November 8 2018 | Art by Rob Mack 🎨BTC Today $6525 USD Live Price Analysis- Free Crypto Market News

November 8 2018 | Art by Rob Mack 🎨BTC Today $6525 USD Live Price Analysis- Free Crypto Market News

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members Rob Mac for gracious beautiful artwork that he sent me this thing was
like a year in the making and and I finally got it and I’m so grateful I I
tried to upload this video to YouTube a few days ago and it must have got lost
in the algorithm because it only had like a hundred views so I pulled it off
I want to buff it up a little bit you know and give you guys a chance to see
it firsthand and if you know anybody that’s a big into a esoteric artwork
eeling artwork practice three dimensions sacred geometry you know all of that is
built into every piece that he creates it’s really cool check them out art by
Rob Matt system normally laughs from the USA hoping you get paid
every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the creased oh of creep dough is your
boy BK and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me
everybody I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to mr. Rob Mack you can
see the new esoteric you know psychedelic prosperous protection
abundance anticipation of abundance you know artwork behind me that was sent
from one of our community members I received it today I’ve been talking with
this man for about a year now he’s been one of our community members he does
handmade artwork and this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen that’s
why I’m dedicating an entire video to show my appreciation right I remember at
the time I was actually it was a time when I was actually you know not doing
too well and really stressed out just trying to you know put everything
together and then I think he and actually ended up going in the hospital
too and he kind of fell off so you know in the process of getting this it’s been
a lot of think we both have been through and it’s like when you look at it you
know I don’t think the camera really does it justice but it’s three
dimensions geometrically aligned to manifest and
amplify energy right and it’s like almost like a pinwheel no matter which
way you turn it you still get the same resonance right and the same effect and
so from the bottom of my heart I wanted to say thank you I told him that I would
I would put it you know behind I’ll put it behind me for the future
videos so you know I’m gonna change all this backdrop you know in a week or so
and it’ll definitely be a focal point of the new the new background but I wanted
to go into his Facebook page you know back when last time I checked this page
it definitely didn’t have sixteen thousand likes so it appears that people
all over the world recognized his talent his ability and his ingenuity you know
and wanted to extend their support as well I invite you to definitely check
that out I will be leaving him a really big review down here after I post this
video and I wanted you to see one of the videos he just posted how his pieces
come together is this pure flow time-lapse Oh check it out I’ll do his
Etsy shop and then we’ll wrap this thing up so here you go Wow it’s incredible to see him like the
time-lapse the energy you know and the patience and you know precision that
goes into putting these pieces together so I definitely invited you to check his
page out his Etsy shop is right here as well I think he has a few pieces on
there after I talked to him I’ll actually buy one of these pieces to give
away to our community members maybe in like a monthly contest or something like
that so make sure you check them out if you
know somebody you know getting married or a birthday just down in the dumps
you have no idea the power of something like this that’s that’s literally and
made see something like like I literally just just just clicked on this one had
no idea what it was but it says healing heart you know
canvas so if you do know somebody down in the dumps like something like this
could really help them out because it actually amplifies your body’s chakra
alignment you know to receive positive energy just having it around you you
know it’s a lot of lot of power and this stuff you know things we never learned
in school right and when I when I watch them make it you know this is something
that I thought about is you know these big sand mandalas that the monks make
where you basically tap sand through like a pin you know little bit by bit
piece by piece piece by piece right and they make these huge beautiful ornate
canvases right and at the end they just wipe it away you know and it’s it’s like
a practice you know almost like a meditation at
ancient you know balance you know creation and dissolution but I will not
be you know wiping this away this will be amplified prosperity What did he say
it was the prosperity my peace was like the prosperity protector or something
like that so you know it’s it’s very very cool I appreciate you know give
being given this opportunity to get this information out there I appreciate the
opportunity and just being able to connect with you guys all over the world
I think Rob is in Australia you know from the land down under and he’s been
doing this like 30 years so just to have somebody with that type of reputation
and talent you know I think that in itself shows what this crypto world is
all about is really not about money or not about Lamborghinis clowns drive
Lambos you know I’m saying it’s not about that at all it’s really about
understanding what we’re here to do and that’s to reconnect to each other to
become human again because when you when you have to clock in you know 40 hours a
week seven days a week for 30 years straight you’re not a human you’re a
slave and as long as you value slave labor powered debt paper that’s all you
will ever be change of values change it worth and thank you mr. Rob mag for
allowing us to value a new type of artwork so with that being said that’s
all I got for this video thank you so much for this opportunity please share
you know like I said if you know somebody and I can use a pick-me-up
insofar as that our work is concerned make sure you check out his FC shop art
by Mac art by Rob Mack on Facebook and I will
definitely be reaching out to him to get a piece for our Facebook group as well
that being said everybody is that time to date sounding out both boy became no
matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way
back out though jerk money good night good morning good day thank you for
joining me thank you for your time check out Rob Mac shop text it to
somebody you know rep might like it you know magazine reporter newspaper article
whatever it is you know auntie auntie uncle cousin baby mama they need art to
do that for me if you appreciate my till we meet again
stay cryptic y’all but he’s like a boss


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