My Ichimoku Cloud Settings For CryptoCurrency

My Ichimoku Cloud Settings For CryptoCurrency

hey guys so per usual everything on this channel is for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice so I get this question a lot it's sort of the answer is buried in another video I want him to make a standalone video I'm gonna be talking about my settings for eg mobile cloud and the tweet I believe is accurate all cloud settings work as long as they're the right settings so let's talk about that so real quickly this is the nomenclature or names of the components for the cloud you have the tenkan the ki-joon sang-kyu a and b and then the cloud displacement and chiku span so the tenkan and the ki-joon represent in a certain way EMAS whereas the sanku span a and B are also a derivative of an EMA so it's looking at price data and it's making the EMA's that our EMA is but our sort of EMA is someone's gonna say they're not because they're not but they kind of are so anyway the classic settings are based off of a month's trading period so generally for nine to five trading you get weekends off there's usually 30 days in a month so it comes out to about 26 days in a month and the numbers are adjusted from there because cryptocurrency is 24/7 we've adjusted the numbers to 30 so a full month no weekends off 24/7 okay and then the values get adjusted accordingly then what I do based off of what professional cloud traders do I double the settings for the cloud so essentially if you look at the one hour time frame you're actually looking at the two our cloud if you're looking at the four hour time frame you're actually looking at the eight hour cloud this decreases the false entries or fake out breakouts or whatever you want to say that it increases the profitable trades you take because you're actually taking less trades based off of these signals so doubling the settings allows me with a high degree of confidence to make certain predictions or calls for certain areas of price target or retrace that that I'm pretty confident about and I use it you know every day so these are the settings I use 2061 2030 and this isn't great rally for showing the differences and the examples but I'll try to explain the best I can so I'm most comfortable with using these settings I've use them for three years again I feel confident when I make certain calls or predictions enough to trade off of and make money so feel free to use whichever settings you feel the most confident with I'm just gonna try to make the case for these right now so that's twenty sixty one twenty thirty and Twitter I kept saying you know we're getting overbought this looks like a c-clamp which is where the tenkan and ki-joon are sort of out of equilibrium and you can see we got a pullback okay and I can I can say things like that with certainty because of these settings you can also see the TK disequilibrium here and we get a pullback okay now if you look at singled settings so this is crypto of settings singled you don't really get that story from the TK lines you certainly get you know your entry way back here with an exit somewhere in here which is fine re-entry here and no sorry exit signal right here with aren't with re-entry so you'll see maybe not on this example but it's a little noisier it's a little less clear based on what my criteria are as far as what I'm looking for in a trade so that's singled this is single default very similar these numbers are too far off or it's really get you're really going to notice it's very nuanced and I would only I only notice these things because I've been using it for so long and looked at so many charts but again you'll see you know all this in here is a little noisier this up here is a little noisier this is a great entry signal you get a kuma break out with a DK cross that's what you want and then again you get the DK across for the exit signal with another entry signal following another TK across but so you get the point but if you cycle all through these I'll leave these charts in the description below but if you cycle all through these and look you can sort of see subtle differences so this is doubled default double this is what I use for 4 X because 4 X is 9 to 5 typically and it's weekends off again you're just looking at smoother signals here you can see TK doesn't recross up in here until here this is a little late but you know that's better than the it's better than this we're getting all this crossing here so depending on your leverage you know there might be a time in a place for singled but I'm definitely most comfortable doubled crypto settings I mean it just looks smoother to me I don't know you be the judge you let me know as usual like this like share comment subscribe hit me up on Twitter and telegram happy trading


20 thoughts on “My Ichimoku Cloud Settings For CryptoCurrency”

  • My Ichi settings and cloud look very different on Tradingview vs MT4. So which is the correct signal? They are both "basically" the same – but if I want the 100% 4-for-4 ichi signal – it's different. Is Tradingview faster than MT4? I trade off MT4 so shouldn't that be my final signal?

  • hey mate wanted to ask. Lets say youre trading based on the Tenkan Kijun Cross strategy. There are some occasions when the tenkan crosses above the Kijun and then the price rally but you havent sell them cause the tenkan hasnt cross below the kijun. So you wait and turns out when it does cross below, the price dropped close to your buying level. Whats the solution for this? Like you should have sold it at its peak but instead you waited and only get 2-3% of profit.

  • A Cavalcanti says:

    hahaa he says it increases profitable trades because your tenkan and kijun are so far apart you get the crosses way too late?

  • Аитор Хара says:

    When you say that conversion and base lines are a derivative of EMA you know that EMA make the average of all the closing prices of the period while conversion and base lines only take the highest high and the lowest low of the period, right? Also, I didn't understand the reasoning behind the time frame choosing depending on the index. For instance if it is forex which is 9 to 5 (8hours) and only 5 days a week why you chose multiples of 9, 26 and 52?? Thank you

  • TheAceOfSpades says:

    Hi Josh, I use both TradingView and MT4, but on MT4 you only have the option of changing the parameters for the Tenkan, Kijun, and Senkou Span B. When I change those numbers to 20, 60 and 120 respectively, My Chikou Span ends up being 60 periods behind rather than 30. Do you know what I can do to remedy this?

  • Kevin Lambert says:

    Do you still use the doubled settings for Crypto? When would you recommend using the singled settings?

  • Hi Josh, great video. can I use this Ichimoku in stock day or swing trading? If yes, which setting should I use single or double?

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