OMG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?

OMG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?

hey everyone and welcome back to kryptos news I wanted to make a really nice video today kind of shorter video give you the news in an old time format in the car when I used to start making these videos I used to actually make them driving to work and now thanks to cryptocurrency my work and thanks to you guys is making videos about cryptocurrency at home I've really been freed through it cryptocurrency to me honestly it's like it's been such a journey in such a tale with many of you guys who have shared the process along the way from working hard and making videos and investing in crypto and talking about it when earth was $8 – today when etherium broke $1000 guys finally as science guy predicted and we talked about the other day also we're celebrating today eighty thousand subscribers so a big thank you to you guys I don't know the space is growing so fast and I only have gratitude and I'm only grateful for everything you guys have done for me so a big thank you but yeah earth breaking one thousand dollars in an interesting time where the ripple looks poised to usurp Bitcoin right to overtake Bitcoin in the number one spot on coin market cap but you know it is what it is I think it's like cliff high says it's going cliff high the guy of the web BOTS definitely read his reports and his stuff you're gonna have different coins through time taking that number one spot I'm sure in the future I doubt Bitcoin can stay there I mean we look at a theorem right and I think it's gonna be very difficult for a smart contract platform to be number one over aetherium based on the fact that it is a first mover when it comes to smart contracts it definitely deserves at that spot right I think that thousand dollars right now if you're gonna look at other coins that have been valued really really high right other tokens and I mean let's look at something like Bitcoin Bitcoin which has definitely the most mining power around the world the most security in that sense in the sense that it's backed by the power all these people mining it and each of them getting a copy of that distributed ledger making sure that's accurate but it comes with the downfall of the fact that they have no built-in governance mechanism whereby they can actually improve the network fast right like Segway took forever to get on there and a hard fork to make the block size bigger you guys you might wait on that one for for at least a decade who really knows right but if theory 'm has just kept moving and moving and moving an amount of upgrades and work that they do in a month is astounding to me definitely compared to a lot of the other projects you can't knock aetherium aetherium has such a strong community it's a great community I look at I've said it before Bitcoin people as kind of like stubborn I look at a theorem as being the Nerds I look at – as being the dork corporate types I look at Manero as being the edgy cryptographic nerds I think every coin has its personality and there is room for more than one coin definitely in the world there is not going to be a centralized coin so the fact that ripple takes number one might not be such a big deal but I hope you guys are making your profits and stuff you know and doing well for yourselves in other really important news I wanted to share with you Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if you have not heard I am so excited to be the first to share with you has put out a post talking about how in his life since 2009 every year he sets for himself a really difficult challenge for that here that will help him to learn and grow and I think it's kind of a beautiful thing for example whoa it's gonna text us and sorry about that for example he read 25 books in a year he learned Mandarin he walked 365 Iran 365 miles something like that he visited every single United States State that's really cool stuff and I imagine he did learn and grow a lot as a person and now he's talking about his challenge for this year being to help unite us in a time where we're all seeming so anxious and divided through politics through through so many different things through fake news whatever it is and he's exploring different ways to solve this on Facebook for example he is talking about cryptocurrency how how cryptocurrency has just grown and become such a hot topic Facebook is now gonna look into incorporating cryptocurrency onto their services this year this is what it's going to take many are saying to really cement cryptocurrency as the thing not just for the youth but for the world since this is going to really put it in the hands of the mainstream I think it's likely to be more than one crypto asset for sure but you know people are saying are they gonna create their own crypto asset maybe maybe we'll have a Facebook ICO which would definitely be the biggest ICO ever right that would be nuts or they'll integrate stuff like Bitcoin theorem like corner more multiple currencies I have a feeling that they would likely integrate something already out there probably Bitcoin but it's kind of slow Bitcoin may be Bitcoin cash maybe like coin maybe a theorem or I would say those are some of the top contenders or maybe even making their own the FBI but this is huge take make no mistake guys this is massive for cryptocurrency the fact that they are going to be implementing that for the world to finally see as a tool for payment services this could really begin a big collapse in fiat currencies globally so we'll see how the government reacts to this news that he talked about how technology has been such a thing to bring us together now encryption and cryptocurrency looks like it's kind of that next step and they're gonna look for the best ways looking at the pros the positives and negatives that this technology brings because it is difficult to control a cryptocurrency that's what he outlined as the biggest negative but I think that's actually its biggest positive is that you cannot control it and maybe he's talking about how government's are gonna look at it right because before using cryptocurrencies you're giving it the heads-up you are definitely going to be a target right but we've seen companies like uber not ask for permission and not even ask for forgiveness just say give me a lawsuit when they go into territories that don't want their services that's just the way it is right now governments cannot keep up with the innovation that we are getting in crypto currencies and across the world and with technology because politics and governments third based on slow dated systems what has been the major breakthrough when it comes to payment services credit cards were the last one well write credit cards before that paper paper bills which are really receipts for debt now before that I don't know some sort of asset for using for money physically but for that probably gold but I remember thinking as a kid I would look at gold and be like I don't get it what does everybody care about this thing it's shiny it's cool there are other shiny things I didn't really understand it and like cliff I says there's a reason that well goal had really no value but it's based on we think it has value for you can use it for jewelry but very little of it is actually if you look at all gold in the world and the prices it trades for whatever very little is used for jewelry and industry and even safe havens each day cryptocurrencies are looking like the better bet they come with instant utility instant ability to transfer them around the world in many cases decentralized in most cases in the in the cryptocurrency world but I'm very excited to see what Facebook does this is going to be huge I'm super excited super stoked super super duper next I also wanted to share with you guys that coin base you know that speculation we've been covering about how coinbase might be adding ripple well today Brian Armstrong CEO of coinbase said that any sort of rumor about coinbase saying that they've made a decision for sure on adding something is bogus and untrue they have not made any decision decision about any asset to add on to coin base so I don't think it really affected the pressure ripple very very much or maybe the news hasn't really gone out there or maybe people just don't care and they're just speculating on the mud on the value of it going up which seems like the most likely case but yeah it doesn't look like anything is set in stone yet and I think you know if like we said maybe by the 7th of this months like in a few days if they were to add Ripple that would be crazy considering they just put out this post right like how do you just put on this post and suddenly say in one day you made a decision to add a ripple based on the framework they've talked about how cryptocurrencies need to be decentralized before they're added to coinbase they need to be look at look at look at the bullet points on the framework they've talked about the coins I'll be adding in the future they will be adding coins for Shore but nothing they said is set in stone yeah so that's pretty much all I want to share I wanted to make a quick video like I used to like 10 minutes or shorter in the car to celebrate 80,000 subscribers thank you I wanted to thank everyone who supported this channel in every single way I'll definitely have to big give a big thank you to our latest patreon person someone who pledged a dollar I can't remember the name off the top of my head right now but via what I'm gonna definitely talk about in the next video not forget that I'm gonna give a thanks – Oh Aaron Arum I believe it was who changed his pledge from four to five dollars I'm on it so a big thank you for that and to everybody else who supports this channel in every single way so we can all really be free not just when it comes to money because money's money is just a tool it's just an invention just like time think about it what is time it's just a label it's just an invention of humanity and then the next biggest invention since the internet way bigger than the Internet actually for what it does think about the fact that homeless people are out there right we're phasing out cash so almost people who ask for I mean there's so many here in LA I can literally look around right now and see so many here in Hollywood at Boulevard and it's it's sad to think that it's you know they might ask me for money and I literally do not have cash to give them I just don't use cash as much anymore I hold crypto or have credit cards or plastic right as is the case of most of the world now cryptocurrencies you know I don't see homeless people yet asking out there beside the funny a few funny meme pics really asking for donations in bitcoin or aetherium with cheap smartphones but if somehow we were able to put smartphones in the hand more people cheaper as many projects are trying to do right now as it gets cheaper to produce these products and we're not just being I mean it's ridiculous an iPhone is charging a thousand dollars well let's not talk about that ridiculous scheme right I think that company has really gone astray since Steve Jobs passed away but anyway not that he was the best human anyway but the way he ran things but I digress my point is imagine that we can now put cryptocurrencies directly from my phone into their phone in a decentralized way you know it's difficult for a homeless person to get a job right or to even it can be difficult to get clean enough to get a shower – it is a hard life and the system is set up in such a way where houses here costing the cheapest house in LA have seen her like a million dollars no joke in some areas and they go up to 18 million plus dollars that's like overly inflated the average person can't afford this stuff I saw a funny meme today my friend put up that was look at this millennial walking around here like he rents the pit like he rents the place you know like instead of saying like he owns a place like he rents a place that's what we've done for our that's what that's what the prehistoric dinosaurs who ran the world before did for the generations and they're fed up Facebook is about to change things I think the world is changing I think that homeless people and people who are unbanked across the world in third-world countries who don't have access to banks or credit or lines of credit are and therefore shut out from financial services are going to be given a new escape and we're gonna have a fair freer world and I'm excited to share that with you guys take care hit like guys if you enjoyed this video please definitely share if you like the ideas or the channel with your favorite people out there who are interested in Kryptos also posted on reddit Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else and will continue to give you as the latest news on what are the hottest trends in cryptocurrency what are people saying and do so so you can position yourself where you need to be and stay informed as people always done take care guys stay cryptic and purge


20 thoughts on “OMG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?”

  • well, no doubt that Facebook is popular. but the bottomline, security and privacy is all that matters.

  • Encore ForReal says:

    FB on crypto? Probably hoard new investors 😱.

    Bitcoin‘s personality stubborn, Eth as nerds, monero as edgy crypto nerds, dash as dork,
    Particl‘s personality is what?😂
    Excellent video as always, entertaining and informative. Keep the good work!♥️

  • Nikolaj Andersen says:

    Governments who makes threats to ban crypto are interestingly the governments from countries with high corruption.

  • Drew Fletcher says:

    Would like you to explain how you see homeless, who are typically the least educated and transient people would be able to maintain a crypto wallet with no reliable computer access. Seems like they would never adopt.

  • Dntrust Xela says:

    you sir have no idea …Coinbase is not going to tell you to buy XRP before they add It 😉
    hahaaa decentralised ? BCASH LOL

  • I've seen people post videos of themselves talking to support at Amazon, which looks legit, where the Amazon rep says Litecoin will be added as an accepted payment method, that they're working on it, but haven't made any formal announcement yet. Has anyone else seen these? What do you guys think, fake news or not?

  • I like that you made the video in the car. Shows you can think on your toes. Very glad to hear your voice in the wild sir. I would like to hear your thoughts on anonymous coins. They certainly won't take the news for high market cap high value at this time, but could you possibly shine a little light on this area, as I think (and many agree with any common sense) that anonymizing transactions is the only things that retains the true spirit of individuality that commerce insists on. It's got to be the future, right? So is it TOR based like DeepOnion, or is it some other "anonymizing" coin that you prefer? Also, sure you care about Mark Z? He's a goofy show off, but I'll let it go that you find him impressive. And may he help Bitcoin pump, but "whatever" to his FB based solutions.

  • Crypto Kiddie says:

    I clicked on the thumbnail because I thought you were just saying OMG because you made a heap of money or got a new car. Glad to see you reviewed OMiseGo coin, I have it and love the principles behind it. Will surely exploded before long – maybe just a deal in Thailand and it will be on fire.

    On another note, I am looking to get some privacy coins. I started out with Monero and have sold about 80% of them to switch to smaller ones like DeepOnion, Spectre and Shield. I sense really big gains in this sector in the coming year. Would appreciate your insights here.


  • Knowing Facebook, they'll probably go with Ripple! Then Bitcoin won't be number 1 after that. Worrying times, but I'm in for the ride of a lifetime!

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