Best Barter Items Cash Stockpile For Preppers- Prepping Items to Hoard

best barter items and cash stockpile for preppers what to barter when to barter how to barter emergency survival situations why stockpile cash Prepping supplies must have hi it’s AlaskaGranny Prepper in an emergency situation you may have stockpiled all kinds of supplies dollar tree prepping but sometimes we can’t think of everything that we might need and […]

Bank of Korea freezes key interest rate at 1.5% for August

South Korea’s central bank has kept its key interest rate unchanged for August…. explaining some of the reasons behind its decision. Ko Roon-hee has more. The Bank of Korea has frozen its benchmark interest rate at one-point-five percent for the ninth consecutive month. The central bank has been maintaining its key rate since November last year… when it […]

Blockchain Basics – Blockchain Structure by University at Buffalo #3

Here is the basic structure of a blockchain. Transaction is the basic element of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Transactions are validated and broadcast. Many transactions form a block. Many box form a chain through a digital data link. Blocks go through a consensus process, to select the next block that will be added to the chain. Chosen block is […]