My Top 5 Cryptocurrency Picks For 2018

My Top 5 Cryptocurrency Picks For 2018

hello everybody welcome back for another video I hope you're having a great day and doing well so this is a topic that I've been thinking about making a video on for a while simply because once again this is a channel that focuses on investing and as you might have noticed there are more coins out there than just Bitcoin aetherium and ripple so I thought I'd give you some insight on my top five coins that I pay the most attention to outside of the top three that are always in the news so first off I do not know I am not associated with I have never met and and I'm not doing business with any of these companies or projects I am not being paid by them and the purpose of this video isn't to pump these coins is to give some insight on the upcoming projects where the coins are still very affordable and I'm not telling you about some three hundred four hundred eighteen thousand dollar coins you probably cannot get into there's going to be a massive amount of potential for the growth of these coins in the future so this is why I am making this video so fifth place is EOS um once and still by a lot of people still called the etherium killer I think this project will have massive growth in the long term EOS started to add just a few cents shot up to around five dollars a coin and I said in a previous video this is back when I happen when I hit five dollars people were asking me if they should get into it when it was five dollars I said don't simply because when new coins come out there's a new coin pump hype we've seen this with many other coins especially with ico coins and have come out a lot of people get into them there's the first week massive spike in interest and then a slump happens where the hype is gone and the price kind of settles back down to where it normally should be it happens it's normal but I tell people to try and enter the EOS market when it was below $1 cuz I didn't see it ever hitting anything lower than that I think it hit 97 cents and then it started coming back up cuz anywhere below a dollar it was completely undervalued especially with the with what the project is claiming that it can do so EOS doesn't actually officially launch until I believe June 2018 so there's no an ample amount of time in order to jump aboard the ship before the price starts to go up the price right now is floating around $8 a coin it's really been doing very well the last couple of weeks I think that EOS could potentially become overshadowed within the next six months as a lot of new coins and new projects are being launched of quarter 1 2018 so from now to June you won't see these same amount of hype unless something really crazy happens side to launch early but I think this would be a great time to start picking some up especially realistically if we do have another couple months until this does launch this is a good time to start picking some up I do see me personally I see EOS hitting around 50 dollars a coin at the time of the official launches because the hype will definitely push it up and if es can do what it says that it can do a price of $100 a coin by 2019 is a definite possibility especially if it becomes if it is as quick or more useful than ëthere IAM as they say that it is so fourth place is Gollum currently sitting at 50 cents a coin Golan's aim if you do not know is to become a world supercomputer which will allow people to share their excess or unused computer resources to other people around the world this is very interesting because I don't think we've seen exactly what something like this can do in the real world or what benefits this will actually offer to the world especially millions of people could share their computing power with companies who are potentially looking to make cures for diseases or cancer or anything like that or simply helping even helping to get people into space because of the calculations that we'll be able to combine our computer powers to help what the possibilities are literally endless and I think within the next few years if this project does take off properly it has a lot of steam behind it there's a lot of people who are finally taking notice there's around 800 million gollum in circulation I think a believable price point of anywhere from five to ten dollars is extremely likely as most coins under the 1 billion coin circulating mark tens who hit $10 fairly easily without much real-world hype so if this does actually catch on the more people start using this especially if there's like an even better as incentive because I believe you're paid out in Gollum as a reward for offering your computing power we could definitely see a especially if it hits $10 you're seeing a twenty times return on where the coin is right now especially as Bitcoin continues to rise in value people will start to take notice more in the smaller coins and what they could bring into the future and especially to their wallets so third is iota now and have you've been following this channel for a while you probably know exactly how I feel about iota I personally myself me myself and I do care for the project I don't care for the way they handle things I'm not too keen on the entire microsoft partnership fiasco and many developers have looked into their project and code and said that it's not it doesn't do what it says it says it it does all that aside iota has a massive following sometimes if you are on a forum if you're looking at stuff online you'll get swamped by people who say that they are in love with the project and I think it's the greatest thing in the entire world now I'm not a coder or a developer so I can only say what I know from what I've read from other experts who have done it but long term Yoda has a huge amount of potential for growth price-wise if the tango does work and they are able to essentially handle an infinite amount of people on their network as they claim there's no reason why each iota shouldn't be then worth a couple of hundred dollars within even less than five years I was gonna say five or more years but if they can prove that it does what it does iota can definitely hit that number I own at the moment is sitting at four dollars a coin at the time of me making this video but I think is more projects launch in the next three months it could see a slight tumbling price as it won't be in the limelight that much anymore as other things start getting attention I'd say if you can pick up an iota anywhere from two dollars or less you are getting a great bargain and I think any time within 2018 I think 10 to 15 dollars per iota just from relative hype is probably going to happen so second up is salt without a doubt one of my favorite projects going on right now I recently did a video on this a few days ago maybe a couple weeks ago so I'll put me a cryptocurrency based lending platform this will allow people to take out loans without credit checks if you live in America you might under your ears might have perked up you might understand just how massive that is as credit score's basically revolve around everything to do with money in the United States even that aside people are comparing salt to bit connect they're actually quite different but for me any type of lending service that allows people to take out money or to incur debt in some sort of way I see a huge amount of potential for because I've said it before and I don't mean anyone's feelings but people love getting it's a debt that is not aimed at any one particular person it's just a fact of life and when you couple that with the fact that people will be able to take out loans against this to be able to buy more cryptocurrencies which is happening already there a lot of people who are taking out mortgages to buy more Bitcoin you better believe that people are going to be using this platform especially as you are able to take out loans with crypto as collateral that they've already made from profits from other cryptocurrencies I think this is going to be massive and I cannot wait for this to be launched I believe as of now salt should launch officially in January of 2018 this is what I'm seeing online when I made the assault video I think the price is around $5 a coin it's currently sitting at $10 and 48 cents a coin and I think we once again could see a bit of pullback in price if Bitcoin has one of its weeks where it kind of devours the entire market every coin Falls people start panicking because every other coin is down 15% in bitcoin is up 35% but this is just once again something that happens as we get closer to the launch if you're able to pick up salt for less than eight dollars a coin I would personally do it because I don't see it tumbling that far or that low really anytime soon because I think with a circulating supply of around 50 million coins salt will eventually rise to 50 to 200 dollars per coin because 50 million is not a lot look at other coins that have 84 million and lower and look exactly where their prices are especially with a platform like this that will actually be used by many people 50 to 200 dollars per coin as we move closer or into 2019 is definitely a possibility that I see last but most certainly not least Omi's they go I think Omi's a ago might actually be the craziest project out there right now the team doesn't give a lot of updates which I kind of like because I hate when coins kind of give so much news every single day and it kind of just causes these little like hype bubbles if you will so even without hyped news that they haven't been producing the price has continued to steadily increase even when markets have slumped Omi's ago will still hold its price it'll go down around 78% and then day later it's already back up from where it was before so for those who do not know Ami's egos so many things are going on with this project it aims to be its own cryptocurrency exchange as well as a payment system and the entire goal is to allow people to be able to travel around the world without ever having to exchange money at a bank or even having to touch an ATM simply because amazing go will be enough so this is and that's not even about the entire project entails it's an incredibly ambitious project that many people are incredibly excited about I cannot wait for this to launch a measly ago is slated for release in quarter one of 2018 they have not given us an exact date so this means it could be anywhere from January February or March of 2018 but if you look at the chart you'll see excitement is already brewing as we get closer to this date my first learned about our armies they go when it was around six dollars a coin so around there as of now it's at $16.85 a coin this thing hasn't even launched with a circulating supply of 100 million coins and if the project can indeed do everything that they say that it can and will do the price of a means they go should not be lower than a 100 dollars a coin during 2018 that is just a mathematical fact and I think $300 plus as we pushed further into 2019 if they can create a decentralized autonomous exchange like they're saying that they will and it pretty much stops us from using other cryptocurrencies exchanges because this will you know we should see a lot less crashes especially because it's built on top of me theorem and when you theory him launches plasma which should potentially allow them to do 1 million transactions per second I think Omi's echo is going to blow every one away and Omi's day is already a heavily established company in Southeast Asia so I think this will only help to propel them forward home I out of breath oh my gosh ok honorable mentions on this are stellar lumens which i think is another inexpensive coin that has pushed up in popularity a lot especially since they have chosen to be um they've partnered with kick the messaging app as their new partner and funfair I have another video on this as well and I think funfair will be great it's funfairs gonna be an online gambling platform that pays out encrypted currency this is literally a perfect storm for profits in the long run as always I am but a man I am NOT a crypto wizard please make sure to always do your own research I give you guys this advice because you think these are things that I myself believe in I've done the research on them and I think that they could be huge in the long run but you've done the research yourself we'll also give you the extra knowledge which will also help your money in the long run especially because it's always good to know where you're putting your money holy cow alrighty guys that is definitely going to do it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed I hope you guys get something from it I hope you guys are making money hope you guys are profiting accordingly thank you once again for all the support you guys are awesome and yeah I will talk to you all soon see you


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