OWN | BlockchainBrad | Blockchain based Next Gen. Digital Investment Platform | Stock Exchange News!

OWN | BlockchainBrad | Blockchain based Next Gen. Digital Investment Platform | Stock Exchange News!

hello it's Brad Laurie or blockchain Brad and today once again I'm honored to speak with Sascha Raksha he is the CEO of own networks – thank you very much mate for being you thanks Brad always a pleasure I've talking to you likewise mate now for those who don't know own network is really truly all about a new digital investment platform we're gonna dig deep in this update to find out more of what's Ash and his team have been doing and but let's starts out with that that mentioning of the slogan because obviously that's really important that's what drives the whole system that you represent as the CEO now your power blog blockchain that's less important now that we've really moved into the doing you're looking at the pragmatics and what that engine can do so investment platform that's the big part do you want to give us a rundown on what it means specifically to represent investments for the for the future yeah absolutely Bret our visions always been to improve the fundraising and the and the funding cycle for SMEs for small to medium enterprises that was the ultimate vision when you started two years ago because again we saw an opportunity or a need for SMEs around the world you have you know so many private businesses and they all have funding needs they all have investor and shareholder needs yet they're massively under service there are no standard platforms there's no standard technology they have to go to the bank we see private equity and all that and we felt there needs to be a change for the businesses and the issues ultimately at the same time we're seeing a lot of trends around kind of neo brokers and we saw them so neo brokers are the ones like you know Robin Hood's or the guys in the Netherlands and all that and they make investment really fun and interesting so you can invest in the stock market and you can invest in really really big companies but they do it in a fun way what we try to do is or what we're trying to do is combining the two so we're focusing on servicing for the issuer making it simpler more efficient and cheaper for them to basically raise money and and get funding and get shareholders and at the same time we want also reduce the friction for the investors getting onto these platforms and that's all what so really you know as you said it's all it's all kinds of investors as well and I'm gonna dig into that with regard to retail investors specific enterprise and business investors – you really do cater for the whole gamut the whole suite of investors for this platform now when it comes to the securitized element when it comes to tokenize elements that's where the blockchain really does bring values so my apologies for suggesting at any point that we bought time isn't relevant it really is but it's the engine that sits underneath we want to under the surface of this now the emerging business that you're doing so with regard to the slogans I really did want to talk to you about these because these are quite new one of them comes up on your new website that says life's too short for bad investments so that maybe the team have come up with ideas like back backing the hottest companies on their own platform another statement was make money for life equity without the entry barriers so these things are really coming forward now as mentors as slogans for you as a company so you want to talk to us about those concepts in essentially with regard to you know why you have such confidence in these statements to say that you can really in franchise really change the game when it comes to investment yeah I mean what we know from the past is when we manage publicly listed companies and large businesses and IPOs and these sort of things is that most of the investments are for you know a very old demographic yeah so if you look at the stock market and who participates in the stock market it's very old it's usually white males you know predominately American investing in the stock market and then you have the crypto space right and the crypto space is really young and energetic but it lacks kind of the recognition and the compliance and a lot of protection for investors so when you combine the two you you look at where would young people Millennials invest in they would back probably you're caught the coffee shop next door they would back you know and a start-up or a really really kind of cool brand it isn't necessarily on the stock market and so we thought how can how can someone young that wants to invest get into private businesses that are not yet on the stock market startups you know or just companies they see every day every day here and there and that's why we created own and those slogans should reflect that that you can basically support your local business you can support a business that is sustainable that fits what you're doing and where you like the management team and all that and they might not be as big as you know to be able to be listed on the stock market but they equally have funding needs and they're equally quite big in some cases rather and in that respect as if I can jump in I remember speaking to you last time and the market share for the SMEs as well is substantial when we talk about its value and the kind of potential that this alliance could be for own as well because there's an immense amount of money within that SMA sort of business frame yeah absolutely I mean ninety nine percent of the businesses globally are private business I've mentioned that a few times and they have funding needs and they have shared our investment needs but they have no single platform and our aim is to be that single platform and that's what we're doing in Europe unfortunately you have to say at the moment regulation and compliance and to onboard these businesses is quite costly it takes time and we're pushing the boundaries in terms of improving that and making it quicker and simpler and cheaper for businesses and once our businesses are live and their lists they're basically listed we want investors to have a really really good gamified fun experience to invest but equally have the protection so that they understand it's a regulated vehicle it's compliant they are protected and the business is actually doing what they're saying which is really really important and which doesn't exist with ayios and I see right exactly and obviously and we've talked about this before you're such a proponent and stickler for regulation right from the outset with your own platform and for those businesses that work with you you know the due diligence process of rigorous you know with regard to the reasons why someone you know may want to use the platform one of the things that own Network standby with regard to breaking the reasoning down there's six that you have things like access personalize it's personalized and we'll talk about why affordable you have cool tools equity and perks so obviously there's a lot and if people want to know more they can certainly go and look at these individually but how would you sum up these points in terms of the reasoning for why this this platform as owned says rocks or you know is so relevant and is so you know innovative well well the one I mean why is it personable because you know when businesses come to us and they want to do an sto and they want to do an issuance with us we assign a dedicated personal project manager to them a person a real human they can talk to and as you know bread there are a lot of kind of platforms and they claim I'll you know we've got the technology solution you can do your you can do tokenization and all that tokenization is the simplest form you can do that on a spreadsheet you can basically just set up a few tokens you can do it on a spreadsheet and all that the tech is actually you know I don't want to downplay it but it's it's you know something you need but it's not the differentiator and fast the differentiator is we actually personally engage with these businesses we talk to them we hand told them we explain to them what they need in terms of regulatory approvals we explain to them how you created prospectus what sort of marketing and you know advisory functions you need and we handhold them from start to end through the process and we had to do it because there was simply no service and no company that would do this and because we've initially focused on the tech alone but we've seen that really is a differentiator compared to other platforms and that we actually speak to these businesses and equally we want to apply a light touch for the investors so once our issuance is in office alive we want really that kind of personal engagement in communication so the team has done most of that in in the last few months and it's it's a lot of work because you have to speak to everyone and but I think we feel it's worth it because that only gives us the assurances that those are good businesses sound businesses and we can also add value to the right well in the future though with regard to this Sasha is that how do you scale though you know obviously you take that so seriously you want to make sure the due diligence is there but how do you make sure that also that you can cope with you know the real interest as you start to build into the rest of the year and beyond there's a me a lot more companies no doubt that want to utilize your platform how will you cope with doing this kind of rigor rigorous analysis and this rigorous support as you said to personalize yeah we we want to automate as much as possible so at the moment because the sto space is so young and so fresh and so new there are no real standard product so how do you do inequity as to you how do you do a hybrid sto with the utility token or something like that so the coins were working through having to explore a lot of that with us for the first time but we've seen standards and we're seeing patterns over the next 6 to 12 months we're productizing standardizing a lot of these things so we can reduce reduce the incorporation costs we can reduce the regulatory costs we can reduce the legal costs it's all about automating these things but at a minimum we need to make sure that we have these kind of standard processes and standard products people can choose from and because it's so new as I mentioned before we're still working through that but hopefully till the end of the year we will have two or three box standard products that are priced the same that people can pick up and most of it can be done self-service online that's that's all immediate and what's interesting too with your new website and if though for those who haven't looked at it it is a new website that they own network have designed it's very user friendly and it's very much product driven and service driven you have really clear icons there as well socially with regard to for those who were looking at investment for those who are looking at raising capital you want to talk us through while you made this switch into that pragmatic sort of access through the platform visually through that interface because it really is like that it really is clear that there are different parts that I can access when I look at this site and I have those choices you know right there if I wanted to run my own business for example through Network yeah I mean it's constant iterations and we ask ourselves every week how can we simplify our messages how can we explain to people what we do in a simple form I mean we with crypto and blockchain community you're coming from a very very sophisticated technology centric kind of community but we're pitching towards small to medium businesses that might even struggle with a website now so these sort of people you need to explain what are you doing you know we're helping you with your fundraising yeah at the same time we also want to cater towards investors and we know that the Millennials and the younger generation you know their their attention span is much much quicker they want speedy information speedy things so we have to constantly reiterate and change I mean even even our fast platform and some of our service stuffs are already looking a little bit dated even though they've only been developed I think that's funny because it's a yeah yeah so we're constantly reiterating and really telling ourselves could we do this simpler could we reduce steps could we really make this quicker and more efficient and that's an everyday cycle in process right okay so I really you get it for the needs of the militant like I said for the current times now breaking it down to those two sectors business and investor that's one thing I wanted to better understand with regard to benefits as well first let's start with business and for those who are literally trying to utilize your platform to better their business things like launching new fundraising providing that full stack of service from the issuance all the way through to the investor management instant liquidity building in a CRM tool system as well so there's a lot of reasons why you would want business perhaps want to you know move into your model doing a talk to us a bit more about you know your view on benefits for business to integrate yeah well the benefits are simple first of all it's cheaper which is a big benefit for business you get access to a whole new demographic which is a big sell we have a lot of businesses they are you know they are mature businesses they have aging shareholders they have aging investors and they want to appear fresh or they want to do something different they need to move into digital they understand that the online world is the future where they can sell their services I'm talking about kind of medium sized businesses that are you know they're specialists they're really powerhouses globally but they're quite unknown with kind of the younger generation and they have a need to really improve that and we're giving them the tools and the procedures to really appear much more digital savvy but also to be more quicker more flexible and all that and fundraising and and shareholder management is a complicated process it's very very manual at the moment it's very very regulatory and compliance heavy there's hefty regulatory and compliance costs if you do an IPO and you go to the stock market it's it's crazy and our view is that it shouldn't be you know it can be about investor protection it can be about issuer protection and issuer focus but it should also be much cheaper and you know an investor in Asia should be able to invest in Europe without any borders without getting a bank account or a brokerage account it should be just like you know in the crypto space where you can get a token here and there that should be the speed that's what we're aiming at but within a regulated compliant environment right and you make a good point of that and you always as we've said before you've always maintained that respect for regulatory you know for for rules for compliance measures globally regardless of jurisdiction now investors let's flip this on its head for a moment now if someone wants to participate let's say but they don't have a business of their own you cater for them through your model through the blockchain and you allow for instant connections as you said flexible share options is another thing and then you have a really user-friendly dashboard so if I'm someone for example who wants to engage at that level what's the benefit for me in this respect session you know you know why why optimize the blockchain and use this system to take part perhaps you know I share in a business well well you can invest in a business you know that would have maybe done an IPO but didn't want to and you as a retail investor you have actually you're actually able to invest I mean if you participate in a large-scale IPO you have the institutional investors that get basically the first you know right of refusal to participate and then you have an oversubscribed retail base and usually people lose out so you know if you do an uber I see you know if you if you look at the U by P or lyft or Spotify or whatever and the average retail investor cannot participate so we're trying to improve that obviously on a smaller scale with private businesses but we want local businesses that you can touch and feel and retail investors that might be able to relate to them more than the General Motors or the IBM s or whatever and and and have a chance to invest because they like the management team they like the founders they believe in this story and they agree yeah it's a start-up there's a risk but I really want to support them with a few hundred dollars and growth that's our vision and and really just opening up the narrative you're giving more people more access quite sincerely Sasha because of this platform and essentially you're changing the the current scenario where it's predominantly white color as you said and we're really allowing for those Millennials to have a voice when it comes to decision making for their own investments in their own future there are obviously other platforms as well that exist of light design where people can obviously access their system there might may be a register I don't know but formula to your knowledge there any blockchain based systems like yours and if so what sets you apart from any other like system that may exist now that there are good companies that do what we do and again the space is huge I know you know crypto has this tribalism approach where you know my tech is better than yours and that's why your crap and this kind of stuff which we don't really sign up to but what sets us apart is the experience so we have managed hundreds of thousands of companies in the past we understand the whole servicing site we own our own technology and funnily enough with our name so you know we build our own blockchain which is specifically geared towards securities and speed we have the whole application stack which we own and we have that network to basically make it happen and you know we're learning by doing with helping these businesses to fundraise we have really good partners that can help throughout the process incorporation legal attacks and and and and regulatory we have the regulatory contacts and engagements can help businesses with the end-to-end process and and honestly as well so it's very clear that you're understanding that all those different points because they are perhaps arguments for what does set you apart just a degree of experience you have with your team the kind of context you had pre blockchain you really brought into this as well and certainly just the ability to transform your platform by having your own blockchain that's a big deal very few have that and can they usually lend the technology from other sources you know the other blonde chain infrastructures you've done everything from scratch and that makes you quite unique in that respect as well now with regard to verticals and sectors you're quite abnormal you did a red flag but that's outlined on your website but for the most part you are open to business really for anyone but specifically you focused on the nest and me that small business sector as well are there any current verticals you really want to mention that you really focused on because they seem to be the starting point and and they're driving a lot of interest um I think I mean one of the big focus fastest sustainable companies so that there's a big focus so companies that try to do the right thing that focus in renewable energies that focus on you know climate improvements or the climate change issue and so we're really focused on helping tone both these sort of companies and businesses because again they need a platform down there in the public eye and they are not you know the biggest polluters are all publicly listed companies right right and with companies well I'm not saying private companies are better but there are a lot of great green sustainable businesses that we just simply want to help so that's one area and because that feels these companies will make a difference and we should support them people should invest in them and they will they'll do good the others are just general startups that have maybe a new tech approach or they have a new approach to process improvements so there's a lot of companies like that and again those are heavy betting processes I think 99% of those businesses fall through the cracks and we we wouldn't unbought them and then what funnily enough what really excites me are the really kind of boring I'm saying boring in you know kind of like brackets right boring but they're kind of global heavyweights they're global players and we have a few of these companies we're talking to so their market leader in their domain but they do like you know they do nott coatings or they do like special framework designs or like wood crafting or something but they're like the best of the best and I always get really excited when I talk to them because wow you just don't you just don't know they exist but they're really really good they're specialized they're really successful but they're not in the public eye so they really excite me I know you've always been like that too with regard to quality you know you don't necessarily want the quantity of our projects or of startups but you want their quality to be really representative of your own ethos so are there any other partnerships perhaps or any other enemies that really stand out you know you're alluding to some of these specialized SMEs but you know by name there any that you can mention just as some examples of the kinds of companies that really have attract being attracted by the offering that your platform provides yeah I mean the two guys that we have yet that we are listing now I'm in verse review and and project crowd you know project crowd is about freelancing and they're flipping the whole freelance process on its head they're launching a very very sophisticated token structure I can't give any detail about what they're launching because it's going through the regulatory and legal process which is annoying because it takes such a long time and I know our community are kind of restless and impatient in that sense right yeah it's just once once these things have regulatory approval you know all the details will be shared but until then it's it's a bit frustrating that we cannot share much yeah so those are innovative companies that we're supporting that we're helping to unboard at the moment and we have a number of you know really really good businesses in there in the pipeline which we'll also be launching in the next few months or you know again it depends on the sales process that the onboarding timelines nor that but of course I'm not going to mention any names no no and you know I'll dig ok so especially with regard to that though let's obviously you're not willing to give any names and won't get more out of you but with regards to the future in terms of insurance I did want to find out more are you finding it easy with regard to people coming to your door you know is there a lot of interest from the outside-in or do you have to do a lot of PR do you have to you know go on outsource interests as a team we don't do much PR to be honest and just simply we just don't have the funding mechanisms to do much because you can waste a lot of money on on PRS with with kind of strange outcomes but I think once we've done the first one or two and we feel the model is working and all that we will do a lot of kind of advertising and PR just to attract more businesses at the moment we're actually quite busy and you know we have a small sales team and they're doing demos like four or five every day and we're getting a lot of interest from businesses but the vetting takes a long time and it's not a really scalable model at the moment so we're having to improve that over time so yeah I mean we are the bottleneck at the moment and we're trying to hire more people on board it automate as much as possible right there number of bottlenecks that that that's something we need to fix unless it sounds like it's a good thing no in one respect because if you're at you're your own bottleneck that means that there's a backlog of interest so that's a good problem in one respect to have is certainly that scalability issue needs to be addressed over time and no doubt because the hiring you're working on that now with regard to proof of adoption that's something that is very difficult for many projects or many startups to really evidence is it fair to say given that your Janell you know post a native chx token really starting to optimize it's really standard work postman met you feel like you have more of a chance of proof of adoption of your whole ecosystem yeah yeah proof of production will come effectively once the first business's alive they have shareholders and there's activity in terms of movement of transactions and all that so over time the adoption will simply happen we're not really worried about it yes that the adoption is slow simply because onboarding those businesses are bit slow but once we do the issuances and investors are able to you know go to our platform we already have a few thousand people signed up on our sto issue and investment platform so that is really good but they can't do much they can look at the offers and there's very little detail so it's a little bit embarrassing I feel I feel a bit embarrassed about it right but it's something we just can't push for more until you know regulator says this is all good this is all fine the legal guys are saying this is all fine but it will happen over time where we're not I know the community are very impatient and they push us definitely but at the same time we're going we're going on our own pace we're not letting ourselves be you know dragged around like horses in front of a wagon we reveal we do the right speed of adoption of your onboarding off pace and yeah that's what we do we always do our own thing yes and you certainly have right for the beginning when I talk to you boys make sure you leave as to see your own startup your own company but obviously they complete the complexities there are that you do have people who have engaged with the you support in the utility token and you do have communities so it's it must be difficult in that respect to try and balance the equation because you know there is this unusual circumstance where everyone is so keen to find out so in that respite it was a with that in mind let's talk about two things firstly we'll go with regulation and then discuss token not something you like to talk about we'll go there so with regulation recently we've seen the US for example come out firing you know really shown that they do support regulation that made it clear but they're going to be very staunch about it they've shown that they'll support things like the Reg a that's been around for a while the A+ rather so what does it mean for you their session with regard to regulation you know you we often talk about how you're making sure you're following through with requirements but are you at that point now where you simply you jump through almost all the hoops or is it something that continues to be ongoing for you but you have to just make sure it's another regulation you get through it's it's an ongoing process and unfortunately it's not a globalized process so every region is different in leash line it's it's very well-defined and we're very lucky to be based in leash time and we can work with the regulator we work with the government they know us you know some of our partners have helped draft the blockchain act which is really really good for us and it makes it easy but then you have Germany you have the UK you have the Netherlands they are very very different and but they're fairly harmonized because of European Union and then you have the US and the u.s. is very progressive in some cases but at the same time their regulation is very very expensive and at the moment we're feeding lawyers and lawyers are earning an absolute killing and that can't be the sole purpose of regulation that you have expensive lawyers that can draft you proper prospectus and terms and Corrections so and in that respect that they putting themselves at risk sin that those regions like the US doesn't almost turn you off sometimes because of the the exorbitant costs the the lawyers as you mentioned do cost so much when you know obviously comparatively the US or Asia for example are so pro blockchain they're so progressive in in trying to really advance this technology yeah they're not very progressive I mean in Europe we're very progressive I mean in Asia at Singapore and that is quite progressive and then you have other you know South Southeast Asian countries Hong Kong for example are very much watching sea but the positive thing is if one regulator and one environment gets it right others will eventually follow the SEC has taken a very hard stance it's you have to understand the US has a big big legacy pool of capital and you know servicing you know it's it's the it's the most sophisticated financial and capital market in the world and a lot of things have gone wrong in the US so you can't go to the regulator and say please change this now reduce this kind of rate and expand change change this law or that law it's been put down for a reason and because you know people have exploited these loopholes over some time so I can understand their side but we're trying to show a different path we're definitely engaged with all the regulators we're talking to them and we feel the need that certain things need to adopt but we're not naive to believe that you know it will happen immediately everything will take time and the sto space is them very very very early and that's why the benefit is there for you that you are registered Englishman Stein you know is one of the most supporting from a legal standpoint the most supportive countries on earth so you have that backing you also are in a region you know with your own skill sets where many of the countries you work with all very much moving it forward so in that respect are you feeling confident with the position you're in with the fact that you can go into business now and then really as the US for example work out their own regulation and the regular regulatory stance that you can really start to move into those markets when they're ready yeah absolutely I mean in in Europe it's not a problem we're already doing issuances and we can do it now so we're fully regulated fully compliant that's not a problem in Europe at all in the u.s. we just have to pay lawyers it's just the cost of you know it's it's simply a cost decision do you want to you know pay a lawyer to do an SBB and set up a reg a or reg S or HD or whatever yeah it costs a lot of money and it takes patience but you can do it in Asia it's a bit more difficult so for example in Hong Kong you have limitations of how many shareholders a private business can have so you know you have these sort of you have these limitations in other countries so you have other barriers but generally we're we're comfortable doing business and would we like to see it quicker and more efficient absolutely the causes need to come down the the vehicles need simplify and improve but it's difficult why because you have to amend laws and you still have to maintain investor protection and you'll get it wrong as well no sure what are you doing with your experience as well sir sure are you involved in any way to help shape some of these changes in the legal system to really support platforms like you absolutely yeah yeah we're talking to all the organizations and we're well we're helping to try to tell people there's a different path and we're we're trying to do the right thing to lead by example at the same time we have to pick our fights as well I can't you know I can't fight with every girl every every regulator right and right it's good to know that you do have some of that cloud as well and you know obviously to experience you you've done quite a lot in this space now it was regard to customer and client updates you know are there any anything you wanted to say with regard to customer fee client feedback that you know from those who are already engaged in this or you know anything at all with regard to the future for onboarding partners or clients that again I'm going to keep pushing for every time we do talk because sure there's more that you're not telling us yeah yeah I mean one of one of the most exciting projects which we've coined kind of project X we're working on so yeah we're I know people people already know what we're doing but we're planning to build a stock exchange so we're building a decentralized stock exchange not a crypto exchanged not something with digital stuff we're building a proper stock exchange decentralized so these stos can be traded and can be can be managed can be dealt with peer-to-peer and so we've already engaged with the regulators we already have prototypes running for the kind of order book matchmaking and process and we're hoping by the end of the year we'll have the first phase to launch and ready initially we will have basically our existing issuances and businesses that are doing basically an sto with us they will be able to trade on our platform and then long term we will have other businesses that might not do an issuance to us so it's it's very it's a digital stock exchange effectively it's it's yeah it's not crypto it's not ear c20 and we're actually quite excited about it so I think it's the first time I'm actually mentioning what we're doing here so today I know that's a huge deal well let's talk about it a bit more though that's a huge deal essentially a decentralized Nasdaq you know it's a big deal you know in the sense of how that can really facilitate this platform that is own network what does it mean for those who have supported for example the utility token you know that CH X X token that really is the the key fuel for your ecosystem what could that mean for those parties you know pick up potentially when you it will there be a correlation between the stock exchange this decentralized one that you're building and CH X and the own network yeah absolutely well I mean the exchange will long-term utilize CH X it will be used for transactions and all that we will use our blockchain to do that so the decentralized all the book the transactions the management between issuer and investor will go through our blockchain and we've not built one of the fastest blockchain that is publicly sorry that that is available right now just to do issuances in and register and servicing we always had the vision to build a secondary market we're doing it now and everything will use our blockchain so CH X will be front and center and will be used as its true form of a utility in a plan that's a huge deal now with regard to compliance had to go back in step now are you confident you're going to get the approvals from you know different regions in the world for this kind of decentralized stock exchange in in leashed I know in Europe we're already engaged and we're already talking we already have basically that the go-ahead from the regulator for the first one for the phase one which is the peer-to-peer and trading and we're trying to basically get all the licenses and all that but I'm quite confident that by the end of the year you know sto tokens can be traded between two parties and well you must be excited about that so yeah we're we're we're super thrilled and we've been holding back simply because we wanted to make sure that everything aligns we have some traditional stock change partners already on board I'm not going to mention any names but it will be huge we have some banking partners that will be involved in it and it's all focused on traditional world but with digital and blockchain so we're all talking again we're not talking about a crypto exchange we're talking about a stock exchange digital with modern technology and and a few really good partners right and obviously you wouldn't have been able to build this had you not had those connections that you is established pre even owned you know obviously you've really been able to challenge yourself with your team and bring to the fore all of the different stock exchange partners all the different people that you've known perhaps in you know in your past to make this happen so how long this has been in the making for two years now Wow you have kept this under wraps this is a big deal really for run Network and congratulations for getting this far I'm looking forward to seeing more of this as well Sasha now moving to the token some of the hard stuff I need to talk about one of the things that recently happened is you made you switch into the native chx token there was some bit a few hiccups who won't ignore them but now that you're good to go you're on bit max it's operational and people are making that switch into that scenario so talk us through a little bit about what happened and where you're at now with regard to you know your token and how people can interact yeah I mean we we swapped a main net so that was you know I think from a technology from a process perspective that went really well obviously our community a little bit kind of you know you know everyone's asking for exchanges and all that and everyone knows my stands were not commenting on exchanges because we're utility token it's a utility so but yeah it'll you know it'll it'll run its course and in the true sense of the utility we've delivered on the maenad we've delivered on the blockchain and we're now focusing on the bigger pieces to drive more utilization to drive more transactions with you know project X as I mentioned before and really focusing on the business side so from a tech perspective that's a big tick for me and now we're already focusing on the next big thing simply because we need to keep focus we need we have a lot to do we have a right to the bar you've got it now I'm gonna pull you into a bit of the crypto focus for a moment now obviously you know you're focused on so many things you know onboarding more people on more businesses you've got the stock exchange decentralized platform as so many things you're doing but if we consider at once again for a moment those people who are supporters of your utility it's reasonable that I push this a bit more because they do want to see you continue even in that exchange such a trajectory as you said quite rightly is that it's the responsibility of the exchanges to know when they list when they're going to decide but now what I did want to ask you though sir sure is is it in as a CEO is it in your thinking and is it in your planning that you are looking forward you know and that you recognize whether or not that there's a need for more exchanges to be on board you know that you're gonna engage in more exchanges you know just for conversations at the very least and then they obviously go forward from there absolutely we're already talking so yeah okay people people were you talking to what people I think people are impatient and I can understand that there's a speed but I think equally yes we have maybe overstated certain things and some things haven't eventuated you know we would have liked more issuances but it's just taking a little more time because we pending on third parties and yes so that was not good and it was a mistake goddamn said that I guess the thing we want to find out from you though is that you really have a road map that sort of obviously respects the their users the consumers because absolutely but for them they use two more so seeing a roadmap of more exchanges essentially using your and engaging with your token you know yeah yeah we're talking to a few big ones right now okay so a few big ones so for all of you who want to know you heard that from the CEO that's the best I could get out of Sasha right now that's a lot from him now it's actually staking we're yeah okay it's banking and when I talked about that with regard to either you know a d-plus mechanism making sure that people can really improve the security of the network are you doing anything on that front or even with burning for example is that considered have you ever considered anything like that you know that's quite some quite controversial really and more people don't like that model because it removes from the utility system you know it doing anything really to really change up the supply essentially no we've not we you know we we haven't really thought about the supply that much we might introduce some burning in future and at the moment we're really focused on the additional utilities that were that we're building and we'll just watch and see how the volatility how the utilization behaves we reserve our right to do that you know that's what we have a large amount of reserve tokens simply to be able to play with it and in the sense of do we do a burn or not I don't want to comment on that because we haven't really thought about it we haven't made a decision on that I'm very happy with the validators and we have I think 68 or 70 validators now but we're going up to 100 is a lot of community interest and the validators are really doing a good job because from our end it's a decentralized environment a decentralized network and we're having to make sure that the validators are what doing what they're supposed to do the the rewards and the penalties are working adequately and this is playing out quite nicely and I think towards the end of the year we will have a true decentralized model in the sense that we're not running the majority of validators anymore so I'm really happy about yeah and moving towards 100 that's substantial given that you've got 68 now the validators are giving rewards obviously there's feedback coming from them and they must be happy with that scenario now now I don't talk to you little bit more about dumping for a moment because you know it's been a while since we talked and you know quite a while since you first since the the token was first listed obviously these seats are engaged initially you know through this process are you confident now that those feces that didn't really believe in you have dumped your token so that you have better distribution you have a more authentic representation of those who do value the utility honestly I don't really know because it's been almost two years now from when we did the initial you know token generation the event you know all these kind of bonuses and all that has has elapsed I think a lot of them have basically dumped in that yes right that were in early yeah that the token price and all that we don't spend much time looking at it there's there's a high degree of speculation as you know within the token as such we're just happy that the utility is now live and working and we're just looking at other utility cases at the moment absolutely Wales and you know larger people involved and P and D groups we just can't concern ourselves with that yeah and I respect that as well but what's good to know also is that for anyone who was trying to you know get that quick make that quick buck initially really and we can talk about that in the context of the price movement itself there's every suggestion that you know over time they move out of the equation and then you just have those who want to you know replace them with more longitudinal belief in your utility but recently we use the analogy of Everest that's looking like this shape of your time huge oaken's price change and I know you don't like to talk about price but right now I do need to talk about that the price has been declining you know over time substantially since February so do you ever concern yourself at all though Sasha given that you represent utility like you said I you know and and you're not one to really engage in the kind of stuff that we do see in you know the more contentious aspects of crypto you certainly don't but is there something that you are conscious of at the very least I I'm absolutely conscious and you know I respect as I think we mentioned it the last time I respect the people that have been with us for a long time I also respect the people that have gotten newly into into our business and our project as such so that that's definitely concern for us I think I think the issue we have is people didn't really understand where we're going what's next what's the future vision and that's always fuels you know kind of the price and the the value and and all that and we're hoping we're able to show people now the path what we're doing people are also waiting for actual issuances that is also refract or reflected in the price an actual usage right so it's actually a fair resemblance of where we are so I always watch that you know I watch the price and then I see what did we do how did we do it and it's actually quite realistic in the sense of what are we doing and have we done more and I think we need to do more we need to communicate more and we need to show people the usage right it's a it's a fine balance and I totally respect what you're saying because right now in the position you're at you've just you've moved into past mainly is a lot that's to come so clearly there is a trajectory that is quite positive for your future you've alluded to some big things as well like exchanges coming that's all important for that narrative and for the community and we respect that you are delivering that information even though it is always opaque and it is always nuance with basically giving away too much now your road map itself sir sure what's to come you know with regard to any milestones events you know developments for example are you enhancing mediatek like your wallet what's to come and that you really want to let us know for the rest of the year yeah so we're in August we're releasing the game so we have a invest in own game basically which we which has been in development for the last six months so you can basically understand what is next year how do you invest and all that in a more kind of like gamified way it's it's purely a mobile game and but what we're doing is we're building an actual investment platform on top of it so you have the option to participate in the game but you're able to see actual businesses so you have a city you walk around it's almost like the old days Sim City or whatever and you have the option to to look at actual live businesses and you can invest through your mobile app in them obviously need to do kyc AML and all that through the game but that's really really exciting and we're gamifying our investor product so Wow as an investor you're able to play and you're able to participate we're also building social features in so that investors can interact with each other they can do like battles so I can with my sto investment portfolio I can battle the other investor with their and my stuff so all that's future stuff which doesn't exist at the moment only through like neo brokers and all that things we're talking about so we we don't want to just focus on the status quo and we're replicating what's happening in the legacy world we really want to bring it to the next level and and so we're excited about the game we're also excited about the exchange and kind of like the unchain or the book and some of the things that we're building so that that's for the next few months very cool so you've got some cool tools your game of flying is to suit the Millennials they're gonna love it and also brings out their and guess the Millennial in all of us you know because it really investment should be not just you know dry cut and dry it should be something that's fun if it's possible and you're making it that way certainly making it more engaging by adding that element now with regard to essentially alliances I want to talk to you about that and there are any perhaps blockchain alliances or partnerships you're forging there are there any updates in the mainstream sectors of business that you want to let us know more about what do you want to push for this are there any corporation alliances anything like that yeah yeah we have a corporation aligns with in with an upcoming stock exchange so that's something that'll be announced in the next few months we also have an insurance provider that will will also basically have a partnership I think that's being announced this week and which will help which will give protection to the investors and the issuers when they do an sto because you know you need to look at kind of additional protection and these sort of things and so we're always looking around that we have the sto Alliance which is something which we formed initially style so we have trustees lawyers tax advisers banks in that alliance so companies that do an issuance with us they shouldn't worry about tax advice they shouldn't worry about incorporation they shouldn't worry about who's the bank that supports them so all of that we we have and we're building and we're continuously adding on to so it all serves the purpose of helping SMEs to with their fundraising needs and helping investors with frictionless and simple investments in the coolest businesses they can find got it so what about your ambassador program notice that's going well I had a look at your Twitter I had a look at some of the other information that's out there online and on YouTube they seem to be really representing the platform very well is it going well and are you going to expand it yeah absolutely I mean our ambassadors and community there they're you know they're really good they're they're you know they're very how do you say as sometimes a little bit aggressive sometimes a little bit and you know quite quick in an impatient but at the same time they're they're massive fans of ours and a lot of them have been with us for almost two years now so and they bring our vision and mission to the world we have a really good network around the world they talk to businesses they talk to peers they go to events and we will continue to invest in it and build on to that it's still at an early stage and I know the ambassadors would like to get more support which will hopefully be able to fix in future and yeah the ambassador this the social element for us is hugely important right well that's good to hear no this is a lot going on you've got a lot of targets to hit one of them is to increase the ambassadors your program and obviously supporting them more big business you're really focusing on building out the the register that you've built right from the scratch that digital share register SME business we've touched on startup businesses obviously you want to expand that with regard to having more token rewards built-in for those startups allowing them to buy and sell shares as you mentioned so you know essentially it's looking good that's what I want to wrap up this interview is there anything you want to say to the community to prospective community members perhaps just as a real encapsulate of your vision what you want from our network not so much from the past but now really for the future what you're most excites you as you build into the next phase of all of that all that you have I I think what excites us the most is working with traditional mature businesses and being able to help them and we would like to bring them online we want to digitize their investments their offers and we want invest retail investors primarily to have a really good fun experience and to playfully be able to invest in these sort of businesses with the right protection with the right regulatory controls and with the right certainty which you just simply don't have with iOS and IC OS so all of that is really our mission and our or goal has always been the full end-to-end kind of ecosystem and with the exchange an ecosystem will be complete exactly well Sasha actually you're the CEO Network as always it's been a really informative interview I really appreciate your time and I really do hope we can catch up again soon if you don't know much about own Network make sure that you obviously engage the best way you can is through their social media channels I'll put them all in the description below don't don't be afraid also to go see people like searcher out he is sometimes on telegram for example his ambassadors that they're the admins but fundamentally as a recap it's all about a new digital investment platform really opening up business investment making it making the tools cool making game making bringing games even in to really showcase what this system can can do and most importantly it's really showcasing that SMEs matter you know really allowing for that vertical for those the small business that small business sector type of voice where it can be set up as a share system you know this whole technology is really about trying to flip decentralized essentialize mechanisms on their head so that we really can participate in a way we simply haven't before in Sasha is leading that so such thank you for your time I really appreciate it and hopefully we'll catch up soon thanks Brad really appreciate it you're welcome


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