[Crypto Today] 5/8 #Blockchain_news #Blockchain #News #Cryptocurrency

welcome to cryptid today I'm Clara broadcasting live from Seoul we have breaking news today coming from – that – hepta for 7,000 Bitcoin we'll look at the news more in detail hackers stole more than 7,000 Bitcoin from crypto exchange finance finance announced that a large-scale security breach was discovered earlier on May 7th finding that malicious […]

Warum steigt Bitcoin aber nicht mein Altcoin?

[Musik] so teilt sich wieder herzlich willkommen jetzt neuen ausgabe der bitcoin analyse am montag ich hoffe du bist natürlich gut in die woche gestartet und wir werden hier jetzt wieder zusammen einen blick auf den bitcoin werfen sozial sehr spannend und die debatten um täter und mit phoenix gehen weiteres kursieren jetzt schon seit klopp ich heute […]

KIDS BEING TAUGHT BITCOIN IS BAD IN SCHOOL! Bitcoin getting unfair treatment on all levels!

so I'm asked you a question what would you do right if you had a kid who went to school bragged at school to her friends or teachers and everybody there that my dad mines Bitcoin invest in cryptocurrency does a cryptocurrency YouTube channel she herself owns her own crypto she knows about crypto and so on so […]


load up those massive ho Pyung bongs and get ready to take a massive rip this one is going to kill your lungs ladies and gentlemen because I want to talk to you about the Ichimoku cloud you can hear me getting pumped up in this video already now you guys know that this is one of my […]

$5500 antes dos $6500? Ficar em BITCOIN ou migrar para ALTCOINS?

[Música] olá crypton maníacos o bitcoin vem encontrando resistência pouco abaixo da faixa dos 5 mil 800 dólares ele recentemente formou o topo duplo e agora sinaliza pra gente quais serão os próximos passos inclusive para os aldeões então se você está nesse momento confuso sobre permanecer em bitcoin ou comprar out coins e vice-versa talvez esse vídeo […]

🔴Bitcoin About To SMASH 2019 Price High! Fidelity, CFTC, & Amazon Crypto News!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron today we're gonna jump right in I want to talk about the latest and greatest pieces of news going on in crypto right now we have some news coming out of fidelity cftc Amazon and of course our continued macro analysis long-term outlook perspective all that […]