to smoke that out underneath my eye I'm also going to use that same purple color and that same brush just to sort of smudge it out all over my eye just to make sure that everything is a little bit more seamless and then I'm going to go ahead with that highlight color again and I'm just going to put that on the inner corners of my eye and sort of just run it along the bottom of my eye until it blends in a little bit nicer with that purple then I'm going to take my still a liquid liner in the color intense black which is just hit a black one and I'm going to make some wings next I'm going to take some mascara and this is just by the brand Maui I'm not even sure how I came across this but I don't really have any like favorite mascara right now I feel like they all sort of do the same thing I really love any of them so I'm just using any random one from like my drawer of mascaras alright so now I'm just drawing on some fake lashes which I cannot do on camera because it's just impossible I don't actually wear lashes for most day-to-day things I really just wear them for my videos and then I'm taking this color pop ultra matte with the lippy in the color MIDI and this is one of my favorite liquid lips in the world I just feel like the color is so perfect and I just really like it but yeah so just applying that and that is actually the full look like I said I don't do it exactly the same every time I just like to have fun just playing around with different ways to achieve different looks so yeah this is just one of the many add looks that I love doing alright and that is this is video I hope you guys enjoyed it definitely give it a thumbs up if you want more make a tutorial I'm thinking I could do this clean eye makeup full sized recently been doing next so you guys want to do that give it a thumbs up we need comment let me know what you think let me know what I can improve on how I can get this up and you guys got this both of you Twitter type



  • disgusting trash says:

    Thank you so much for this video I needed an eye look for my Wintergaurd show and this is PERFECT💖💖💖💖💖

  • Okay Miss Kelli. I am completely stupid when it comes to makeup. I worked with teenage boys for 8 years in a facility so I didn’t wear makeup at all. Now I have been promoted to case manager and work with families and other agencies and I have been wearing more makeup. However I am on a severe budget and am still using like powder, foundation, and eye shadows that don’t show up. I want to transition out of that but I have no clue about contour palates or how to use them. I also have no clue about what color to put in my crease and all that. Could you do a video explaining that please? I want to look pretty fresh at work and I do the best I can but I feel outdated. You rock !

  • Amy lynne Moses says:

    Ahhh! Totally doing this tomorrow!! Never thought of purple n gold together for some reason. Sooo purdy! I need that purple from color pop!

  • i love your nail vids and i've been watching them for like 2 years or something but i'm really starting to get more into makeup and i absolutely love your videos because they're like the type of thing i could actually do! i know this comment is kinda late but please do more of them!

  • IndoEiréannGirl says:

    Hi Kelli! Love this look a lot as purple is my most fav. colour in the whole wide world!!! 💜💜💜 I was wondering if you could do a cut crease eyeshadow application tutorial using purple based colours sometime, I'd LOVE to see how to do that with your wonderfully detailed explaining style. Until then… I live in hope!😋😜😉💜🙋🏻😊

  • you make contouring look so easy! thanks for listing all the brushes too, that's super helpful, I never know if what I have will work

  • OH MY GOD THAT IS SO PRETTY. AMAZING JOB GIRL. I wish I was good with makeup. I know it takes practice, but it's fine I don't want to take the effort.

    (I've been commenting on a lot of videos… it's fine). (Subscribed just today and binge watching… I love this girl she's so cute)!

  • my favorite brush for brows is Sephora Brand Must-have angled liner 90. it's hard enough, but soft enough and the angle makes it easy to make perfect brows. plus the thickness of it isn't too thick


  • Just found your channel, you're so great at nails and makeup! This is just the excuse I've needed to try out color pop cosmetics I've been meaning to.

  • Thank you very much for the video! The eye make up is gorgeous! Thank you for showing detailed how you did it! Loved the video!

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