European Central Bank sends Italy a warning over debt

The European Central Bank says that challenges to financial stability in the eurozone have risen amid risks to growth from trade tensions, and warns that indebted governments such as Italy could run into trouble if they don’t heed rules limiting debt and deficits The warning in an ECB report released Wednesday comes as Italy’s populist government is challenging […]

Financial Reporting exam technique: cash flows and interpretations

Hi, my name’s Gemma and I’m a subject specialist at BPP. Welcome to this presentation on Paper F7, Financial Reporting focusing on how we’re going to tackle question three in the exam which covers cash flows and interpretations. So, what are we going to cover during this session? The first thing is that we’re going to do is […]

Is It Safe To Give Out eBay And PayPal Passwords? How To Protect Your eBay Store!

Hey guys this is Neil Waterhouse Received an email from Jaclyn Parsons asking . . . “Is it safe to give out your password for eBay and PayPal to a new virtual assistant in the Philippines?” Well… the short answer is yes however…. you must be aware of how to protect yourself. First of all… we’ve been using […]

20.09.2019: USD weighed down by world’s central banks monetary policies (USDX, JPY, USD, AUD)

Massive weakening of the US dollar became the main driving force in the Asian-Pacific session in the last trading day of this week. The optimistic news on Brexit and easing trade tensions between the US and China gave hope to the market participants. However, the escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East are reducing appetite for risk among […]